What If A Player Controlled The Ender Dragon...

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Tra 2020.
What If A Player Controlled The Ender Dragon... Can some of the best Minecraft players beat Minecraft's toughest boss?
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friend is able to actually control the ender dragon and try and prevent some of the best Minecraft pros from beating the game. He can use all of the dragon's abilities like shooting fireballs and knocking players in the air. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can they beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge


  • GEORGE Should Be The New EnderDragon

  • 0:25 Dream 2:31 Illumina 7:00 Skeppy 8:10 Purpled 12:55 BadBoyHalo 14:52 SapNap 16:15 Finn 18:33 Techno blade

  • They should do this with tommyinnit as the dragon

  • “Mlg king” Dream: *kettle noise intensified*

  • woe

  • we have oooooooh dreaaaaam. now we have ooooohhhhhh sapnaaaap

  • Why does the flapping sound like walking on snow covered with the sound of a bed sheet in strong winds.

  • Me : wonders who's gonna be hear Also me: reads description wtf technoblade

  • I cheered for Skeppy and BadBoyHalo.

  • I like dream

  • 17:01 was that lag? 😂😂

  • What’s wrong with George’s mic?

  • Dream try to do this again but with the dream smp players ;)

  • You have to appreciate BadBoyHalo's self esteem. It's very high and he is very confident in himself. It's really great.

  • They should do this with the other bosses

  • Yeeessssssss Illumina lost

  • It was hard to choose because Illumina is the best Minecraft player ever

  • Should give them featherfalling 1 so they have a chance to survive 1 fall at low hp

  • I purposely do not sub because you tell me to, also I don't buy things shoved infront of me.. aggressive channels get nothing from me.

  • Skeppty is not good at mlg

  • i like how almost every single youtuber dies from lag

  • Can we just talk about how Purpled did better than Techno?

  • MORE pls, i like your videos veryu much

  • damn.. this was endermans day to actaully help the ender dragon

  • bbh: Mlg king Dream and george: WHEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEE'

  • 14:34 literally death

  • Ah yes, Minecraft's Hardest Boss: Dream.

  • 0:25 Dream 2:11 Illumina 6:48 Skeppy 8:02 Purpled 12:46 BadBoyHalo 16:05 F1NN5TER 18:22 Technoblade

  • Mostly the part of this vid was just Water Bucket MLGs LOL

  • CAN I JUST SAY EVERYONE SOUNDS ADORABLE (Aside from Techno. he sounds like a current mood, do enjoy him nonetheless 😌) Thanks for coming to me TEDTalk

  • Well mojang staff neds to increase the AI of the dragon to actually make the ender dragon fight really more inresting.

  • George: Sapnap Sapnap: Oo I'm I've here AH Sapnap: OH NO NO NO NO

  • Sapnaps laugh 😂

  • BadBoyHalo: ''MLG King'' Dream: *funniest thing I've ever heard*

  • I don't watch Technoblade's videos, but I could tell when it was him by his voice

  • What was that laugh? Dream

  • 17:59 that’s what u get for using that texture pack

  • 14:33 that wheez tho

  • Why do I keep thinking "just enter bullet time" lol.

  • Why is it called Technoblade when he is an Pig it should be calldd Technopig

  • IK this is old AF, but is Illumina's accent German? I'm not an accent master...

  • Techno: * comes up * * Putin Noises*

  • Sapnap: tiny giggles “get away from me freak!”

  • Why does Dream low key sound like Mr. Beast in this

  • 0:36 that “booop” is so cute

  • The overall AI of the dragon needs to be revamped... like here’s how the dragon behaves on a normal Minecraft day: fly around>fly around some more>shoot a fireball thing>protect my egg>fly around some more>maybe swoop down at the player>and repeat

  • It's cool to see how they have different techniques they use.

  • Why is skeppy here lol

  • George: I’m gonna quickly heal here if u don’t mind Technoblade: DeNyEd

  • What if dream is the dragon?

  • Illumina low key sounds like MrBeast

  • My breath is not very accurate. -dragon or George ??

  • "Can they beat Minecraft's toughest boss?" Wither Boss: Am I a joke to you?

  • Its always been the endermans fault

  • if techno is not in here im suing

  • I bet you everybody thought about techno when he said mc monday champions

  • the angry enderman: am i a joke to u?

  • I like how techno just sounds like he woke up 1 second ago 💀

  • hey

  • why some got enchated bows and some got not?

  • Was

  • They should do this again after all the changes to speedrunning strategies

  • this proves that purpled is the best player in minecraft

  • 13:38= I loved when he said "get muffined"

  • in thumb looks like ender dragon is kissing dream

  • dammm

  • I killed en drg -ender dragon 13 times

  • if i where george i would most likely bide my time honing my skills as a dragon or setting traps

    • or in this case rather the time it takes to mentally brace you're self

    • you know in the time it takes to get to the end

  • Everyone: we be MLG Skeppy:

  • bad is goated

  • I love how techno just sounds so scared yet confident in his fairly monotone voice.

  • Dream at the end: celebrating 2 mil. Me at the time I’m watching, “But you have 11 mil.....”

  • 14:33

  • I want this remade, this time with beds.

  • dream is just mr. beast in minecraft

  • I think the only reason people can do better then dream in this is the water ;-;

  • 1:58 is when he placed it after death

  • skeppy is always getting bullied

  • Hello dream Love your vids

  • Sapnap and Georges relationship is so funny The difference between what people say when George is tryna kill them like... Skeppy: no! Please Sapnap: *GET AWAY FROM ME FREAK*

  • Technoblade be like: I've become so numbbbbbbb

  • Purpled did pretty good!

  • Sapnaps giggle is so adorable tho 🥺🥺

  • IlluminaHD had the best performance. Techno second and then Purpled third. Top 2 had to make george struggle on dodging arrows quite hard which wasn't the case with purpled.

  • Sapnap gets a link but everyone else gets @this

  • tbh the ender dragon is the most powerful boss on minecraft but its AI is just bad cause you see theres players who all defeated the ender dragon and when its not AI but instead a minecraft player they all fail the ender dragon with the current AI is weaker than the wither

  • Minecraft speedrunner vs friend but he is the enderdragon

  • Alternate title: people frantically screaming and right-clicking and George = dragon

  • 14:34 wheeeeeze

  • Wew .0.

  • 1:14 epic just like a God of war 4

  • 14:32 that's going in dreams wheezing compilation

  • Why tf is everyone so bad at mpg water bucketing? Its so easy

  • Skeppy lasted like two seconds lol

  • Aww BadBoyHalos little “yep” was so cute 🥺 12:48

  • Ya awsome

  • Alternative title: dream and george mlg’ing water bucket for 22 minutes and 17 seconds

  • Dream with the wheezes again

  • No one: George: oh i see an arrow

  • I want to see dragon perspective