Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Lis 2019.
How far can you jump in Minecraft? No ice. No speed. No tricks. 4 blocks right? What if I told you that is a myth? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump. Or furthest jump, or whatever floats your boat.
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Thank you to ManaCube for being the first server to give me HRwikir rank back when I first started. I love the server and I appreciate them helping me out with this video :)

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Five block jump Map Download: www.mediafire.com/file/56sdhp2kasi40ym/Five_Block_Jump.zip/file
Original video: hrwiki.info/plane/video/hdluyduvg2aAr3Y
A 5 block jump in Minecraft is possible. 4 blocks is NOT the longest you can jump. 6 blocks may even be possible. No ice, no speed, no head hitters, just MOMENTUM. Parkour is one of my favorite parts of Minecraft. Parkour games, Parkour races, etc etc
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    • I can programm you a code in Java that jumps one million time for you🙏

    • Best yt content ever thx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😁😁😄😄😄

    • Welp I'm part of dat 12% :))

    • This is actually one of my favorite videos

    • You are crazy

  • Man this video made my brain hurt especially at the end 100mill blocks 1billion blocks what about the whole WORLD LENGTH. think about it

  • dream is like the game thinker about minecraft


  • the second one where he jumped from max height to min height its 30 block

  • 1:16 Is he calling drista? Sam?


  • STAMPY!!!

  • I think 37

  • I love how he used Stampy’s Parkour video in this video as background footage 💕


  • Drista is Sam in the background

  • I know it's 5 blocks

  • Me in phone : Huh pressing space for jumping?

  • When dream and mr. beast collaborate 😂

  • You are correct we can actually jump 5 block

  • I knew it was 5 because I use to watch Preston plays 😭😭😭😭

  • so is drista=sam?

  • Question who is sam? 😑😅i dont know

  • i believe dream on this theory. when i was randomly jumping everywhere, i was also recording how long my jumps are and i saw many jumps, as 5 block jumps

  • Who’s Sam?

  • 🙏

  • Dream can i play with you in manhunt dream pls pls

  • 0:21 dude this hit different.

  • 1:19 Drista is sam?!?!!

  • One day dream will jump 5 blocks in manhunt

  • 32

  • Who’s Sam

  • I wouldn't call headhitting just running and jumping

  • Why does his intro sound like my intro paragraph in an essay

  • I've done it before

  • 10

  • Ever thought dream hax

  • Who is Sam

  • 78 blocks ia my guess

  • Is dristas name SAMMMM

  • Oh cool, Drista's real name is Sam

    • that was his old girlfriend silly goose :)

  • hey vsauce dream here

  • Sammmmmmm?

  • 3:00 he used bbh language so that he can understand

  • 1:16 dreams ex ???

  • Well were at 5 let's try 6

    • already investigated, not possible

  • what is the 1 song called?

  • mandella effect

  • what.

  • Sam got to be drista

  • This reminds me of vsauce

  • explanation starts at 8:00

  • Who else almost fell asleep watching this lmao?

  • well i mean ive done a 6 block jump and 7 block jumps are possible if you have the momentum from jumping and running for a while

    • @KRiddytoo omg how many blocks did u run

    • @xRift noob i did NINE

    • same, i've actually done 8 BLOCKS i ran for about 10000 blocks

  • Lol just ask Mrbeast to jump that long for a “challenge”

  • I can listen to dream talk for hours it just gives me this satisfying feeling

  • Stampy

  • why does everyone assume we still watching youtube on PC? lol who actually watches youtube on a Desktop

  • Hi

  • thats ez for me, the limit is 4........

  • It is 5 blocks

  • I can't only jump 4 blocks but I can't jump random 5blocks

  • How

  • What song is used in this video

  • I think I found dristas name it's same at 1:16 you can he dream say Sam and it sound like drista that responds

  • 20 years later: i think 82910826930182736482819 blocks is possible as well

  • Pov: you came from tiktok

    • almost if not all the parkour videos on tiktok were stolen, which is quite unfortunate

  • How?!?

  • it was great

  • Someone made a six block jump

  • Dream *proves that five block jump is possible.. Me:hmmmm le'me try this.. (then realize that i am broke and can't buy minecraft)😅😅😅😅

  • Its 5 blocks XD

  • This seems like vsause

  • That 0.0000001% sounds very familiar

  • You know you have a good girlfriend when she knows how many blocks you can jump on Minecraft

  • why im watching this im about to sleep

  • Dream ur hurting my head

  • Ummmm,dream...who the hell is Sam?

    • @mir no dream's old gf

    • He have two sister drista and sam i think

  • I watched this before not knowing it was dream.. that’s crazy

  • i did the 5 block jump without anything

  • 1:17 is Sam his sister?

  • bro said nothing but sprinting the beginning then showed 2H block jumping at the end..

  • I’m looking back...OMG dream says he has 2 sisters one is drista and the older one, that means the older sister’s name is sam!

  • That stampy clip hit the feels

  • 10-18

  • stampy 😲🥺🥺🥺

  • What server is this?


  • Didn’t he say with no shenanigans? Isn’t a block above your head a way to help your speed

  • Dream did it he actually did it he made jumping a terrifying mystery

  • Have u done a face reaveal yet i wanna see what u look like

  • 37

  • 10 blocks or more?

  • 34 or 37

  • Dream is king of Minecraft

  • Wait a min did he call his sister by her real name it’s Sam if so 😮

    • @Kookie oh :(

    • nope that's his ex :P

  • Its true i have doe tad

  • I was so close

  • 32

  • You can only sprint for 30 seconds search it(Because steve gets tired) ∆∆ I I

  • Didn't you say your gonna jump without anything except for sprinting and jump...???

  • can you jump 8 blocks ?

  • 6 is the longest honestly.

  • Im watching this in 2021 lol in this vid u probably had 1mil sub now he has 16mil while im watching it