Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Lis 2019.
How far can you jump in Minecraft? No ice. No speed. No tricks. 4 blocks right? What if I told you that is a myth? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump. Or furthest jump, or whatever floats your boat.
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Five block jump Map Download: www.mediafire.com/file/56sdhp2kasi40ym/Five_Block_Jump.zip/file
Original video: hrwiki.info/plane/video/hdluyduvg2aAr3Y
A 5 block jump in Minecraft is possible. 4 blocks is NOT the longest you can jump. 6 blocks may even be possible. No ice, no speed, no head hitters, just MOMENTUM. Parkour is one of my favorite parts of Minecraft. Parkour games, Parkour races, etc etc
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    • ...and only 12% commit 50% of the crimes

    • you are dumb i cant do a five blocks jump i downloaded and didnt made it you are dumb stop tricking people you piece of shit

    • @moira mckenzie :O

    • DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured out exactly how far you went when you jumped from the highest possible point to the lowest possible point. You started at -266.645 / 256.78503 / -316.480 and you ended up at -303.012 / 1.00000 / -316.490. Your total amount of blocks traveled was 36.367. You moved over thirty-six blocks!!!! PLEASE READ THIS!

    • You're right I got that jump!

  • now we know drista's name ;)

  • I think 30 block top to bottom

  • “Positive

  • You can jump 5 block

  • You are rite

  • Me and my brother always called 4 block jumps “perfect jumps” and 5 block jumps “straight perfect jumps” I think there was one on an mcwar infect map.

  • I was literally watching this with no sound and in the captions it said 26. I nearly fell out of my chair. 5:03

  • now we know the name of dreams sister: sam...

  • I already knew but I just I have to really watch ur vid cause I love it keep making more

  • Minecraft then: This is the mystery of a 5 block jump. Minecraft now: Antvenom: This is the mystery of the 8 block jump.

  • 37

  • I know how to jump eight blocks hint go into createive

  • Who is Sam

  • hi

  • i just wanted to clarify, coz i see some new comments and ppl being confused, that "sam" in the video is NOT drista (dream's sister). she was dream's girlfriend at the time, but they broke up.

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  • Minecraft dream IQ 1000

  • Try out U parkour map. Its pretty nutz

  • Wait is Sam Drista?

  • Someone HAS done a 6 block jump

  • My guess is 60 blocks

  • Does anyone think they "sam" may be drista?

  • 1:17 wait so dreams sister isn't named drista? (This is a joke)

  • he's like that one friend who shares shower thoughts that might actually be true

  • No it's 8 blocks

  • Is Sam your sisters name?

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  • I mean how u jump like that ????

  • But hoQ

  • Hi I’m ur fan and I’m xolorblind like goergenotfound

  • i knowed that from january 2019

    • Bet you didn't "knowed" how to spell

    • *knew but me too bro

  • If I were to describe this mathematically, I would say 6 is the limit. if we say x is momentum, then the limit equation would be: as x tends to infinity, the limit approaches 6 (this would mean that jumping 6 blocks is impossible.) But it could also be a logarithmic function, which would mean that you could theoretically jump an infinite amount of blocks using infinite momentum. It would be interesting to test this out and get an answer, but I'm too lazy. I'd love to know if anyone has investigated this further.

  • He started it all he solved the mystery

  • I know already that it is five blocks

  • my brain hurts

    • @Stick Boi ok

    • @Drippzy its actually a really good movie

    • @Stick Boi ok illl do it

    • @Drippzy oh its a movie about time going backwards, and is overall confusing

    • @Stick Boi wait i dont know what you mean


  • 13 blocks

  • I saw someone jumping 7 blocks! How is that possible!

  • Is drista name Sam???

  • I actually tried a 5 block jump and I did it and my cousin was like :0

  • dream were you recording from stampys view because i saw his skin and im a fan of him

  • Its trueeeee eeeekkkj

  • 0:21 STAMPY AND SQUID!!!

  • 5:20 is where the explaination starts. He doesnt test if a 6 block jump is real and just says it could be possible.

  • this is my knew knoledge 😂🤣


  • 9 blocks

  • who the hell is sam

  • Dream made jumping spooky

  • It is a complete mystery whether or not in 1:16 Sam is his ex, younger sister, or his older sister.

    • @Insufferable know-it-all and may I ask where you heard that from, I know for a fact he has an ex but is that person called Sam really his ex?

    • It's his ex girlfriend

  • Not impossible to do but it just hard

  • The max amount of blocks you could probably jump is around 3,067,833,781 blocks. So really, the max amount of blocks you could jump is more than 5 blocks in fact more than 3 billion.

  • (1:16) i think its “Drista”, her real name is “Sam”🤔

  • Dream hi ugnfyrj

  • Dream hi ugnfyrj

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  • Now we all know that Drister's name is Sam

  • Feels like that girl sounds like your sister

  • Game theory: I was to late

  • “Jumping one of the most important parts of mc” Blocks:ahm what am I. *a joke?*

  • What is Sam Dristra

  • My life was a lie

  • I came back to this video and I just realized that maybe Sam the girl dream talk to about the 4 block jumping is drista?

  • When they said that you only can junp 4 block Vietnamese: Are you sure about that

  • 1:18 I think that’s Drista’s real name 😳😳😳

  • Alternate title : Dream turns into AntVenom.

  • What if I told you... Drista's real name is Sam 😂😂😂

  • Am I the only one thinking that sam is drista(tommyinit's given name) or does dream also has a brother?

  • Dream is a god in everything


  • plot twist badboyhalo is the guy that did the 5 block gap

  • 22 blocks

  • Dream: it’s 5 blocks PS4 Minecraft: actually, there’s three

  • dreams sisters name it’s sam

  • Dream: 5 block jumps are possible. Me: :/ Dream: *jumps five blocks* Me: 👺

  • "I got that one reddit"

  • Holy crap, I watched this when it came out because it got randomly recommended to me. No way this video was made by dream! I even saw bbh and was like, wow he knows bbh. I had no idea who dream was back then.

  • I guessed 34 blocks

  • 9 blocks you can make

  • The new ant venom

  • Noob!!!

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  • :\

  • I can jump 3 blocks away in my android lol, but in computer is 2 :)

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  • This video is like if I did a research paper on jumping in Minecraft

  • Bruh this is some out of world type stuff this is trippy

  • Who else got this in their recommended 1 year later?

  • 4

  • Dream the best,player,master mind, deception, dodge,skill,luck and last speed


  • Who else realized he gave someones name in his fam XD - 1:17 Like if you agree :)

  • I think the jump is gonnah be 15 blocks

  • It's possible for momentum to increase every jump AND still not increase past a certain value.

  • Congrat dream!

  • So I've been wondering who Sam is tho I doubt anyone will see this comment

    • Hello I see you now

  • sam = drista

  • i thinkim not good at parkour maybe only 3 blocks away i can jump