Welcome To EU - Best of LoL Streams #1251

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Svi 2021.
TheBausffs welcomes to EU
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Tobias Fate: www.twitch.tv/tobiasfate
Selfmade: www.twitch.tv/lol_selfmade
Rhobalas: www.twitch.tv/rhobalas_lol
Jankos: www.twitch.tv/jankos
TWP: www.twitch.tv/thewanderingpro
Madlife: www.twitch.tv/lol_madlife
Nemesis: www.twitch.tv/lol_nemesis
iKeepItTaco: www.twitch.tv/ikeepittaco
Pinkward: www.twitch.tv/pinkwardlol
Agurin: www.twitch.tv/agurin
Astrolumen: www.twitch.tv/astrolumen
Brouwnee: www.twitch.tv/brouwnee
Bwipolol: www.twitch.tv/bwipolol
Elojoninja: www.twitch.tv/elojoninja
Elosanta: www.twitch.tv/elosanta
Innaxe: www.twitch.tv/innaxe
Naayil: www.twitch.tv/naayil
Sir_mikhael: www.twitch.tv/sir_mikhael
So_urf: www.twitch.tv/so_urf
Tempest: www.twitch.tv/tempest

0:00 TheBausffs
0:30 Innaxe & Jankos
0:56 Tempest
1:10 Bwipo
1:29 Agurin
1:39 Brouwnee
1:53 Tempest
2:15 Rhobalas
2:35 Elosanta
2:49 Nemesis
3:09 iKeepItTaco
3:22 TWP
3:44 Astrolumen
4:09 Selfmade
4:39 Madlife
4:52 Sir Mikhael
5:14 TheBausffs
5:48 Pinkward
6:06 Selfmade
6:43 Naayil
7:09 So Urf
7:29 Elite500
7:43 SRO
7:57 TWP
8:26 Rhobalas
8:46 EloJoNinja
9:32 TheBausffs
10:05 Tobias Fate

Intro by Angrydonat: angrydonat.deviantart.com/art...
Fiora animation: hrwiki.info/plane/video/pNqPuNbEpLOerKQ
Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
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  • They cant stop the b a b u s

    • @Benedict Kabir yea, have been using flixzone for months myself :D

    • pro trick: watch series on Flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

    • Legit just carried a game when he was 2 10 and he smurfed that He is insane

    • damn right

  • 10:05 sit down boi!!

  • hrwiki.info/key/OoWIjhzmkIF37y933T774Q

  • 7:52 The "WOW!" syncs with Volibear's bite.

  • when you are on break from games and rito be like lol no

  • 4:39 Oh shit Madlife on Thresh this is gonna be epic!

  • Can someone tell me the name of the song that Astrolumen is playing on their stream starting at 3:45 ?

    • @Andrés Palacio No problem my friend, make sure to check out the streamer in the clip he is a very good person and good streamer 😀

    • @FREBFREBFREB Man you're the best!

    • Dua Lipa - Last Dance (HardEnemiez aka. ColFearz & UnderGalaxies Bootleg)

  • nerf yone

  • Props for this great wombo combo against our team at 0:30 . It did indeed hurt 🤕

  • When you go to The gym once in a year 7:24

  • You actually destroyed the context why baus said it

  • poppy is bronze

  • 4:35 wait what how is Flora 1/11 lmao

  • 0:37 OMG

  • 5:48 why is that even in the video nothing special not even a double kill or an outplay

  • 1:40 how is this a clip tho

  • 3:14 wait what?

  • 10:18 when you walk pass the random NPC in a videogame and actually listen what he's talking about

  • I basically REQUIRE G2 Selfmade at this point, like don’t get me wrong I love Jankos but I just think he should be benched (not kicked from team bc I still love him) for summer.... G2 Selfmade can win worlds ....... I swear

  • 4:45 yummi get off me

  • 7:55 9 years old me when the teacher set me sit next to my crush

  • Song from 3:52?

  • im happy to see that SRO finally has gotten his 2000th sub. sitting on 1999 for 2 months was kinda sad.

  • 1:13 paranormal activity?

  • 3:18 people's reaction when i say math is easy:

  • Name of the hardstyle song at 3:55?

    • @Pablo Escobar cluuutch bro ty

    • Dua Lipa - Last Dance (HardEnemiez aka. ColFearz & UnderGalaxies Bootleg)

  • 1:40 ok.

  • For context: Olaf was damwon's substitute jungler. I think the enemy top and ad was also msi players

  • Does anyone knows the name at 1:50 of the waifu that is on the map's

  • most of these clips are "yone be like"

  • mad life hooks cat IRL

  • 1:20 everything was perfect until he started saying "EZ"

  • euw better than na u are bad

  • 3:43 song ?

