UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Ožu 2021.
Presented by Hyperice, champ Jan Blachowicz celebrates his birthday and goes mountain biking. Amanda Nunes takes her daughter to work. Aljamain Sterling unwinds in his second home. Champ Israel Adesanya arrives in Las Vegas. Visit hyperice.com/
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  • Imagine Amanda and Nina doing a morning workout with the baby, like sit ups (with one holding the baby for kisses with the other) or bench pressing said baby in the arms like an actual dumbbell weight.

  • This is awesome! Love it.

  • S Miocic is in Barney Rumble (trouble) his gonna get his block knock off 💯

  • :)

  • Amanda's English got so much better I'm so amazed and seeing amanda so happy with the baby and nina warms my heart,CHAMP!

  • Aljo talking about the fight is hilarious dude got outclassed big time and got very lucky that yan hit him with that knee or he was probably going out cold


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  • 😍

  • Is the coach the dad smh baby looks just like him wonder who gave him there panties nunez or her girl smh

  • Bisping junior?🤣

  • who the mother? i’m confused does she have two mothers. I guess nunes is the daddy.

    • Both women, both mothers, both used their own 🥚

  • Wait... how did Amanda and her wife have a baby? I don't think they can procreate with each other? I'm confused

    • Gays can use their own eggs and sperm to conceive a 👶

  • Amanda nunes wife 2:05 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • NINA ANSAROFF Amanda nunes wife Wtf

  • What shirt is Aljamain wearing at 7:45?

  • Oh you have two mums that's fnny !!!!! Yea I have two mums........... and they both beat the shit otta people for mney .................. wanna say something else ??

  • what is Jan rolling on his head at the start of the video?

  • Is Jan wearing a Cobra Kai shirt? If so EPIC!

  • Jan asking if cake is healthy explains a lot and shows where his power comes from 👍

  • Is that nunes's biological child?

  • Who sold them a baby ?

  • *Jan is a cool dude like Dagestanian Eagles*

  • LOL Izzy just directing the end of the episode

  • no one: my wife with my uncle when i'm not home: 5:55

  • I started laughing as the music started playing

  • everything davalish does is fast!! lolol

  • Izzy is always thinking showmanship. Producing the footage fresh off a long flight.

  • I wonder if the guys get annoyed at having amanda's wife and baby right on top of them? Seems a little clingy but hey, if it works for her, god bless. Edit: I obviously mean while training. Maybe her wife wanted some face time on camera.

  • Holy Shit That Baby is Cute.

  • Raegan looks at her mamas with so much love. So sweet 💓

  • The hell is that roll brush thing he using at the beginning called?

  • A family should have one father and one mother.

  • Izzy wins Amanda wins Yan wins

  • ustal xd

  • I like both Jan and Izzy may the best man win

  • Whats he using? dermaroller to grow hair? xD

  • I’m confused how do two women make a baby?

  • I heard alot about racism in poland....its refreshing to see the black guy cosign this Ivory King they call Jan!!!

  • Izzy geeks at the end doing the Outro beat with his hands

  • What's that thing Jan is rolling on his head at the beginning?

  • Two mommy no daddy

  • sterling confirmed for pogchamps 4?

  • Thiago will be KOd

  • Team Blachowicz,Janek dasz rade,pozdro z UK

  • You think you're hard

  • Jan Blachowicz is the calm and dangerous Gangstar Khabib tries to be

  • These fights are gonna be close God bless the UFC and fighters teams this weekend lets have some fun

  • I feel sorry for that child. God bless him.

    • HER. And gays can have children from their own stomachs

  • When you become childern you become to love people I think she will lose

  • I might have judged adesanya prematurely. he doesnt seem a bad character.

  • I don't get it... If Amanda's wife gave birth to the girl and Amanda was the father, wouldn't that make Amanda a male? If she is a male, why is she a women's champ?

  • sockssss

  • I'm actually noticing the improvement in Amanda's English, it was better not too long ago, but even better now, she's really getting over the hurdle known as the letter "r" lol

  • Jan will win , you know

  • I can’t wait until Nunes is pounding faces with her nasty combos 🥊🦁

  • Amanda Nunes is really disgusting. I pity that poor baby

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  • Get this message to Amanda and Nina asap! I hate to break this to you two. But......your baby is superrrrrrRRRRR cute!!! WOW, what a beautiful widdle one. Holy moly! WHAT A PERFECT baby. I have two little granddaughters and FINALLY, some cuteness competition, indeed! Congrats to you THREE! And baby makes THRRREEEEEEEEE! Ya? Okay, I'm done. ps. God bless. Welcome the the world little Reagan. I'm not the best speller but I dig that baby, and the both of you, Amanda and Nina.

  • I love Nunes

  • Who won the chess ♟ match?

  • She so happy with her baby I love that

  • Man... Just worried Jan would stack that bike and fight would get canceled from road rash

  • Why mountain biking

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  • What was he using on his head?

  • This card is amazing, i can't even

  • Only thr UFC pulls moves like this!! Lets go

  • We get it Amanda you are a new Father

  • Too bad y'all can't have a natural kid like the rest of us without showing it off to the world like a bunch of clowns

  • 2:05 Little baby like "You ain't my daddy!"

  • my man at 5:53 not even unlocked yet

  • what does Jan use on his head at the start?

  • I wish nunes was my dad

  • Having a child looks to be what Amanda Nunes needed in her live. She looks a lot more confident and content. Good for her!

  • Idk I want Izzy to win but that means Jan has to lose how cruel

  • Jan is part of Cobra Kai

  • Curious...does Amanda's kid call her or her wife mom? And does she call one of them dad? Or just two moms? 😖

  • if Amanda is a Lesbian, then how on earth she had a baby 🤔 WTF is going on...?? Can somebody Explain 🤔

  • From the looks of Aljo’s homie, Aljo definitely didn’t win that chess game

  • I didn't know that Amanda nunes is gay

  • Nines is really cute wow

  • Dvalishvili and Aljo mounting that curtain rail is pure comedy 🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m an Adesanya fan but I can’t hate Jan. He seems like a great and pure guy.

  • Yan will retire Sterling...

  • Adesanya, Born in Africa, grew up in New Zealand, trains and lives there, Has American Accent.

  • Poor child is going to have a fucked up gender identity

  • Amanda "McDonalds" Nunes

  • eugene bareman the gangster

  • grown up super athletes scared of a little bit of flu

  • I have the same couch in the place where Aljamain is staying. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 🛋⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Great to See The Lioness happy raising a family 🙌🙌

  • How do 2 women have a baby ?

  • Aljamain Sterling seems like a cool dude.

  • what is that roller thing, anyone know the purpose ?

    • I think it’s a LYAPKO Big Roller Massager 5.0 AG Acupressure 570 Needles. for Acupuncture on All Larger Areas of The Body

  • Is it healthy?...ok good

  • they never taste it,but how the third one came in,wtf is going on

  • What is that thing that Jan rolled his head with

    • I was wondering the same thing! I think it’s a LYAPKO Big Roller Massager 5.0 AG Acupressure 570 Needles. for Acupuncture on All Larger Areas of The Body

  • Blachowicz looks like Josh Barnett