Datum objavljivanja: 2. Svi 2021.
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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • Your gonna knock his ass

  • U finna loseeee🤣

  • What do you call a McDonald’s broom Mcbroom 😭🤨🐒

  • He bought the kids into it he’s getting rocked watch😂💯

  • How does this guy not hate himself?

  • Your a coward 😂 Austin gonna show you

  • Bryce genuinely just talks but cant do anything

  • Why tf is this in my recommended and who is bryce ha-

  • He thinks showing them girls is flexing but that's just wrong and creep as hell

  • I feel sorry for all those girls because they are hanging out with a try hard and wannabe alpha

  • Bryce needs to be cancelled

  • 2:32 bryce what the hell

  • This is so weird why he smacking girls oml bryce is so immature I never realized how dumb he is

  • “No one is going to f!cking touch anyone”


  • If you scar his children for life from a boxing match from tik tokers then it just proves how gay this generation is

  • Austin is gonna win stromedy a non boxer dazed Bryce and he tried to play it off for the girls lol

  • They are so childish at this point. Kinda getting annoying now, all these yelling in my ears. I don’t think this is boxing.

  • This dude trying so hard to be Jake Paul. Let me guess boxing gonna be the next career move too. He should've fought Danny Duncan.

  • Bryce ur ass is going to be scarred for life and addison will never take u back after u get knocked out lol

  • What the hell happened to the boxing and music industry

  • This 8th time i watched this

  • Mess him up Bryce

  • You fuck up there on thing Austin doesn’t like and that when people talk about his kids y’all can fight but leave the kids out of it

  • I want Bryce to fuck up austin

  • Xx

  • Man both of you are terrible I don’t know how your the main fight. Don’t bring your delusional fan girls to boxing.

  • This shit ain’t doing more than 100k PPV buys

  • That face off was so anti climatic


  • Jesus hope y’all don’t forget that they can’t fight

  • Austin would beat his ass noooo cap 😭

  • The cover is Bryce with a chicken neck and a giraffe neck and the other guy with a human neck

  • Tiktok vs HRwiki boxing does not define what app is better


  • I-

  • Nice to see Bryce Is training seriously getting drunk on a boat

  • beautiful entrance bryce

  • Why he tryna act bye- ASF

  • He means business when he says I don’t care about da camera💀💀

  • Kenzie

  • Someone has a crush on Bryce

  • AUSTIN is winning 🥇

  • Please beat dogshit out that lame

  • God these fucking HRwiki nerds

  • He funny asl I just subscribed to him 😂 but leave the kids out of it bruh 💯

  • yeah but bryce still not a real fighter

  • You talk to much

  • You talk to much

  • You gon get knocked out

  • Goo Ace family

  • Yep Bryce is winning 10000000000000000000%

  • Why the fuck they got a whole stadium for this 😂

  • Bro I am going to Florida in a week

  • Im going to laugh when bryce looses because he is talking all this smack but he doesnt know whats coming for him

  • Bro cusses like he learned those words yesterday💀💀

  • so where’s the face off?

  • 2 short ass dudes fighting😂😂team bryce

  • This in a nutshell: Trash vs Trash

  • Everyone knows that fight is in the ring and outside the ring all our friends

  • 3:34 June 12th

  • We all know Austin Is gonna win 10000% Dude HRwiki vs Tiktok HRwiki will win no cap tiktok trash

  • Bryce should’ve never brought in stuff about Austin’s kids tho.....

  • Dude trying way too hard to sound like Logan

  • definitely shouldn’t be drinking and shit before a boxing match

  • Lmao😂😂😂😂 “Austin mcpussy” girlllll😂.

  • You know Austin finna knock Bryce out no cap just watch

  • The only thing i liked about this video was the safaera song

  • Ur unfunny af

  • Please don't ever recommend dumb shit like this to me ever again youtube. Not interested in 12 year old kids favorite youtubers playing make believe for cash.

  • I like both of them and can’t understand how you can hate someone without ever meeting them. Like idk if it’s for real or because of them fighting for entertainment but it just don’t make sense

  • Idk who either of these people are why is this on my recommended

  • Bro Bryce hallpussy is such an annoying person to hang out

  • They both weak

  • Bryce hallpussy is gonna get destroyed

  • Lol Austin’s voice is so annoying...

  • He’s gonna lose

  • Thanks for no adds

  • I really hope Bryce is knock out Austin and we all know Bryce will

  • Who fights in a night club XD 😂🤣

  • Austin will win

  • Does anyone reading this have tickets?

  • We all know Bryce is gonna act like jake Paul after winning one fight

  • Douche.......

  • Honestly this is real interesting and fucking funny 😩💳🤌💳🤌 like I’ll be there to fucking laughing at y’all HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  • You being way to confident because if you get knocked out lm gonna start laughing and why you got to put Austin kids in this what his kid did to you my guy

  • bruh stop saying shit if you don’t know if your gonna win. hope you get karma like fr

  • It would be embarrassing if he looses and all that talking for nothing I would laugh

  • La canción en español jajajaja

  • Most beta dude I’ve ever seen

  • Why Bryce always have to be like that

  • Bryce is talking all this crap but we all know he finna be on the floor when Austin knocks him out. #AustinGang

  • bro you shouldent talk that trash heel destroy your little as

  • lmfao brycei acting tuff

  • That song sounds crazzy lit

  • Imagine Austin beats Bryce