Unexpected Baby News

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Svi 2021.
Yesterday was a long day. We were not expecting this to happen.
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ABOUT US: Hi guys! We are Josh & Abbie Herbert! You might know us from our viral TikTok videos. We are known as that TikTok couple that is always doing the latest trends. We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.
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  • Baby Bean know that if u ever see this, alot of us been here supporting you and mama on this journey.

  • How come Abbie always looks like a goddess!?

  • I know c-sections aren’t the most ideal, but still just as wonderful. Hopefully bean turns on her own, but you’ll do amazing either way mama 🤍

  • How far along are you? My daughter flipped at 36wks on her own... Still got a c section

    • RAPTURE Mateo 4:17 Magsisi kayo at talikuran ang inyong mga kasalanan sapagkat malapit na dumating ang kaharian ng Langit.☝ Ito ay tinatawag na RAPTURE at biglang

  • Nice video

  • If you don’t feel comfortable doing the c-section, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your doctor that and give your body and baby some more time to do what they do naturally!

    • Super glad Abby and the baby are perfectly fine

  • abbie is so beautiful omg

  • ❤️❤️

  • Hi

  • It so cool that she can watch this when she’s older 😅😅😅

  • i love you guys and wat's da name ??

  • She can still turn on your labor day

  • It’s sad that 600 something people unlike this video

  • I know c-sections aren’t the most ideal, but still just as wonderful. Hopefully bean turns on her own, but you’ll do amazing either way mama 🤍

    • Paying for Abbie , i wish everything be easy and smooth ♥️♥️ love you abbie you are strong

  • I was watching that same survivor season like 5 days ago.


  • I presume you don't have to wear a mask while your in labour

  • I can't wait for the baby

    • Praying for a good and healthy baby❤️ Take caree abbie

  • I had two scheduled c-sections and my babies are perfectly fine and healthy and smart and doing great. One is 20 and graduating college with honors and one is 14 and brilliant and athletic. I say this as encouragement that your baby is still going to be all the things you have dreamed of and more. No worries! ❤️

  • RAPTURE Mateo 4:17 Magsisi kayo at talikuran ang inyong mga kasalanan sapagkat malapit na dumating ang kaharian ng Langit.☝ Ito ay tinatawag na RAPTURE at biglang may maraming anghel nag-propeta nasa langit na di mo alam sapagkat dumadami na ang makasalanan sa buong mundo at ito ay ma-iiwan ang pagpalapit ng katapusan ng Mundo, Lahat nag lingkod sa Diyos ay kukunin at ililigtas ng Diyos sa pagkat ikaw ay maging mabuting gawa at naniniwala sa Diyos at tinanggap mo sya ng buong puso.

  • Super glad Abby and the baby are perfectly fine

  • May what 😧

  • May when!?!?!

  • May ?????

  • how does abbie look so beautiful in such a stressful situation 😭😭

  • I can not wait for the baby to come


  • Paying for Abbie , i wish everything be easy and smooth ♥️♥️ love you abbie you are strong

  • Who's ready for baby bean 😍😍

    • You 2 are so cute !! Abbie is Beautiful !! Love you guys and wish for you A Healthy Baby !! 😀😀

  • I pray that u have a safe delivery 😊

  • That feeling you were feeling was preservation for your baby girl, I know the doctor wasn’t hurting her or you but our bodies are so sensitive especially during pregnancy so your body was reacting to the fear of what was happening. The pushing on your baby just put your body into protective mode! ❤️

  • Praying for a good and healthy baby❤️ Take caree abbie

  • Here since "Josh when can we have a baby"🤩

  • Baby bean is already as sassy as her dad! 😅

  • The ending tho

  • I think it’s may 21 that bean will be born

  • Ahh!!!!! I’m so excited to see the little bean 🥺

  • My heart goes out to you guys! I'm a C-section mama myself for the same exact reason! Regardless, so exciting for you guys! I know for myself I kinda got emotional myself because I wanted vaginal birth rather then c-section, but I was beyond happy that my baby arrived safely. 💖

    • Yesss congratulates you, if you want to know about childbirth we will definitely help words sent from distant Vietnam

  • We have the same hand sanitizer LOL

  • Im so happy for you two, u will be a great and fun parents. Does this mean no more asking ur husband a baby🤔

