Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Srp 2020.
Herobrine, the evil creature of Minecraft. Is Herobrine real? Where did Herobrine come from? Has Herobrine ever been in Minecraft, and will he ever be? Is there any proof? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine.
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Herobrine has and probably always will be Minecraft's greatest evil villain. If Steve is Minecraft's best friend, Herobrine is it's enemy. Herobrine has been talked about time and time again, but no one has really gone into too much detail. This video goes into details about his origins, if he is real or fake, where it all started, and some interesting mysteries involving him.
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  • Now i cant play minecraft-

  • I’m not completely sure why, but Minecraft Alpha was just so... eerie. Looking back on it, I never thought so as a kid, because that was just Minecraft at the time. Maybe its the relativey low render distance, and the much more simplistic or brighter art style with far fewer colors, or maybe the more unfinished feel it had. That and it just had a whole different feel after you thought about Herobrine. As a kid, the main reason why he freaked me out was because sometimes in Minecraft you feel like you aren’t alone. Herobrine represents that, and the fact that it’s just so... wrong. Like it shouldn’t be happening. An error in Minecraft’s universe. A glitch. Minecraft is really good at making you feel deeply disturbed. I understood that even when I was young.

  • its just chunk boarders lol

  • i used to tell my friends i was heobrine

  • Once I logged into my world with a town and there was big chunks missing in the floor all the way to the void

  • "Minecraft is not a scary game" Tell that to me doing the 404 challenge a few weeks ago

  • I wonder if 1.17 will say removed herobrine

  • When they didn’t put removed herobrine in the update log, the herobrine occurrences tripled in frecuncey

  • So I completely agree with the glitch explanation, however I'm pretty convinced I saw the herobrine figure in one of my games in the past. Could that have been a glitch too? I'm opened to any explanation, i just don't know what to believe regarding what I saw

  • I was on my nails while watching this video idk why but i was terrified

  • Like upside down T's

  • maby because they were tired of keep having the change log to REMOVED HEROBRINE because players know the point know THEY GET IT HEROBRINE WAS REMOVED

  • I'm being haunted by him today and I'm scared

  • Can I get hack the bye Herobrine

  • i think they didnt say removed herobrine to scar us, cool vid though.

  • me relising im 1 year older then herobrine.

  • for the havent tuched their world in monthes thing, they could have moved their house and not remember, just saying.

  • ima do a meme cas why not? you see your frend. :) Your in a single player world. O_O

  • 'herobrine was the imposter'

  • ive seen him in this update on bed rock edition and 2 people were online but i saw 2 name tags but i saw 2 names my friends name and herobrine

  • "Herobrine? Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time"

  • sorry

  • you know what would be cool? if they made herobrine a mob like he is a boss and he can only be found if you do some storyline idk I think it would be cool.

  • What if mojang made herobrine into Minecraft but he always follows you around but from a distance and he only moves when you aren’t looking at him and when you are sleeping he looks at you through the window

  • Am I the only one walking on trees in the dark forest?

  • Wait I have saw trees laying down with no leaves uhhh what

  • 4:00 Wtf

  • I remember making those spawners back then and erase my world after because i was terrified

  • dream is gay

  • Me

  • who else is just looking behind you every once in a while

  • The editing on this video is *GODLY*

  • My story was on a mushroom island we rigged a little down and died because the mushroom mountain inside was hollow every time i tried to safely get to bottom I died next to a sign I couldn’t read and what looked like part of a Steve skin

  • I'm 21, and have been playing Minecraft since a few months before 1.16's release. Post 1.16, I was in a personal world, and had to log off real quick. I came back on after 5 minutes to find a random fire charge hurdling towards a forest I was facing. It came from behind me, though. I look back to find nothing, and I know it's just an urban legend, but it really makes you think.

  • 12:46 JC plays was in the vid

  • 2:55 Why does that chickens mouth look like a danish flag? Illuminati confirmed

  • Finally we get a cool new mob hero brine ofc dream made this video Oh and BTW love dream team

  • What if the player with max netherite armour can defeat herobrine? And so they added him as a side mystery to solve and defeat?

  • I haven't seen him yet i hope it not real oh wait no no no nooo

  • One day during a manhunt Herobrine is gonna tag along and it will become, “ 5 hunters vs Herobrine” |Minecraft Manhunt|

  • Guys don’t worry it’s just George looking for his glasses 🥱

  • I think I encountered herobrine once, no joke. I was mining and when I came back up, my loaded chest had been emptied.

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  • tbh i didn't believe in him until I was in a singleplayer world OFFLINE and I had 37 diamonds in a chest only I knew about, then one day I log on and the diamonds are gone.

  • I saw Herobrine 2 times on Minecraft PE's first versions. I remember that I had a lot of wolves in my world because I encountered them near my house, but every time that I joined in my world some wolves disappeared. A day all of them weren't near my house and when I was leaving my house He appeared in front of me and 2 seconds later He disappeared... I was so scared ahahahah

  • It could just be minecraft I once saw an underwater structure on land

  • the 1.16 update didn't have removed herobrine in the patch notes

  • YES i confirm that this video has background music of prince of Persia

  • Dream you should do an unsolved on the far lands

  • I wish herobrine gets added for a halloween update

  • 12:27 on that part it’s just a glitch it happens a lot when your exploring the world and it does not have time to load

  • I have a theory on why Herobrine couldn't be it's not a real person in the game there's could be problems with codes where chunks missing random structures are formed and some things go missing the problem is with the code but you see this in history you can see that when something happens that people can explain they make a being around it so like the Greek or the Egyptians I see the sunrise and set and they have no idea what it is I can't explain it so they say there's a god of the sun that makes the sun rise every day and set every afternoon and that's the thing so it's most likely just a problem in the code that people think is a player or Herobrine Messing with them

  • I remember when I was about 8 years old I was so scared of the noises that the zombies and skeletons made.

