WE PACKED A 3 MILLION COIN MOMENTS ICON! (The Henry Theory #74) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2021.
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  • Swap boateng and Ferdinand to get guntër on full Chem please

  • Change your kit, club badge and club name please... How is the team still called Leicester City? Like so he sees

  • I already got bamford he is not the good

  • Legendary video

  • I swear tagliafico fits in his team better than gunter

  • Simon can you do one with pieface

  • How is this guys icon pack luck so insane

  • Simon please switch boateng with rio to get lb to full chem convert neymar to lm and get a brazil manager i cant look at the 99 chem

  • Damn the GOAT himself 😏

  • Bro switch boateng and ferdinand to get gunter to full chem

  • 15:06 YES

  • am i the only one triggered that he has gunther on 7 when he can just swap rio and boateng

  • Zidane zone was better

  • lowkey an L

  • You might as well play tagliafico in LB i don’t think you’ll lose chem

  • Can you just switch you’re center backs

  • I rly want him to try Bamford, he's been insane for me he has 55 goals in 41 games all in rivals and Champs

  • Isn't my moments henry 3 mil?

  • Anybody see the tiktok so came here

  • *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life*

  • Bring back gmode games with the sidemen

  • 15:23 when dad makes dinner for me and my mum🤮

  • The worst guest in terms of personality by a mile

  • 5yu

  • get danny aarons on

  • Edouard is cracked in game

  • Make a career mode series because it fun to watch the character become unbeatable

  • Viz truly is a lucky charm

  • do an episode wit Niko

  • Simon Needs to get Bamford (Tots Bamford>Ronaldo)

  • change boateng with rio to get gunter on full chem

  • If simon plays 433 with ronaldo CM he can get everyone on full chem

  • Amen to the worst community player WATP

  • Someone tell this man to switch ferdinand and boateng lol

  • switch your two center backs around for better chem

  • The ball defenetly went trough the goal at 9:08

  • Finally

  • Simon play pokemon sword




  • Simon play pokemon sword

  • Simon play pokemon sword

  • Simon play pokemon sword

  • Simon play pokemon sword

  • Simon play pokemon sword

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  • Wtf happened at 15:25

  • I did Bamford and he is CLASS

  • At 4:56 that line on the pitch is getting Harry excited 😂😂

  • 👍👍👍

  • I've missed this

  • My brother packed Bruno Fernandes from an 80+ premier league player

  • I’ve got bamford and ederson🤣

  • Alternative title: Vis and Simon make noises for 16 minutes

  • Since the start of FIFA 21, Simon has been sad when he gets a 83 red pick, now, all of a sudden,its 90 that he's sad at. How the world changes☺

  • Simon either swap boating and Rio or use tagliafico

  • I'm so happy that i selled this cd game

  • 15:24 um what is that

  • Hey simon can you pls play (ARK: survival evolved) its an amazing game to play with friends and I hope you make a series out of it TIP: just A tip (hopefully) if you are planning to play with you're friends pls make your own server and play because if you join a random server it will be very chaotic

  • Bamford is sick I got him definitely worth the time but he can be a bit slow with the ball

  • Viz seems like a cool guy

  • The FUT champs highlights are so satisfying to watch

  • Shoot then miss that’s peak

  • Already sold him without playing a game. Tell me I'm wrong. 😒

  • the bamford is easy

  • when its a bad monday and simon makes it better

  • That hurt me when he said edouard was the worst community tots, like he is useful put Kent next to him and everyone else he links to be french

  • choose 433 as your formation to get full cem to all the players

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  • These are good 😊 👍 episodes sic content enjoy 😊 all of it keep up 🆙 the good 👍 work

  • No one: The special kid in the exam hall: 15:23

  • Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen 💪🏼

  • You can get everyone on full chem if You switch to 433 and position change Ronaldo

  • 15:25 Muscle man?

  • Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive safe healthy and financially blessed ✝️amen✝️

  • Branford is trash I tried him

  • At this point reckon Simon has enough players in his club for a squad builder showdown against aj3

  • 15:25 simon when talia laughs

  • Eduard is actually pretty good in game

  • This team is so questionable, Gunter and Zosano could be full Chem, and neymar could be on 8

  • Keep that Luck going with Viz, maybe in the next episode in a pack you’ll get Pele.

  • Why dont u change Boateng and ferdinands places for perfect link on the lb?

  • Please swap Boateng and Ferdinand I have OCD with the LB at 7 chem

  • Bro viz did not celebrate loud at all everyone would’ve screamed if they got garrincha

  • This video proves how much Simon doesn’t know Fifa. He really called Edouard the worst community, Nakata the worst icon and Tagliagifico a worse left back than Gunter