  • Hi I have never seen your videos before but I liked the video and subscribed

  • Just words of encouragement, my little girl was breach up until 35wks. My whole pregnancy I was scared to have a c-section but she ended up flipping so I calmed down. Then after 26.5hrs of natural labor I ended up having to be rushed back for a complication and I had an emergency c-section. It was way less scary then I imagined and if you follow the healing process and take it easy it’s actually not a bad recovery at all! After 3 weeks I genuinely felt mostly back to normal. You got this! Next pregnancy I would definitely consider just scheduling a c-section ahead of time, that’s how well it went! Hope this helped ease you mind about it!

  • You 2 are so cute !! Abbie is Beautiful !! Love you guys and wish for you A Healthy Baby !! 😀😀

  • Have a big family I hope it’s the first of many ❤️

  • Just stop

  • hrwiki.info/plane/video/nqeqvprVj5-k0JQ

  • My daughter decided to flip while I was in labor they flipped her the right way but she flipped back so I pushed and she came out face up. So I was lucky that I was able to push her out. Good luck to you two. I'm sure everything will be beautiful and your baby girl will be perfect. 🥰

  • May what?

  • IF I SEE ONE MORE COMMENT SAYING “Heavenly Father bla bla bla” I SWEAR TO GOD


  • i love ur yt channel and hope you have a safe & healthy birth 🤍

  • Yesss congratulates you, if you want to know about childbirth we will definitely help words sent from distant Vietnam

  • Abbie She is so gorgeous and her voice is amazing

  • Okay but where did you get that toiletry bag. I've literally been looking for one just like that.

    • they probably dont even know about the anglo-italian cup 🤡🤡

  • Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy, and financially blessed ❤🙏 turn to God and He will bless your life with happiness and serernity.

  • wait i’m so confused the babies not born right

  • This appeared in my recommended and i dont know what video I saw that prompted this vid to be there maybe some video about yters voice idk

  • 8

  • May WHAT-

  • Yesssssss

  • Baby name 🥺👶🍼

  • Hi♥️

  • Im so happy the jab is cause infertility in the sheep women soon these types ofvideos will be rare🤗🤗🤗

  • Omg so glad Abbie and the baby are good.. Josh reminds me of a younger Michael J. Fox

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  • Hi abbie um I know I'm a bit late for this but here are a couple of names for your baby

  • they probably dont even know about the anglo-italian cup 🤡🤡

  • Her her birthday is on May 20th I will be so happy! That’s my birthday!

  • You're glowing😍

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  • No way my last names Herbert also 😃😃😃

  • Prayers for you and your beautiful baby!🥺

  • Since I heard she got pregnant, I was hoping we'd have the same birthday. But the ending- WHY.

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  • I love you too so much

  • When tell us when please

  • It’s been 9 months?!

  • Wow your husband's pull out game weak

  • Am I the only one excited for the new intro with baby bean!?!?!?!

  • Abbie you are beautiful


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  • HI

  • Can’t wait for bean

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  • mega cringe

  • "she’s just stubborn like..". when they pointed at each other I died

  • you looked like adoson rea

  • Who are the Herberts?

  • How did I know you were thinking about McDonalds-

  • You guys are so strong!👍 The baby is coming soon!😁

    • Cesarean are still beautiful intheir own way. I know it's not what yall planned, but as long and mama and baby are both healthy, it's what matters ❤❤❤

  • May 10 here, that's be awesome if it was that day lol 😂

  • My mom is having a baby and I’m so excited for him this is making me more excited seeing you get ready in unfortunately I can’t be there when he is born because of Covid but I love watching birth videos it makes me so much more excited.

  • Omg I can wait for baby bean!!!

  • I can not wait for your angel to come I already know she is going be so pretty inside and out just like her parents so excited for her to come.

  • I like how she's like not nervous at all... or she just doesn't show it.

  • whats ur fave nirvana song

  • Whoever comes across this may have the best day they have ever wished for❤💯

  • In there intro I thought it said ‘the PERVERTS are here for everyone’ hahahahahhahahahaha

  • May10th or 24th is my guess. My sisters birthday and my birthday I know ALOT of people born on those days