What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Svi 2021.
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What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries
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  • my house is 4000 square feet and cost €90,000

  • Step 1: get a million

  • ¨for that in norway there i live you can maybe if youre lucky a small apartment, my house costed 23 million us dollars

  • With 1 million dollar you can buy a whole state in iran

  • 4:23 i swear this is that r6 map😂

  • I love how thay showed Golden temple for Indian ❣❣😊

  • POV: your Heard terrorist in the video and came to the comments to see if anybody’s said anything about it

  • Thats Edinburgh at 10.10 not Berlin aha

  • It definitely depends where in a country too though so still a bit vague

  • I didn't even finish the video yet, but I know pakistan has got to be in here. It's the cheapest country after all! Edit: How tf was pakistan not in there...

  • Alternate title: The Sidemen looking for where they can move

  • bahamas

  • Australia was the best

  • with 1 milion in albania you can build a mansion XD

  • 6:27 Bo2 cod map?

  • Guys, dont move to SA, it looks tempting, dont, its bad

  • The house showed in Delhi was fake

  • Africa

  • My house in AUS is 2.4M but its tiny af lmao and looks nothing like the one in the vid. Its only expensive cause im next to rlly good private schools

  • that house for Australia is probably worth 2.5-3 million

  • I wood chose Brussels because i already live in Brussels and its very Nice

  • Vancouver one was so false you ain’t getting a shoebox in Vancouver for 1 mill

  • Where I grew up in Sydney, houses have gone from 350k to 1.1M in about 20 years

  • Vancouver one is cap 😂😂

  • Singaporeans 🤭

  • Research buildings in Monaco anyone who reads this you'll die lol

  • Don’t pick The Australian one it’s in Queensland!

  • jj after watching the video lookin for the houses then discovering its a scam

  • I'm Aussie so stop doing that impression because it's really bad ( especially vik)

  • They are saying this aight to a 714,500 pound apartment 😂

  • I would just take the money and leave

  • definitely goin down unda mate

  • 😍Thailand house!

  • 100k house 🤚 4 bedrooms, 1 large kitchen, 2 cars garage, big ass garden+pool 2 bathrooms 3 story beautiful house in Bosnia lol

  • Bruh one floor of my house is 3800ft² in America and it is just as nice and cheaper

  • This must’ve been pain for Vik to watch with his 4 million £ appartment😂🤣

  • When they’re talking about Berlin 10:10 they show stock footage of Edinburgh lol

  • ah yes my favourite country, nottingham

  • is vikk cousin saif ali khan?

  • Pahhahaha you should go to zambia with a mil You could buy whole neighborhoods

  • There’s no way a house that nice located in Queensland is ONLY $1 million.

  • Someone please tell them that the pictures and videos used are not of the actual houses that the guy is talking about! 😂😂 They're just stock footage to go along with what the narrator is saying XD

  • My House is for a mil but its not like those massive houses

  • STRAYAAAAA!!! For the lads at home here in aus

  • God loves you and sent His son(Jesus) to die on the cross for your sins so give Him your time because Not every day is promised and He could return at any moment.God loves you and will always be there with you and will never leave you or fail you. When God is silent He is testing your faith He hears your prayers and His timing is perfect. Amen God bless you and your family.

  • well i mean i live in a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house in Australia and it was $600,000 soo...

  • thailand without a doubt, it was beautiful!

  • Realistically KL is the best pick for me, nice ass house that will definstely increase in value drastically in short time.

  • 1mil dollars in Nigeria is worth up to 300mil or more naira (Nigerian currency)

  • Sorry, but Australia ain't that cheap

  • Australia

  • Don’t get any ideas now, we know you got a mil no doubt 👀

  • me in missouri movie into a house with 4000 square feet for half the price of these apartments with less than a thousand

  • 6:27 bro that’s literally that one COD map I can’t think the name of!

  • Singapore.

  • This made me realise how posh they all are

  • We all agree Paris is a sh*t hole yes

  • Go to texas and you can get those for like 2 dollars each

  • I welcome the sidemen with open arms to Vancouver also Harry the big ball building is science world

  • This video is massively out of my budget but i still watched it 😂😂😂

  • As somebody from Vancouver I can say I am so glad Harry noticed science world🐐

  • Mate in Australia yous could get a sidemen men house with Al 7 of yous and Ur girlfriends for like 1.5 -. 2 mill

  • 6:25 Gta v franklin

  • Happy they put switzerland in but i mean wtf why this house lol

  • Bro, my house is way bigger than these and costs 500k lol. You guys are getting scammed.

  • gauteng South Africa view is wrong. Its in the middle of South Africa lol. Im from Cape Town South Africa there is a beach

  • Hahaha the big ball-like building in Vancouver is our Science World building.

  • can i still buy a hotel with 5 cents in bratislava?

  • NICE.. Made me happy made me smile. .. Nice :)

  • Don't go NY it's pointless, Australia is the best bet for the sidemen.

  • I'm staying home in south Africa, Gauteng

  • Sidemen move to south africa🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • flip you vicstar how dear you make tommy criy you sicko

  • 14:19 eh yo why Harry moving in slowmotion

  • 99.9% stock footage

  • do it with different states in the us because there are drastic differnces depending on what state ur in

  • I love this vid so much keep it going guys

  • Up the Aussies

  • Lol I have a double storey house In Australia and it’s worth $1.5 million I don’t think that “house” is $1,000,000

  • I live in Singapore, so 1 mil can get you a car or 800 square feet apartment. Mine cost 4 mil and its 2600 square feet.

  • Switzerland no question

  • Some video idea: they all go to viks cousins house and play hide and seek

  • Bloody oath Australia is the best love my country

  • Harry: " it would be sick to own a mountain house" lol fam like you cannot afford it

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  • The London Pub apartment is The Ram Quarter Complex in Wandsworth. Most expensive apartment is £2.5m

  • I can tell Australia is BORING

  • i just know us south africans are having the times of our lives rn

  • I would go to a bombing shelter that’s my final choice

  • as an Australian I approve this video

  • The Australian house is a rent for 1 week 1 mil

  • Queensland!!

  • WHY NOT INDIA ?!!!!

  • pls give timestamp for india

  • As an Australian that was above standard for what u can normally buy here but i would love sideman being in australia

  • Yohh since when does gauteng have a beach

  • lol one of the backgrounds was san fransisco

  • Anyone talking about south Africa's Villa?

  • Then there is Texas where ya can buy a Mansion for $1 mill

  • I dont think you're ever going to see this but please like this and push it the london one was woolwich riverside it was a museum converted into houses the flats hav just been finished being built pictured behind