(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - '화(火花)(HWAA)' Official Music Video

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Sij 2021.
(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - '화(火花)(HWAA)' Official Music Video
Composed by 소연, Pop Time
Lyrics by 소연
Arranged by Pop Time, 소연
차디찬 한겨울이 덮친 듯
시간은 다 얼어버리고
잔인한 그 바람이 남긴 듯한
어둠은 더 깊어 버리고
끝없이 펼쳐진 기약 없는 계절을
뜨겁지 못한 날들에 홀로 데인 흉터를
큰불을 내리오
이 내 안에 눈물이 더는 못 살게
난 화를 내리오 더 화를 내리오
잃었던 봄을 되찾게
차갑게 부는 바람이 눈이 하얗게 덮인 마음이
아침이 오면 부디 모두 녹을 수 있게
불을 지펴라
화 火
타올라 타올라
화 火
화 火
타올라 타올라
화 火
내 너의 흔적 남지 않게 하리
못다 한 원망도 훨훨 타리
쓸쓸한 추위를 거둬 가길
남겨진 시들은 꽃길을 즈려 밟지
한을 풀리라 다시금 봄을 누리라
추억은 모조리 불이 나 거름이 돼
찬란한 꽃을 피우리라
난 화를 내리오 더 화를 내리오
잃었던 봄을 되찾게
차갑게 부는 바람이 눈이 하얗게 덮인 마음이
아침이 오면 부디 모두 녹을 수 있게
불을 지펴라
화 火
타올라 타올라
화 火
화 火
타올라 타올라
화 火
끊어진 인연의 미련을 품에 안고
시렸던 시간을 나를 태워간다 화
화 花
화 花
불을 지펴라
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  • Happy Birthday to our Soojin!!!

  • Neverland pls support this fellow nevies, i make vid about Soojin clip because its her birthday, hope you guys liking it its release in 1 hour. Also keep streaming for our Soojin, love you guys 👁👄👁 ❤❤❤❤

  • Happy birthday soojin 🎊🎂🎊

  • Happy birthday my soojin , #happycherryday, best wishes for you ^^

  • Amo essa músicaaaaaa

  • Queens of k-pop

  • Happy Soojin day, i hope Neverlands and G I-DLE and special Soojin stay together 💖🥰 #Soojinbestgirl #HappySoojinday

  • Happy Birthday Seo Soojin!You're a dance queen and we nevies love you!Stay strong our girl Soojin!#SoojinBestGirl #HappySoojinDay

  • Wow i wasn't expecting that post from cube on twitter 😮

  • 2:56 Best part of the song

  • canım siz blackpink i mi özendiniz

  • Oh boy, everyone is getting a little bit too comfy saying bully accusations...OT6 FOREVER. No Soyeon NO G IDLE no Soojin NO G IDLE... I won't believe till I see actual proof right now I'm neutral. Too many accusations coming out that it's getting hard to trust what's true and what's false.

  • OK I am obsessed with this song.

    • Understandable ;)

  • Btw I love this song^_^

  • “Self love is the best love” - 🍒

  • Hii I come to see Minnie, I heard her web with youngjae will come in Netflix.

  • Neverland fighting! (G)I-Dle fighting! 65M We can absolutely do this.

  • Guys!! I just heard the good news from Knevies on Twitter! Thanks to the Knevies for your kindness! Thanks for being willing to keep ot6! We really appreciate it. Love from Inevies. Thank you so much... #HappyCherryDay #ot6forever !

    • @Out to Moon Ahah no worry, I didn't know until recently xD (or more accurately I keep forgetting Bday dates xDD)

    • @Virina Oh it's her birthday IDK that 😥

    • @Out to Moon It is Soojin birthday (the 9th of March) Cherry is one of her nicknames

    • Cherry day? Is it relate to gidle? Sorry I am new fan of them so I don't know :/

  • Soojin day

  • 𝐬𝐚𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐥 𝐜𝐡𝐮𝐤𝐡𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐠

  • Happy soojin day

  • I believe in Soojin supremacy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!!❤️

  • Haopy birthday to my first bias ever, Seo Soojin!! Miyeon took your spot recently but its okay haha ❤ ily

  • Soojin, you don't know how much I wish that today on your BIRTHDAY you have a great time, surrounded by people who LOVE you. I wish you many more years of life and all your wishes to come true. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN! GO TO TWITTER AND REPLY WITH THESE HASHTAGS #EATWELLOURCHERRY #HAPPYCHERRYDAY #GIDLE #여자아이들 @G_I_DLE

  • Happy birthday cherry!!!

