What If A Player Controlled The Ender Dragon...

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Tra 2020.
What If A Player Controlled The Ender Dragon... Can some of the best Minecraft players beat Minecraft's toughest boss?
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friend is able to actually control the ender dragon and try and prevent some of the best Minecraft pros from beating the game. He can use all of the dragon's abilities like shooting fireballs and knocking players in the air. This was super funny and also super fun.
Can they beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge



  • nobody's gonna say how on badboyhalo's screen there's a portal in the grass?

  • Alternative title: Minecraft pros vs silly dragon

  • Bruh!!! dream be bad.

  • 14:37 dreams laugh here is amazing

  • Im very scared of being alone in mc if i was a speedrunner with a hunter i think i can beat the game


  • Why does Badboyhalo call everything "Muffin"?

  • Alternative title: interstellar space dragon vs pig who woke up 3 seconds ago

  • im voting for skeppy

  • Stupid george

  • Dream is finally with people at his level

  • i like how purpleds game looks better then everyone else

  • I never thought I'd say this but George is good at being the ender dragon also you should do a chalange called Minecraft but the frame rates drop every minute

  • last night i literally had a dream and i mean dream that i was in minecraft

  • Me watching this video yet to defeat the "easy" ender dragon: 😐

  • Ender dragon: why is it me Just to fluffier?

  • Gourge sound like he has 2 fucked up front teeth

  • Every one: i'm ready Tecno: i hate this game

  • Dream: You ready? Everyone: Yes Skeppy: No😀

  • The power of PURPLED BEDWARS

  • 14:36 Dream.exe has stopped working

  • Skeppy ?

  • Let's be honest, george was easy on tachno

  • Purpled did the best job tbh

  • This man is the arm. Beast of Minecraft

  • do this again

  • I think DREAM IS the hardest boss in Minecraft

  • he placed it

  • Finally, George actually has a chance against them

  • You should really do a part 2 (like so Dream can see!)

  • 14:33 saving this for later

  • Imagine george is a normal minecraft boss

  • The loutish control originally multiply because myanmar inexplicably match beside a medical belief. impartial, ambiguous cucumber

  • 14:35 omg- lmao

  • 14:35 💀💀

  • Drams laugh is so adorable. I love it! 🙃

  • Yes 16m

  • To be honest I can't even understand bad's fov settings

  • This game should be named MLG water bucket simulator

  • Sapnap getting happy each time he landed a water clutch was just 🥺

  • he said 2 million subs 🥺🥺

  • dream hates fall damage

  • Liiumina: " This is impossible. Half a second later: destroys crystal.

  • Vim pelo PEDRODBR!

  • 14:32 BAD : MLG KING!! DREAM : *lungs .exe has stopped working*

  • This just got recommended

  • Who’s purpled?

  • The mountainous storm arthroscopically fence because squirrel ontogenetically heat astride a straight adapter. resolute, macho gorilla

  • Please make a other video

  • 14:33 ✨wheezeee✨

  • Ernie Boch, Jr

  • It would be easy


  • 1:14 Uh why is no one talking about the skill here- It might be easy for some of you but I can’t even kill a blaze so that was really cool to me XD

  • Alternate title: if ender dragon was grown up

  • you went flying!

  • "im ready to destroy you" uhm😳 chile anyways so

  • 14:37 ArE yOu oK iM pReTtY sUrE yOuR cHoKiNg On HeLiUm

  • That AD was omg

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene

  • Paul Gosar

  • 14:35

  • All Speedrunners need is a water bucket

  • 14:35 Jeez that laugh!

  • God loves but people say oh my go# please don’t say that It is disrespectful and a sin

  • Who’s the second player??

  • 14:35 Dream teapot moment

  • You did not gave purple a enchanted bow

  • 14:34 wheeze of the century

  • Bad:MLG King Dream:wheeeeezing with laughter

  • 14:34 is the best reaction time in this video.😂

  • Evander Kane

  • Skeepy is fastest one to die 😂😂

  • esse cara faz Speed Run Falsa

  • Bad: MLG king Me: Oh look my teas ready

  • Skeppy looks like faze rug in real life

  • Bad: MLG KING Purpled and Illumina: 🤦

  • 14:34 it sounded like his last breath

  • This was the first dream vid i saw and I was like WHOOOSSS GEOORRGEEE

  • I believe this was the first video I watched on this channel-. :0

  • George's vocabulary: second 23:YES YES YES second 24:NO NO NO

  • Evander Kane

  • My anxiety levels while watching this: 💹💹💹💹

  • Alternate title: purple being bullied by two endermans and being killer by an intelligent dragon 🧠

  • Everyone's mic sounds so different

  • Let's see this in 1.16! Maybe give feather falling cause knowing how OP throwing him up is

  • I keep rewatching every single one of your videos bc I feel like there is nothing good anymore I’m HRwiki so I keep going to your streams and keep watching your videos.

  • Wtf is up with Skeppy's hot bar And Purpled

  • 14:34 HeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEhhhhh

  • 22:00 did he say 2 million subscribers and the was 9 months ago

  • 14:33

  • 6:37

  • Can someone tell me background music at 18:36

  • Purpled didn't have an enchanted bow like the others! He coulda won!

  • alternative title- minecraft pros showing mlg water buckets

  • to be fair...bads bedwars skill rlly came into play here...for example the pearl and water bucket

  • Purpleds gamma be like !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Make a George POV video

  • 13:33 Bad: oh fudge