Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Dupe Accounts

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Ruj 2019.
I thought this was absolutely crazy. I didn't know you could have two accounts with the same name.
Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Dupe Accounts
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Duplicate accounts.
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    • Hey dream can you teach me how to sprint in minecraft

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    • So Dream, I just found something for your hero brine video look up mojang on name mc it’s a hero brine skin dun dun dun

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  • i think its the same person, they creat a acount, the game is all, oH No WhRErE GaNA RUn OUt! so they deleat once they stop using the acount, then they tery agen, same thing, agen same thing etc. this is for the 30+ stuff just a thery, a GAME THERY thanks for reading.

  • I just realised my name has a gap.. its legally blinde

  • Ok checked on the namemc website says my acount doesn’t exist

  • Hehe smidge go brrrrr

  • Whos the impostor? theres an impostor among us.

  • F G

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  • My question is... how would you login to each of the accounts?

  • Haha dreams old account name used to be delta ninja 1:07

  • Anyone want to mention how he’s using MacOS

  • What if the deleted accounts were deleted because something like a changelog or an series of e-mails got fed into a "delete account" command by mistake? Think of these accounts' names: "car", "next", "link", "increased". Nothing too weird, right? All stuff you could use in various contexts, right? Has anyone looked into it?

  • Y E E T

  • One Smidge is susceptible to commands. The other Smidge is invincible.

  • before the channel was big its was called "DeltaNinja"

  • they gonna be removed when they migrate rip

  • I think is same register time

  • bro i hate this vedio that freak me out f

  • Am I too late for the account s

  • its possible if you play on one of your devices and someone else playing on your other device example: someone lost there phone you lend them your Ipad while you use your phone and they or you use a different skin

  • Dream you are good

  • There is 1 Imposter Among Us

  • okay

  • Maybe there's a reasonable explanation that "missing, but @Dream , can you confirm this? Am I the only one who saw Herobrine pop up right after his boy teleported the red one to the hub? Right at 5:14 ??? As he gets teleported, the pause screen pops up for a moment followed directly by a clear image of what I can only describe as him being inside Herobrine's head. You know how when you run thru another player or occupy the same space as them it appears like you're actually inside their cubed head for a moment? If you played the game you must know what I mean... Anyway, that is what appears to have occurred. Is there an image of Herobrine located at the hub where he was teleported to??? Besides that, I looked at the other random players all around him and didn't see anyone who could come close as being mistaken for Herobrine??? I need answers, lmfao!!! lol

  • Many people use tlauncher to play minecraft and you can take any name with tlauncher this is why.

  • Holy I both accounts go on hypixel for example, one could hack as long as it’s not watchdog detectable and have a ‘‘second life’’ that would be so broken

  • Smidge is skeppy hes troling

  • The reason y is that people can put a different letter but looks the same and that’s why they have some with two accounts

  • 0:20 snapchat

  • Please give me one

  • hi

  • it is easy i did it too

  • I only have demo java editon minecraft

  • I was gonna be like POV you went to the website to search up the names shown here and dream But then I saw my first name is one of the names that has duplicates and I was absolutely mind blown for some reason

  • what do you play on MAC

  • It happend me

  • WTF???

  • This man be playin on a mac

  • Hey Dream i got the hell SCARED OF MY MIND!

  • I reckon they were made at the exact same time and that's how they didn't stop each other from being created

  • How did you do this dream

  • Holy shit giving this away for money would be insane I would pay litterly how much you ask

  • You can add a letter from another alphabet. For example this e is Russian: е and this is English: e. They look the same but you can see a small difference in capital: Е and E. It's a few pixels.

  • dream why was your name deltaninja and then changed to dream

  • deltaninja?

  • You can tell at 2:47 from the Minecraft window dream plays on Mac right? Well this entire time I thought he was playing on windows!

  • I actually need to mc account

  • im confused rn bc i went onto that website and searched my user and it says theres no one called that?!

  • Ok

  • Does dream play on a mac?

  • the day you posted this video was my bday lol coincidence unsolved mystery HHEHEHEHHEE

  • can i have the account? Ive only played the crappy demo

  • I found myself cas i was playing one the same account but one is on xbox

  • What’s funny is that right now in the comment section I see two comments from different accounts with the same name 😳😆

  • damn i didn’t even notice that the red smidge account has a 2011 minecon cape. These truly are two of the rarest minecraft accounts!

  • I used to use my brothers account so it was kind of similar to this

  • Smidge Is Littarily skeepy. Skeepy made vid about trolling with two accs. Lol

  • Is no one talking about the fact that he has a MAC

  • I couldnt dind my name in that site

  • I also have same names account named ''rushabh'' but if you also want same name account then name your two account as any but at a same time thanks love your video 😍

  • Are you rel

  • What is the name of the song at the end of the video?

  • What if both of the accounts are made with the same name at the same time?

  • It's been one year and I just realized it is owned by skeppy

  • Is it possible that this happened because of internal coding? For example, if this is a java-based system, then writing \n would make a new line. Then again though, Name's can't have more than one line, so maybe it was cut out. Maybe they used something like \t, and it was registered, but you can't really put a tab as someone's name, so it gets cut out.

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  • both smidges changed their skin and mine isn't shown i swear i have an account

  • Duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate


  • why is just listening to you talk so fun

  • Basically how they got the same accs are... well they used a kind of robot thingie which can be updated on other computers and clicked AT THE SAME TIME then minecraft gets glitchy and there becomes a duped account thats what im thinking and its prob the truth.

  • Skeppy is the owner of Smidge go watch skeppy's video just type Smidge

  • I know it's quite creepy for someone to have the same name but I love how the thumbnail says *𝔱𝔯𝔲𝔢 𝔠𝔯𝔦𝔪𝔢*

  • can you try my account its Joseph20081108

  • “Randomly Minecraft accounts were deleted,” gets a security add

  • is this on java or bedrock

  • Wait, could Drista's real name be Brianna?!

  • Sssmmiiidddddggeeeeeeee!

  • You can copy and paste an empty space onto the username bar

  • I found a dupe account

  • So munchymc is owned by dream according to him

  • I don't give a shit in accounts

  • Wait, so Dream procures these accounts from 2 random people, then Dream turns around and gives the accounts away? Why not give them back to the players he got them from? I know this is old, but it bothers me.

  • i have subscibed already

  • plz i want the skin

  • Maybe it's all just a spy and 10+ name account are spy account's that spying each other

  • "but that's just a theory A GAME THEORY"

  • If im big brain, maybe two accounts with the same name are made at the smae time. Eh? Plz say im big bwain dream.

  • Dreammmmmm my account have spaces help

  • My account was deleted from the database never got it back

  • Can i use your profiile in minecraft?

  • Dream:talks to them* Also Dream:I Got Their Acc

  • I think there's a space after the name allowing them to. have the same name but it doesn't change it visually

  • Can I have it plssss it’s my b-day today and I am 11 now

  • Ok so id think dream saw skeppys video

  • Can i have the account? PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEEEE?

  • I once had a hacker join my world, he had the same name as me, and he killed my cat, Banana :(