  • I will believe in Soojin no matter what!!!


  • Happy Birthday🦋🎉



  • happy bday soojin ♡

  • Happy Birthday Cherry !! We miss you so much !! Eat well and take care !!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOOJIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

  • Happy Cherry Day !!


  • 2:14 Indian God!💕 I don't hate Indian people.

  • paboland would wait for soojin to come back, so haters get out

  • can you imagine idle with 5 members? no, of course not. that's insane. support or go away, we don't need the korean comments with hate.

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  • คือปังชอบมาก//มินนี่มาอ่านให้สมาชิกฟังหน่อย

  • hrwiki.info/plane/video/bZeo16yshWyirZg I love this song, and I try hard to complete it Hope you guys like it 😊

  • Wow!!! I really love the song, especially the choir part!! I love you G Idle I love you yuqi

    • @Elizabet Yanet okay nice to hear that you like their song, im happy to hear that. 👁👄👁

    • @Shuhua the most beautiful Maknae Yes, I listened to the song a long time ago, in fact it was with the one that I met the girls ... I really love their songs, especially the dances, when I finished HWAA I started to see all their MVs, actually these girls are incredible

    • @Elizabet Yanet girl do you want another awesome song from them? I just need 1 vid to blow your mind. Go check lion queendom performance. I think you gonna like it, its woman anthem song.

    • @Shuhua the most beautiful Maknae Yes, her voice is beautiful!! I love her!

    • Ikr? Im happy that you love it, their voice just so distinct that you can tell them apart by voice

  • C0mment mountain everyoneeee

  • Akali is still the best rapper

  • OT6

  • Minnie 😍😍

  • i love you G-IDEL❤️👍😍🥺

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  • Hibana: Spark 火花

    • @Shuhua the most beautiful Maknae yes, "hibana" (火花) is a Japanese word for spark. BTW "hanabi" (花火) means firework in Japanese :D According Google translate 火花 in Chinese is pronounced "huohuā" (accent on the "o") and also means spark. Trivia: Chinese and Japanese use same ideograms (+ kanas for Japanese), sometimes they have not the same meaning

    • Is it japanese?

  • I'm so emotionally moved right now. Neverland is really a supportive and nice fandom which cares a lot about each other and is so interested in the opinion of other Neverlands about this comeback. After the whole mess we’ve been through the last days, Neverland now turn back to the MV and ask each other again “How you like that“. This interest in my opinion is so heartwarming. And yes I like it very much thank you. It’s my favorite song of (G)I-DLE and I’m glad and proud that we could give them at last 10 wins. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 HOW YOU LIKE THAT!

  • Let's go legends

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  • Imitators you say Black Pink in their song..،!!

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • im going to miss your sexiness , baby soojin ♡ rest well baby keep yourself in a good health . imma craving your sexy dance moves !!! once you're back , please step on me like u always do !! Ot6 forever !!!

  • Soojin comeback soon

  • Anything but copying lisa!

    • Ridicula

    • @roses_are _rosie can you answer my question rather than you change the topic? What im trying to say here lisa and soojin didn't own red hair, many other artist are using red hair too.

    • @Shuhua the most beautiful Maknae aww not that how bout the makeup dude

    • Its not, soojin hair is red 2 years ago on hann MV, so its lisa copying soojin?

  • I wish you the best soojin you are my heart ❤️

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  • Soojin Queen of dance

  • My Queen soojin be healthy please 🍒

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  • Love you so much soojin ❤️


  • OK tell me about them. I think I AM GONNA STAN THEM!!

    • @Out to Moon yes, Neverland

    • @Nur Zahirah Never land is that their fandom name? 😄😅

    • @Shuhua the most beautiful Maknae Well... I am still new so I don't know anyone else that Minnie. I remember Minnie bcoz her voice and looks r unique!

    • @Out to Moon you wanna let idle blow your mind? Go watch Lion queendom performance, they will pull you to become one of us 👁👄👁

    • Welcome to Neverland!

  • tomorrow is soojin bday?


  • towards 3M subscribers


  • Tzuyu x shuhua = twidle

    • Sounds so cute :3

  • Perfect 🥰

  • Yuqi &#**$£#*' çok iyi So good

  • (G)-IDLE harika

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  • QUEENS 💕

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  • Im with gidle and soojin till the end OT6 forever Gidle is 6 and will always be 6

    • ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Soojin best girl

  • Bias?

  • Shuhua

  • Soojin

  • Yuqi

  • Soyeon

  • Miyeon

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