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Datum objavljivanja: 11. Sij 2021.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on HRwiki since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!


  • i just want him to vlog daily again

  • Knox

  • So beautiful !! congratulations you guys.

  • Who else misses there annual Christmas blog

  • Holly his intro brings back so much memories

  • Pls come back yt

  • He is so cute

  • Omg. I knew it was coming. But no notification of the video. Congratulations to the both of you. Love from the UK

  • Bruhh

  • Thank you so much for posting this I was kind of worried that you were going to wait a while🙌🏻❣️

  • so what’s the name

  • Hey that’s my name Luke is my name

  • It will be cool when Knox @wood visits Knoxville TN.

  • who’s disliking 😂

  • Why was I thinking of Finn

  • ❤️❤️❤️ congrats 🎉👏👏🎉

  • There names keep getting weirder

  • Congratulations Guys!!! Hopefully things calm down for the 2021 summer so everyone can enjoy some events this year like State Fairs, carnivals, you know, big outing events, cookouts in parks, beaches.

  • Yo last time I saw a RomanAtwood video Cora wasn’t born yet. It’s been too long.

  • Congrats


  • Bro I have been watching you since 2013

  • aww'

  • Yo roman its been like 5years since ive seen ur vids

  • Dude they have so many kids

  • Congratulations

  • One soul leaves and another comes to life. Much love Atwood family!

  • Johnny Knoxville

  • .

  • Congrats dude

  • Sorry I’m late but congrats from Ireland

  • CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Instead of Knocks on Wood, Knox Atwood. Congratulations!! Knox, is beautiful!!! 😍🤗

  • Why not Luke

  • Congratulations 💕 love!

  • Hey Hawk- I mean Roman. I haven't seen your videos in a whileeee

  • This makes me so happy 🥺

  • Weird to think that this baby was born in 2021 it makes me feel old even tho I’m 16

  • another kid? no disrispect

  • hims is so chunky🥺🥺

  • we need roman back there is no other youtuber like him great caring person

  • Even though you guys don’t post as much right now I still love you guys and hope your family only the best and congrats on the new family member Knox

  • :)

  • its been so long

  • Holy crap y’all had another one

  • My friends name is Knox lol

  • My cat just died today around 4 and 5 my family are really heart broken please send all your support and love thank u all😭😭😭❤️

  • when you realize Roman has already past his prime for youtube daily vlogs :(

  • I miss you and love you lots

  • Congratulations

  • He knocks at wood

  • love you atwoods... smile more :)

  • Congratulations

  • I haven’t been on HRwiki for a while now because of work. I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS

  • Congratulations!!! Love his name 💙

  • OMG

  • WHAT!!

  • Congratulations , can't wait to see future adventures .

  • My name is Luke

  • Nox is a dogs name 🌝

  • Will you be posting regularly now?

  • What about Jack is a four letter word

  • Knox is a flipping cool name Roman

  • You should name is Austin

  • really surprised they let Roman in the hospital. that’s a blessing!

  • Congratulations you guys!!

  • Where is Noah wh n he did s gone I have always wondered

  • congrats to the Atwoods! what a beautiful baby!! Great great job!! Welcome to the World Knox Atwood!!

  • Get a gokart for the back yard

  • I really thought it would have been Zeus :(

  • O by the way hello to Knox in 20 years it it 2021 and read this in 2041 that you have lived a awesome and thankful life and no matter what happens to you or your family God knew you before you were born and Love’s you every single second of your life. Good luck 🍀

  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations! We would love to hear your birth story on HRwiki Brit!

  • NO WAY. AHHH IM SO HAPPYYYY!!! i'm a week late but this what i get for not being on youtube for a week :( - I LOVE the name Knox!

  • How many kids do y out have at this point

  • When are you doing more videos

  • Love Baby boy

  • Congrats!!

  • It’s a boy wow

  • A boy

  • Holy shit 4kids wow

  • Love you

  • Congratulations and GOD Bless!! ♥️🙏🏽💐

  • Cute

  • and then i was a 10.13 pound baby

  • Ok guys see you next year

  • Congratulations guys!! 💕

  • I swear, didn’t they just have a baby like a month ago😂

  • Post more

  • wow he is a big boy!

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations

  • 18th child chekkkk

  • He sure is big and so stinking cute. Congratulations. 💕💕

  • Omg ahhhhhhhh congrats

  • Who is watching in 2021 from 2015!!!!!!!!!! (I am)

  • My friend that js moved her last name is knox 😂

  • Post more vlogs!

  • brit is so strong, 3 kids! wow