They Used MY FACE in a Mobile Game Ad??

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Lis 2020.
okay gamers this is not okay....
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  • *smash subscribe or i use your face in an ad* also check out twitch

  • I drink milk with cookie

  • Coco-cola gang

  • Fun fact: drinking milk in large quantities can actually weaken your bones

  • Now karlsonn is number 14 in steam wishlist

  • Long neck

  • Oefff they needed to photoshop the pucks away goddamn go bath in some clearasil lmao.

  • KARLSON is now 14th most wishlisted game on steam

  • Wow that was really cool

  • 2:55 i don't like milk but i wanna like it :(

  • Long neck turtle? More like Dani is a LoNg NecK NERDle

  • "You are not a true gamer if you dont choke on your microphone." DA TRUE ~dani

  • Wow that was really cool

  • Me:Drinks orange 🍊 juice also me:🤢 Me: Drinks milk👌

  • Https://

  • Wow that’s just bull that they copied your vid for there adds

  • That ad got deleted and the game got deleted☺️☺️

  • Ypu can see the name, its 3d among us

  • *milk* Me before watching danis videos: i dont need it i dont need it i definetly dont need it Me after watching danis videos: IIII NEEED IIIIIT

  • Never ask a man His pay A women Their weight Dani What happens to off the sticks

  • The guy who used Dani's face be like Hipidi hopidi ur face is in my property

  • 🙄🙄🙄🙄😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 im a mobile player I cant wish list karlson!!!!!!!!!

  • I decided to comment on every video

  • Dani: ill bring the drill to bat your a**! Me: Not the drill!

  • My dad buy orange juice Me buy milk

  • "hello world" :windows xp sound plays

  • So cool!

  • Im curius now what...did.....................the drill do

  • Can you remake minecraft?

  • Make a 4D game or you you are a noob?

  • 5:27 You are in Denmark on that picture i know it becuase i live in Denmark

  • Karlson + Minecraft = best thing ever

  • He's 14th most wishlisted lol

  • the game name is ............

  • u should make a game about wishlisting Karlson (or you can't do that)

  • 4:51 wow that was really cool

  • 6:26 guys add Markiplier, gonna be funny

  • 10:01 shit.. i know what game that game copied

  • Do more lwidmaay

  • What’s up gaymers!


  • Right when dani say brrr I sneeze

  • Markiplier also eats Microphones

  • The game already exists, but they made it worse.

  • Wow that was really cool

  • what if i like warm milk

  • E P I C

  • The Game you played in the last was a copy of a game Named "Hunter Assassin" it is available on play store

  • Im a milk lover too

  • The drill

  • E

  • 4:48 his neck gets longer

  • Dont speak about the drill...

  • Dani: I’m gonna send the drill at you Me: we don’t talk about the drill here... not even Dani.

  • How do you play among us 3d

  • There is only orange juice left Me: I will rater die MILK GANG FOREVER

  • drinking choco milk whenever i watch dani videos day 3

  • Gonna go playing Angry Bird 2

  • I dont liek milk

  • K Wtf

  • Want some milk?

  • 5:21 yes you are actually dumb to understand it because da = half of your body and thats how it works. also i think the drill is a dick because: 10:29

  • Would he except chocolate milk

  • Norway gang! Viking gang! Daniel gang!

  • Dani:WOW! that was realy cool

  • will karlson be on xbox

  • Can you make a bad game(or can you not do that)

  • Does dani know what he just said 6:40

  • This is not the best place to say it but... MILK IS SO GROSS

  • I thought we dont talk about the drilll.......

  • i’m lactose intolerant ☹️

  • 4:48 wow that was really cool

  • please smash wish list on danis game or he will F*ck you up

  • Milk gang is good Orange juice gang is bad Then what about Orange milk gang

  • E

  • Sub to me

  • I’ve heard rumors that Dani eats the milk and the carton at the same time

  • I don't like drinking milk but I like milk

  • The people who made the ad are oj gang

  • 3:47 get rick rolled

  • It's been one month where is the new reddit comments

  • I’m a chocolate milk guy ( but I the have milk with my cereal )

  • will karlson be free like milkman karlson or will it cost money? if it costs money i cant get it when it comes out XD

  • Its ok dani i once forgot how to draw a "b" and a "d"

  • Karlson reminds me of SUPERHOT

  • They stole your game footage, name of Among us and concept of hunter Assasin

  • Dani yo should add orange glasses to the enemies in karlson so it looks like your killing the milk gang to get the milk


  • i m watching this video will drinking cola not MILK... orry!!

  • karlson is free?

  • If u put dani and Mario together it makes danino

  • karlson is the 14th wishlisted game now

  • Jacknack07 said dani isn't real he was made with unity partials systems but at first he was a BEAN🍛

  • Why don't you make a tabs game (or you can't do that)

  • I smashed wish list on Karlson I acutalt broke the left mouse button if my mouse

  • 1. poo

  • Off the sticks when?

  • 1:01 dani raff

  • Hello

  • Wow that was really cool