They BUFFED This?! (Hypixel SkyBlock)

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Tra 2021.
hypixel skyblock's balancing decisions never fail to amaze me. mage was too overpowered, so they nerfed it into the ground. people complained, and now it's...better than it was before? WHAT IS GOING ON
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  • Did he upload the chimera V video?

  • hey but use phantom in phase 4 its actually gud

  • Honestly the Chimera fix is just like the new FOT fix

  • 2:45 Everywhere I go I see his face

  • hey Joe the u cant jump in the middle of the last stage u have a stand there if u jump u get insta kill

  • Actually, this makes chimera worse. Now you don't need chimera to do good ability damage. Chimera is stupid.

  • How do you get the dungeon solver

  • kol lol d

  • What’s that texture pack that shows your how to do puzzles?

  • techno isnt the goat hes the pig get your farm animals right

  • Not the chimera video 😿

  • yo why is it that the enchantment glint when refractio uses the rescource pack so much cleaner then when i use it pls tell me.


  • yay he say mum not mom

  • I made it in the vid

  • i cant join the discord

  • Mr refraction i msg my crush and told her how I felt and then she acted wierd and then blocked me what do I do any1?

    • Thnx

    • Give up find a diff person they weird

  • *Speev would like to know your location*

  • pls give me only 10 milion pls LOL

  • Love ur vids :D.

  • refraction i need to talk to you abt something. i got scammed for legit everything. his name is "simpathee" he has a MVP++ rank and he also has all these people saying good things abt him on a known website i dont have any proof that he has done this besides my words. i deleted the profile after he had taken everything i deleteed it out of anger. theres probably not much you can do but it would be great if u could help ( sorry if it commented twice)

  • he had said that he will max my stuff for free and he showed me all these reviews on people saying good stuff abt him so i trusted him. he also said he was friends with 50m midas

  • Past Technoblade Count: 92k votes Present Technoblade Vote Count: Rookie Numbers. ROOKIE NUMBERS.

  • Techno is probs buff items in pork collection xD

  • I had my Jumbo backpack wiped for no reason thank you hypixel

  • Withered Rogue Sword

  • I leave for 2 months and theres already a dupe glitch that duped trillions holy F***


  • Qaaahahahahaha

  • Refrexta do be cracked at fortnite tho

  • omg SBEVE

  • Techno is not the GOAT, techno is... AHEM, le piggy

  • techno will reestablish communism

  • Backpacks get disabled, trillions of coins duped, inventories can't be clicked because it tells you to slow down, and thirtyvirus buys recombobulators?!?

  • Refraction If you can f add me I show you a powerful thing

  • 500th comment

  • Techno did ask for suggestions in his stream which is unlisted now. People said “+1 speed” “more potatoes”. Then you have the people that said “x2 xp boost”

  • Cal guess who bought a refraction cape hint: it’s me

  • techno gonna make 10 times potato's

  • Hell na bro! Techno the anarchist he gonna turn hypixel skyblock into 2b2t

  • I love how tommyinnit said he was the strongest man in skyblock, and he only did 35k damage. And you're out here doing 4m

    • maybe cus his vid was a year ago ?

  • having full recomed talis is end game and should be, so if there is some charge bs then it immediately makes it early/mid game and ruins the point


  • Play one Dungeon round with bonzo staff f7

  • Refraction should probably buy out all the handles and make the prices go to like 600m

  • Whats better fot or jerry-chine gun or frozen scyth?


  • u should all invesr in diamond necron heads which will be needed for master mode floor 7

  • Dal

  • Technoblade as mayor: Potato minions buffed by 1000x Potato farming buffed 1000x

  • #bringbackrefrextra

  • You can't make it bad,so make it even more overpowered

  • that 1 hp at 13:31 xD

  • refraction i have a vid idea for u u know how u always waste money on items like a 75 m AOTE u should fully max out a dante mask like growth 6 prot 6 recombobulator 3000 etc.



  • Refraction what texture packs u using pls reply


  • Texture pack?

  • Cal technoblade hate jerry too btw

  • Refractions mayors perks: Give away 69 trillion coins to every player Free hyperions Give people refreezys

  • Finally got bonzo mask i fucking killed bonzo 50 times for this i have it 5 star reforged but i have only growth 5 in it!!!!!!

  • Techno just adds Everyone gets 1% speed And 10% more potatoes

  • I am annoyed because now you’ve said that about the Phoenix pet the price will go up and I dropped a leg Phoenix pet 5 days ago and sold for 60m

  • Refraction I could watch all of your videos on repeat forever, they are so entertaining I love everything you do, except my only complain would be that you don't upload much. Refraction for mayor??

    • He uploads quite a lot..? Not daily but nearly every other day?

  • I stil play fortnite

  • ah yes, the best hypixel skyblock e-girl *S T E V E N*

  • U got #0000 as colour

  • I swear Technoblade will buff potato

  • Where are you from you don’t sound American

  • technoblade ability:while this mayor is active dieing is banned coz technoblade neva dies

  • What he use a mods who can say me pls

    • Search for his Mod Folder on HRwiki, he did an entire video on it recently.

  • i wasnt playing it in 2017/18 i only had a wii i didnt get minecraft untill 2019 and i still hate fornite


  • Aqua_SteelGaming On Top #1 0:26

  • “More screws loose than an abandoned theme park” XD

  • No way he just insulted THE anime thighs

  • Day 1 of saying ‘make ReFreezies’ to refraction until he does

  • it's still a big nerf for chim 5 hyp

  • Hey refraction my names callum too except ur the god of callums

  • As a legendary phoenix owner thank you for bringing attention to the bug

  • Ty for advertising wither gog I made big coins

  • Im pretty sure the phoenix pet is just saying your immune to death then you get 4 seconds of strength, I dont think you are supposed to have immunity for 4 seconds.

  • Doesn’t matter, Coz thirty will never be mayor

  • Lets Gooooooooo, PROJECT ALTAIR made it into the video bois 0:26

  • Ngl the thumbnail kinda made me think it was the chimera hype vid and my heart skipped a beat

  • im really sorry they didnt vote for you. me personally i voted for u and im very angry cause techno doesnt even upload skyblock but is still voted. U on the other hand... ur a late game player. U have like every item in the game and im so sorry u didnt get voted... Ur the best skyblock player in my opinion and the best youtuber


  • HEY GUYs, i find a way to get richer than refraction :DDDD, no irl trade not bannable all you gotta do is go back to bed!

  • Cal you kinda look like Barry Allen from the Flash series on Netflix

  • 7:15 oh no refraction u just started a Streisand effect

  • Ahh yes a new video of my fav skyblock youtuber while i sit there with my unstable dragon armor

  • C̑̈ŏ̈🄾l͜͡


  • anybody that remembers refraction's video on the reaper falchion is a true og

  • Anime Thighs - isnt real - cant eat it - dont give anything except a nut Chicken Thighs - Is real - Can eat it - is delicious

  • bruh refraction it used to be multiplicative now its additive so its not as good i think

  • Free my homie 2nfg he did nothing wrong😭🙏🙏🥶💯💯

  • Can someone pls explain to me why people put withered on ult wise hypes and put heroic on chimera hypes

  • what does chimera have to do with wither goggles doesnt it only copy pet stats?