Tommy USED Ghostbur To SNEAK Into PRISON But THEN Dream REVIVED Wilbur Soot! DREAM SMP

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  • Its like hitler back to life wtf XD

  • Tommy is like a 20 year old boy swearing like a god 9:18

  • I wanted Wilbur back but not like this _not like this_

  • Yes

  • All tommy had to do was just wait until the netherite went down and the lava flowed back.

  • Mhm

  • "I chop dreams head clean off" Me being a Dream fan: OH HECK NAHHHH

    • @Mohammed Tom It is immortalll

    • how did ghostbur sheep come backe didn't he die when techno and dream exploded lmanberg

  • Tommy could have just broken the blocks wit his pick

  • can i join dream smp? pls add discord badboy123#4269

  • Oh no

  • Blue

  • How to save wilbur I MEAN GHOSTBUR : - Tommy be fucking patient

  • Bruh

  • Me annoyed that tommy didn’t use the water bucket to swim over the nether it’s blocks

  • Rp was so good

  • welp we know whats coming... Looks like will is breaking dream out.

  • WilburSoot haw now 2 leiwis now?

  • How I sub you? Why people hack😔🖐

  • Plot twist: maybe wilbur will kill philza that's my guess

  • Ayo what happened to Ghostbur after he was dropped of at the "Train Station"

  • I don’t think Wilbur is doing anything wrong here, he has been through literal hell and a person “saved” him from it. He would instinctively see that person as a hero. If you felt pain and torture and a person come to rescue you and take you out from there, wouldn’t you do the same? Wouldn’t you instinctively see that person as your hero, your savior? I’m not saying anyone is disagreeing with me but I don’t really view Will as an antagonist, just a mislead character that gave into his instincts, which anyone would do.

  • 9:42 *drinks water anxiously*

  • J

  • Tommys rage Rekt Him

  • I partially blame this on sam, dream left the game for a pretty long time. Of course idk how the revival book or whatever works. But Tommy made it seem like if he got ghostbur away then it would be ok. However sam should have brought ghostbur back while dream was gone. Then again this is also tommy's fault, he did pretty much drag ghostbur into his revenge plan.

  • Haters will say it's not scripted

  • Wilbur: 13 and a half year! Tommy's eyes: oh shit

  • Wilbur seems more happy tho

  • He got have used the water bucket to go in

  • Stupid

  • Sam twice you have let people die

  • The british child got what was coming, it was stupid to try and kill dream.

  • Why did tomi didnt use water bucket to swim to dream and kill him

  • break the netherite block and kill dream ;-;

  • Hmmm yes interesting

  • hi i thought the "DREAM SMP" is dead

  • He literally could have gotten past the barrier of he placed water. But it was scripted so

  • People: How does a ghost die? Me: Watch this clip from Dream SMP

  • Istg Tommy sharing ghostbur's excitement over Friend is so wholesome

  • so many f#cks are in the video

  • I feel like that was sams fault.....

  • It's not Tommy's fault

  • tommy fucked up really , I am unsubscribing to him he don't deserve anything with this anger and I really want dream to be free

    • Dream is the main enemy of the Dream Smp and dont worry its all scripted and Dream stole tommy's disk

  • no joke but wtf was tommy doing lol

  • If he placed water he would have killed dream

  • If he wants ghostbur back kill Wilbur 3 times So his canon live is over

  • A little bit corny but alr


  • Ok so let me explain the warden canonically Sam doesn't know about wilbur reviling,Tommy breaks the rule in the prison,being a warden is his duty and he takes it seriously,for example when Ponk stole the prison keycard for fun,he got tortured,and the reason he tried to help Ghostbur and he can't he knows more about the prison than us,he think that they tried to break dream out and he was mad when ghost and tommy counted because he think it was an explosion I'm not apologizing it is just the canonical arc

  • Bro I don't like the Dream SMP anymore when it first started they were themselves and it looks so non scripted and now Tommy looks so dramatic

    • @Fuillest Yeah, I agree, it doesn’t feel very natural anymore, and I respect you and your opinion if that’s what you think. I personally still enjoy the lore, but I understand not everyone has too :)

    • @Mediocre Breakdown the old Tommyinnit didn't care about jack shit because THIS IS JUST MINECRAFT and he would make jokes everytime but it's not enjoyable anymore

    • Technically he’s always been dramatic because of his online persona lol

  • He is so good in rp

  • Does anyone know what cannon lives mean

    • Basically, you know how you can respawn as many times as you want in Minecraft? (Besides hardcore, but you get what I mean) So they can still respawn as many times as they want, but it was confirmed each person on the smp gets three canon lives. You only lose a canon life if they decided it is. It’s hard to explain, but this example may help: Canon: Dream beats Tommy to death as apart of lore Non canon: Dream accidentally blows himself up in a blooper

  • A game but dramatic

  • so gay

  • Awesome dude deserves to be in the dream SMP prison

  • Dude just kill Wilbur and gostbur will be back

  • What about my ghostbur...


  • Wilbur joined like bruh


  • At 1:27 why did tommy look at ghostburs pp

  • subtitles aesomdude ghost bur also subtitles gost pur

  • tommy trying to hit dream wiht his axe also tomy has a littarl pickaxe on his hotbar


  • Why didn't he just mine the blocks In front of dream lol

  • He tried to kill dream with the ✨Axe Of Peace✨

  • Wilbur is a good actor

  • was i the only one who was laughing when sam said "im gonna kill you till your dead"

  • I am literally in tears right now

  • ‎‎ ‎

  • If Tommy did not pull out the ace then it would have been fine

  • He could’ve used water

  • A man saw his beloved country fall and suffered. A green boi repents for his sins and suffers. And a 16-year-old child, rather than suffering and showing empathy, attempts to find solace in the death of others, all for a country that died happily, knowing it can cause no more pain to the ones that built and loved it. And guess out of all of them, who is loved the most. Yay, this world is cruel.


  • Dream was kinda mean to tommy in exile I understand why tommy wanted to kill him

  • Well it’s Kinda Tommy’s fault for ghostbur death so

  • Last words to ghosbur: "You said that I'd be ok" Me: *crying*

  • the title sounds like some channel trying to get views by putting momo spiderman hulk in the title but that is actually what happened

  • Yohohoho

  • Wilbur soot is back baby hahaha

  • Tommy: so sorry friend this is not your owner 😔

  • Oh my god Sam just scared me I never saw Sam so scary I don't know why am I so scary of him :

  • Made me cry

  • tommy could kill dream but no he decided to fuck it up

  • I googled Minecraft's melee range after watching this, and it said it was like... 3 blocks, usually? In the prison, there were three blocks distance of obsidian, then the netherite block fence, and then the rest of the cell. If Ghostbur stayed near the edge (crouched or something), he could've been safe from Dream's melee range. ...There was an actual reason why Ghostbur died right as the lava walls were lowered, and it wasn't just for drama's sake. *Oof . . .*

  • I hate Sam for that now he could have saved ghost bur but never and it is sad

  • 2:02 friend is foreshadowing. friend can see the future. friend is all powerful.

  • tommy he's have a pickaxe but he didnt know or didnt try to use it to break the netherite block

  • 1:00 SUS

  • Did he just said gosburrb is not going TO DIE?

  • uh wait axe of piece tht was stolen? doesn't tht make it EX

  • u cant beat dream except for manhunt

  • Im still wondering why they won't just build to the top of the prison and just go to dream through the roof

  • I cry

  • Were going to enter another war i can tell

  • I miss ghostbur


  • “kill you until you’re dead”

  • Isn’t the “axe of peace” techno’s?

  • You know the title is actually spoiling the video right?