TommyInnit Speaks To PewDiePie...

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Lis 2020.
TommyInnit Speaks To PewDiePie in Among Us...
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Start 0:00
Round 1 (Imposter with poki) 1:45
Accusing pewds (Big P) 8:36
Round 2 (Crewmate) 14:27
"Because your IQ is too big, im scared of things I dont know" 17:43
Round 3 (Crewmate) 25:50
"I just hope he wipes" (awkward silence) 41:46
Round 4 (Crewmate) 41:58
Ending stream things 51:05
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  • Reply with your own timestamps! - Rudy (This is gonna be chaotic)

    • Still loved the fact that ya played with jacksepticeye. He's a pretty cool dude.

    • @Kars I didnt.Also why are people still replying to me It happened a week ago

    • @THE REAL KIDO You expect to get hate since you are self promoting

    • @THE REAL KIDO what?

    • 1:01 random

  • So wholesome when pewds was impressed by Tommy being so outgoing

  • I want some white powder SUGARRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • I want some white powder SUGARRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • I want some white powder SUGARRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Sykunno is the guy that apologises when someone else bumps into him

  • 12:43 ok but when corpse said put on the fuckin cat ears my heart skipped

  • This is for me so ignore it 18:56

  • just cause i killed those people doesnt mean im a murderer

  • You should've put on the cat ears

  • Dream jacksepticeye and tommyinnit. The best trio. Next time have tubbo with yall

  • How does Tommy always manage to just be so confident and immediately become someone important when he’s just met people- damn Tommy

  • 14:23 i just wont use it to my advantage 18:20 we gotta use the taskbar to our advantage, mans got hacks 14:04 and u never trust a british sykkuno, that is so offensive 1:48 when the teacher assigns ur seat next to ur crush 11:06 i think im already gonna go 41:46 i just hope he wipes


  • Dude you and jack actually have a nice dynamic though. jacksepticeye & tommyinnit collab when?

  • This feels like MCC w/ Vikkstar all over again LMAO. love it though dude. :)

  • Tommy lowkey making me wish I was British

  • HAHA, after you muted like a minute after Sukkuno said (muted too) he liked you,you seem like a nice person and he likes your accent.....then you started swearing as fuck

  • 'im usually good at this' the fact ur doing scan without anyone around says otherwise

  • 26:16 what the hell is that garbage

  • *Tommy re-filling the water jugs* “Piss”

  • "And you never trust british" (c) JackSepticeye

  • 7:58 Pokimane: "Wait... how? They both died?" Maybe she said it for "alibi", but it was funny because she also impostor and Tommy killed 2 people when she 0

  • at game 3 tommy dinet see the body when sykkuno was stending on it

  • Bruh

  • 22:18 tommy lies 😳😳

  • vikkstar simp tommy

  • Dream is like Tommy's chaperon in this one.

  • who tf is seereax and why is he so goddamn annoying holy shit

  • How the meeting should of been like, PewDiePie: Are you friends with Georgenotfound? Tommy: ...yes

  • in round three when he sees sycono reds body is next to him/her

  • 37:12 was my favorite lol

  • Sometimes I have to remember that this guy is only a year older than me and doing videos with some of the most popular creators on the internet and I’m over here like “yeah. I uh... I draw”

  • lol they didn't even let corpse speak it is probably because he has a deep voice lol

  • I'm annoyed that literally most of these comments are like if you wear cat ears (yes we know they're wolf ears its a reference to corpse's song) once, even as a joke you are and forever will be a FuRrY

  • Dieon ayy

  • wtf 26:13

  • motherinnit

  • metaphorinnit

  • Did he just say he is not loud???

  • Tommy: What are you guys up to today? Everyone else: *stares intently with cat ears*

  • Damn, i wonder how tommy's gonna win the first game when hes being targetted by everyone

  • Tommy, when dream and pewds kept accusing you you should've called them a minecraft block and a stinky Swedish man

  • Bro that first game Dream had zero real evidence bro I hate that man

  • Tommy trusts green people: me thinks the hulk?

  • 7:04 "me and corpse are good friends" *subs today: 666*

  • Just found your stuff! I like it! Keep up the great content my guy!

  • Tommy please for the love of god make merch

  • Pinned by TommyVODS TommyVODS 1 week ago Reply with your own timestamps! -Rudy (This is gonna be chaotic)

  • 600k subs let's goooooo tommy

  • i'm pretty sus of the guy wearing cat ears

  • True story: I got fruit loops and all of em where green--

  • i love tommy And The number of likes this comment has Is How many Other rivals i have against Tommy (I heard he sometimes Cheats on his grind with others) | | V

  • I played among us with him,dream and pokimane Sad jacksepticeye with 25 mil subs noises

  • q_q -_- :D XD

  • Tommy is such a nice person to collaborate with small HRwikirs like PewDiePie,corpse and dream

  • ”Omg i can,t screm this time Cuz my parentes are in” he screms

  • tommy: i trust all greens also tommy: susses dream who is also green the whole time

  • They aren't cat or bat ears there wolf ears

  • You know when you comment and forgot what you commented on a video

  • 51:30 Tommy got vocals

  • petition for sykkuno to meet badboyhalo

  • Let's just appreciate the fact it says minecraft, despite the game being among us

  • Did anyone notice 666 subs in the first roumd


  • I love how tommy's first words were " is Vikkstar in this discord?"

  • 0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • 26:16 AYO WTF 😂

  • The Gaelic Gladiator Sean Willian Mcloughlin JACKSEPTICEYE Just told little Tommyinnit to smoke white powder... *AMONG US truly is a place of collaborations*

  • Sykkono is so fucking nice omg

  • Tommy: whats a kink? Everyone: suddenly I am deaf

  • Boy u look like an idiot in this vid

  • He’s naturally “sus”

  • 27:18 when you talk to chat and not look in game lol the red body xd


  • tommy kinda sus CUS NO CAT EARS HAHA

  • We have the same headset tommy

  • Every one is being mean to tommy and meme about the ear thing but sykuno just wants to make a new good friend

  • Does anyone else leave a video as soon as they hear the word pokimane

  • I wanna be a Minecraft HRwikir so bad >:(((

  • Dream is annoying

  • so, the thing about pewds, he is funny and a huge memer, but he disrespects alot

  • "Im not loud and confident." -Tommy2020

  • Hmm? You stealing my wolf style?

  • I just want to say one thing "i am bigger than u boi"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • 2025:i played with bill gates I just wanna tell that he is becoming popular and popular day by day

  • Ngl tommy lowkey rude

  • Hello

  • tommy is such a gamer for not becoming a furry

  • Bruh how are Toast, Dream, Corpse, and Sykkuno gonna be in the same game, they're like the most big brain players I've watched and they're all together in the same lobby

  • TommyInnt, we love you but before you get mad at me, can you reflect on how you can be sexist sometimes? I mean he hasn't said anything sexist but its unfair how you treat women in a different way and only see the romance. Please treat us the same and stop calling us by the title of women. Call us by our names.

  • Jack: “Put on the cat ears NYAH!” 13:13

  • you look like a kid that got bullied in school

  • “Because I’m not loud or confident” 👁👄👁

  • imagine getting pinned just by saying: Pog champ and floor gang.

  • Tommy: *talking to pewdiepie* Also tommy: yeah but is vikkstar online

  • Congrats on 2 mil (on the other chanel )

  • Which stream is this?

  • 41:45 - "i just hope he wipes" ... i FELT the awkward AHAHAHAHHAHA

  • "whats a kink?" Tommy is innocent but not at the same time