  • I’m curious if they don’t say removed hero brine in the caves update

  • Monika is herobrine

  • What if they actually added herobrine into the game and had his function be just to mess with the player It should start slow, beginning with tiny pranks and glitches, and evolving over time to increase the disturbances in the world. It should also just be disabled if it detects obs or another recording or streaming software open

  • DReaMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! upload more unsolved videosssssssssssss

  • I have a question what if your little brother or friend got no your console and did that

  • Herobrine should be a overworld boss in Minecraft

  • Me and the boys playing minecraft: *Kalm* Me and the boys seeing fogs in minecraft: *PANIK!*

  • 1.16.2 has removed herobrine so he must of been added during 1.16 then removed shortly after.

  • MiNeCrAfT dEvS kInDa SuS tHo

    • “I made a reference to popular and funny game among us please laugh”

  • My best my friend suffered these weird stuff you said.

  • Farlands is 12550800 blocks away and is giltchi

  • Herobrine live on farlands

  • I’m ngl when I was younger I experienced some weird stuff in a world , a small Forrest fire near my house with no source (no lava or lightning ) and strange noises of something moving when there was no mobs near by , not saying it was hero brine but I’ve definitely experienced some weird stuff

  • Maybe the missing chunks are just corrupted because of how old these rumors are

  • hello i'm from brazil, i'm using the translator to communicate, i people that put portuguese subtitles in the video please, thanks for your attention!

  • Fun fact:in every update of Minecraft it said on the bottom of the list of updates it said *herobrine removed* but in the 2020 updates it didn't say herobrine removed so does that mean...is he back

  • You'd know for sure if you would read the source code. It would be quite a chunk of code for someone who has experience in programming not to notice. But how to become that is a horror story for another time.

  • Herobrine was probably meant to test something, probably a zombie test?

  • Didn’t remove Herobrine because he came to smash

  • Herobrine is notch's friend

  • Herobrine is just an excuse for the Minecraft programmers to shift the blame to when they make mistakes HAHAHSHFKJ So when someone reports a glitch they'd just be like "oh no its not me its Herobrine. yeah no we MEANT THAT"

  • one time I created a new world and spawned in a bed in the middle of a forest, but I just brushed it off, I told people the story to scare them and we always took it as a joke like " ooooooo maybe it was heeero briiiine" but sometimes it really freaked me out when I thought about it, it still scares me a bit to this day.

  • I saw herobrine he break my all things my house my farm

  • I started in 2015 and I don't think herobrine is real . but I went on my old X box 360 I remembered that my house was in a oak forest but when I went back I was in a desert.🤔

  • Sub dream sapnap George

  • Hahaha those vertanes were dreams friend

  • Sapnap u have HRwiki channel yo

  • In the 1.16.2 they have put in text Removed Herobrine in there

  • U know hero brine became my skin I thought it’s my friend but it was 2 months still he playing he became slogoman jelly u mr beast

  • I found a floating village....😅😭😅😭

  • You need to do more vids like this pls I’ll get all the bois to sub if you do

  • Herobrine is a Minecraft glich

  • 2012:Herobrine was ejected 2020: Herobrine was not the imposter

    • “I made a reference to popular and funny game among us please laugh”

  • My cousin when he was 3 saw herobrine he said in tears he saw a Minecraft man with no eyes

  • Dream:The Unsolved mystery of hEroBrInE Me:The Unsolved Truth About dream True mystery, Dramatic music goes:Dun dun DUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!

  • I remember when I was like 7 I was too scared to go out of my house so I filled my house with torches so I could feel more confident.

  • Herobrine sure has some big balls approaching Dream like that.

  • I was thinking *"why is dream talkin about herobrine?"*

  • Once I logged in my world and my armor stands were missing and stuff was all messed up NO JOKE and I didn’t want to delete my world and next day there is a pyramid in the ocean in the middle of nowhere it was not there before I deleted it :( but I had to do it

  • Can i ask something? When i join my world, i go in the nether and look for the fortress ok So i stop in the nether and leave the game so i look for it later, but i dont leave the nether ok... I join another time Why am i in my house? I mean wtf

  • Now im 10 ok i never seen herobrine in my life..but hey i were scared of caves in 2017 XD


  • "why did they not say Removed Herobrine in the latest up date?" To get people like you to make videos about it and keep people talking about minecraft. lol

  • its funny how after dream told george "they didnt put "removed herobrine" then george just started looking for herobrine xD

  • Hearobrine was removed in 1.6.6 so he was real google it

  • About 9 months ago. (When this was posted yeah xD) In patch notes, it says Herobrine has been removed. I've read the patch notes whenever Minecraft updates, and this was the 1st time it had said: "Herobrine has been removed". And now that word isn't there. So if you believe Herobrine is still there, your correct, but you can't summon it. Yes the previous notes may say it, but it will only stay there for 1 day, and this one, it stayed for 1 week.

  • I think Herobrine MAYBE be real???????????????