Unsolved Mystery of Sven

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Kol 2019.
Unsolved Mystery of Sven
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All credit to PewDiePie, Angeline Rye, and dreaveler for the PewDiePie clips used.
Thanks to BadBoyHalo for helping me test theories and find PewDiePie locations, and for the thumbnail: hrwiki.info
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  • Correction: PewDiePie is using a data-pack not a mod. Wrong terminology. Also, you can't drown on magma blocks but you can still drown in bubble ravines. (See in chat at 6:03, my dog drowns) Like the video if you enjoyed it :)

  • 6:07 but yet ur more lucky then sven

  • Really good pronunciation of the name "Sven".

  • Sven literally luckiest dog ever.

  • But how did the creeper explode in the cave spen was in but when u went into the world it was not exploded 🤔

  • Funny looking back seeing dream talking about 0.00001% odds

  • Ah. This video aged like milk

  • Still better than your speedrunning odds thoo.....

  • can you doo face reaveal plz DREAM plz c mon DREAM

  • I don’t know how Sven survived because my dog died to a creeper and it was like 1 block away

  • *pewpiedie gets all his own pet* Me: ok *pewpiedie his pet all die* Me: 0-0 oh my fricking Go- *pewpiedie his dog pet name sven is just fine* Me: >:( *Me goes in minecraft and trying to get in the pewpiedie world you know what i wanna do that pewpiedie world* Me: I WANETD TO KILLED SVEN!!!

  • Kinda ironic that he questions about the luck of Sven and then went on to have "good luck" in his speedruns.

  • the odds of the dog surviving is 1 in 7,5 million chance

  • Ur dj cooo

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭he got one pet:(

  • He probably has a defense bubble

  • His not crying before but after it it so sad

  • 3:36, Svens tail stays up the whole time, there is 0% that Sven is the real Sven.

  • god love's pewds minecraft video so he doesn't want it to end


  • Wait dream you didnt sou pewdiepie slime that die bye pewdiepie sword

  • I think sven is definitely dead.

  • I think sven is look demon....


  • well, sven built different

  • Lol I’m a boomer

  • When the creeper blue why did his tail not get shorter

  • Nice

  • Sven's luck is same as your luck for pearls

  • Sven just built diffrent

  • No dog is as iconic as Barneby

  • This sends too many mixed emotions

  • So pewdiepie was in the ocean and there is not a lot of mobs and for sure some will spawn in that cave , like a skeleton and sven being a dog he went towards that skeleton to kill and after he got out of the water he sat there automatically

  • I love how dream speak swedish by say SVEN

  • Dream:it seems to perfect people 1 year later: dreams manhunts seem to perfect pewdipie:uno reverso

  • 1 in a trillian chance

  • :D

  • Sven is not an impostor

  • Actually swen is a dream

  • Is Sven still alive?

  • Sven Is Probably So Sad That Pewdiepie Is Not Back In Minecraft

  • To be fair pewdiepie always makes sure to fully heal Sven

  • How sad btw love your vids dream 😊

  • Better should make a mystery how Dream can hit all his jumps...

  • I like how he’s talking about luck when he has “luck” in his speedruns

  • What if you found Sven and try to kill it using a diamond sword?

  • Dream: this would have to be like 0.0001 percent His speedrun:

  • 7:32 u mean she

  • Did u talk badboyhalo

  • I got an IKEA ad while watching this

  • Dogs teleport to the owners wherever the closest yet safest place is. When Pewds went far enough, Sven teleported to the little cave that was the closest yet safest near Pewds. There was a skeleton in that cave as well which meant that Sven entered and teleported to that cave to be closer near Pewds and kill the skeleton. Case is closed. But still, the odds of this scenario is rare even after hearing Pewds killing a pig with a health potion :/

  • Maybe pewdiepie came back and took spent out of the cave so sven wouldn't die?


  • At 9:35 it look like he died

  • “No James Charles needed” 😂💀

  • Dream Sven didn’t get lucky he got teleported back to pewdiepie when he went further down so that’s how he survived when pewdiepie was going up


  • O_o

  • It's herobrine 👀😂

  • Sven is bad *View 500 replies* Also I'm the same with my pets in minecraft

  • Guys I’m pretty sure Sven is a mod And he just re spawns

  • Idk how

  • Have of the video is pewDiePie murdering his animals

  • Dreams dog has drown yet it moves atleast 3 blocks going to the right part of the ravine, Now that means that Pewdiepie's dog sven has move atleast a block and move into the cave without the presence of magma block bubbles

  • Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait 😱😱😱

  • The saddest death was of Bernie :(

  • oooo dream talking abt odds now🤨🤨😂🤣

  • Dream: We can see if Sven is an imposter. You’re a year early man

  • Ou can dual wield axes

  • Simple answer to this long question Maybe PewDiePie is using commands Like /effect @e[type=wolf,name=Sven] Health Boost 99999 99 @e[type=wolf,name=Sven] instant health 99999 99 This could be the answer

  • he tp to him

  • 6:05 wolf drowned Me:LOL

  • sven was die once in an episode, then pewdiepie got into the same world before sven dies and then told everyone that sven is back

  • I couldn't care less about PewDiePie, I'm just here because I've ran out of videos to watch

  • Seen is just really strong

  • October he died 😭😭😭

    • What? No, he didn't...

  • Elo

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • He definetely respawned sven his neckband color changed

  • Sven didn’t take drowning damage because those streams that pull you down give you air

  • Imagine killing your pig with a healing potion

  • Dream talking about astronomical luck....

  • The Series's heart could've been Joergan But nooo !!!!!

  • 4:43 dream talking about ''luck''

  • And sven is sitting inside the cave 200% imposter

  • Dream says the most beloved dog, but true minecraft veterans know Barnaby will always be more beloved

  • Unsolved Mystery of Sven 8,469,761 views •Aug 16, 2019

  • I literally got scared once u we’re talking about it

  • Guys i just kills been a week ago and i'm off to be him alive

  • No killing wolf

  • Me the whole time: GET A DAMN TORCH

  • Pewdiepies love is why sven is alive❤thats how strong love is

  • Sven is as lucky as Dream

  • I thought you was the person in the thumbnail

  • his tail did lower during the creeper explosion

  • Maybe pewdiepie was over the cave and than Sven trying to teleport to him teleports to the cave idk just trying to make sense of it

  • Dream maybe the minecratf coders are coding Sven to be alive so pewds never stops playing

  • Another theory, what if the mod Dream has been using, made ender pearls, inevitable. A mod, that does not effect runs, as far as we know. This of course is just a joke, I mean no harm by this.

  • I like the part where he was talking about *S V E N*

  • i really like your videos