    • hrwiki.info/plane/video/qLiO07eZrK2jqKg www.twitch.tv/astrolumen

  • 10:23 When the transfer student from japan comes to your grandfather’s house

  • That yone clip was so impressive as lvl 6 vs lvl 3 thresh!

  • Happy to see soul urf

  • 0:24 Bausff: welcome to YiYu welcome to YiYu

  • babus so smug, i love it

  • M

  • 2:32 me when i breath

  • Nobody: Cats fighting under my window at 3am: 4:45

  • 7:25 My dream to be strong during COVID.

  • 0:30 omg

  • 4:04 dies to turret


  • Yes Synapse,Madlife carryig his cat is a REAL content

  • 8:00 he does look like tom holland, wow

  • 10:16 when i ask a boomer if there is any close wifi locations

  • I like the fact that at 6:48 the trist had the chance to 1v1 the aatrox with the same amount of gold spent btw #kappa ... And the fact that this happens so many times that if you compare an aatrox or most of the top/midlane champs to the most adc's if they have the same amount of gold (kill, farm) then the adc's will be much weaker even in teamfights in some cases...

  • 1939 germans invites u to shower party 0:22

  • i love you

  • elo

  • elo

  • siema

  • elo

  • 1:33 i didn't notice Nocturne stucking to the wall till now

  • 4:00 song?

    • Dua Lipa - Last Dance (HardEnemiez aka. ColFearz & UnderGalaxies Bootleg)

  • These clips are pretty boring

  • What's the song at 4mins at the ezreal penta

    • hrwiki.info/plane/video/qLiO07eZrK2jqKg www.twitch.tv/astrolumen

  • 7:25 When I hit the gym 2 days in a row

  • hrwiki.info/plane/video/q7V-0qi4hqutxJQ

  • 1:10 wtf is that shadow. Oh its a cat.

  • 4:45 When you tell Yuumi that she needs to peel her 0/5 adc

  • would love to see more of Bwipo!

  • 7:23 Me after my first week at the gym

  • 4:10 almost died to a 1-10 fiora

  • Who does Babus welcomes to EU?

    • A dwg sub

  • 2:10 Music name?

  • How can i get Tempest's yone pic its so cute.pls help

  • 6:45 that was so mediocre LMAO

  • ------------------

  • 1:46 my mind telling me no, but my body, my body telling me yeah

  • 4:45 When blitz grabs rengar

  • Hallo Synapse

  • 1:39 whats the song ?

  • Skullo crocko 🤯dongo bongo 😁Skullo crocko 🤯dongo bongo 😁Skullo crocko 🤯dongo bongo 😁

  • 4:45 Your time has come

  • 1:47 omg what an outplay all poppy did was press w!!! 100% worthy of being in Synapse

  • 4:45 that's the dinner now

  • 609k subs you have synapse

  • 10:15 when the neighbor's son keep trying to convince me that I have to watch anime

    • @Christopher Bøgsted it was only for the meme xD

    • - some dude with an anime picture on his profile

  • hi shyyynapse

  • I swear i love baus but when he does his stupid laugh i just want to punch him in the face lmao. That triggers so much aggression and i dont know why

  • 3:12 from now on rito decides when you have to be in a game

  • 10:15 sweet home alabama

  • Welcome to eu where they have two personalities, the baus and that one g2 kid

  • 4:26 aah yes the fair 1 / 10 fiora doing balanced damage

    • @Lunacy look my problem is that she's even through the good farm behind in gold so rek has the item advantage She only has a completed item in essence reaver and half a mythic The deaths dont matter to me All that does is the lack of gold she has So she's behind in items which you said were incredibly important especially for fiora since she scales even more with them Even in that scenario it took 2 insanely smart plays that were excecuted perfectly just to barely kill her 1 v 1 Fiora is just one of those champs The macro doesnt matter in this simple clip I just wanted to point it out

    • Ah yes, talking non sense without knowing context. The only reason that Fiora is 10 deaths because she got camped by him really hard. It's not like she lost lane, despite that many deaths she was still pressuring Irelia hard and farming really well. She is also scaling champion that scales of items and levels that also farmed really well in that game, what do you expect? Baus also always goes 1-10 on Sion and still carries games with his incredible macro and micro.

    • Pls buff fiora akali and irelia

  • No pro player passes without getting marked by babus

  • i was on this stream

  • 3:05 when your toxic girlfriend asks what she is to you

  • That Vel'koz dude breathes heavily after a play

    • I mean hes probably doing like 20 math equations to hit one q.

    • hrwiki.info/plane/video/acGG2JSlbKWpm6g

  • Pinkward: does a (for him) normal play on shaco and kills the enemy Synapse: tank youu, we take theese, free video material

  • @6:51 god i miss hashinshin

  • 3:09 - "Clearly working league client" ~League of Legends Devs

  • i hateeee the baufs accent

  • Tobias pog

  • Kayle supp

  • Welcome to GU

  • The first person has the small of down person really wtf