The World's Hardest Game in Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Stu 2019.
The Worlds Hardest Game in Minecraft
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The World's Hardest Game recreated in Minecraft. Red wool instead of red circles. This challenge is triggering and really makes you rage. Insane. Nearly impossible.
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  • 11:18 there is no break in the actual game lol

  • raging at worlds hardest game? WEAK

  • It's easier than your mum

  • George: i'm not stressing... NOOOO-

  • a6d:get him(dream) to 1M me watching when he has almost 16M:sure thing

  • Wait, can they play Terraria? Cuz I Actually can

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene

  • i feel everyone's pain. i remember 5 years ago when this was the rage on coolmathgames. completing it took me a while! GG!

  • 14:25 RIP headphones users

  • I can't i haven't seen this before now, what

  • *Easier than your mother*

  • who needs genetic algorithm if u have a bunch of bored youtubers :3

  • "Fff... I just wanna say some things that I'm not allowed to say" "No you're not"

  • -825884860

  • Dream: Warning to headphone users Me on earbuds: *nah I'm good*

  • I can't tell which ones george both of them are screaming for their life

  • no one: Endermen: 11:21

  • 2:39

  • eazyspeezy and other speedrunners: pathetic

  • dream: Fair warning to headphone user me who is a headphone user: proceeds to chug the volume up to max

  • Dream: Just say “I, GeorgeNotFound, am smarter than a fifth grader. Me: Wait. IM A FITH GRADER

  • 🟢🟢🟢

  • samsung a60

  • Hardest! Looks like most rage quitting game in Minecraft

  • This is just in my recommend page

  • Now do Doom 2 Co-op in Minecraft.

  • how can you die from *red wool* ?

  • george: FUUUU-- a6d: *breathing intensifies*

  • not gonna lie,, george and a6d rage quitting is some of the best content i've ever seen :D

  • This reminds me of pac-man

  • My Ear Buds: am I in ur ears rn?

  • Thanks i'm using headphones :D

  • 7:37 *inhale* Mmaaàãåæāäáâãæåå

  • I’m in grade five

  • Dream is now 15 million

  • when that french screams sounds like a scared chicken =)))))

  • My ears RIP headphone users like me

  • Dream then: Language! That's so inappropriate George. Dream now: IT"S SO BIG: snickers. F*** YOU TOMMY

  • 7:38 pignotfound

  • Legand Says A6d Is Still Playing This Game Today

  • i like it when they tell themselves to run

  • 14:00 it’s a happy face!

  • title: The World's Hardest Game in Minecraft me thousands of times: okay subtitle: by dream. me the 1001st time: hold on 4 a sec...

  • Me seeing george while using headphone:Lets turn sound to lowest

  • aight, so i use earbuds and when i take them off, the volume goes up to 100 for some reason, and i played the video and my ears melt. dream, u warned to headphone users too late

  • They should do this again but with everyone on the dream smp

  • Techonoblade at bedwar be like: 2:40

  • did anyone notice that the ninth maze? puzzle? was a smiley face

  • alternative title: Florida Man annoys 2 Europeans by making them play block games.

  • Dream and George doing this reminds me of Pat and Jen's mod showcase

  • This is way to much my 1 brain cell can't process this

  • Barely has 1m subs in 2019 and at the end of 2020 he has 14m. The glow up.

  • Why do i always hear dream says i codel it not coded it?

  • 5:55

  • I love their screams 😂💚

  • -11,34,-1681

  • I’m one of the unknown

  • a6d looks a bit like sapnap

  • Yes.. *NOO!* Yes *NOO!* YES *NOOOOOO!*

  • a6d kinda sounds like fundy when screaming

  • And: I'm not stressi- AHHHHHH

  • I wanna see Dream play the actual World’s Hardest Game

  • Subscribe to this man

  • i like dreams videos im a big fan of him

  • 2:40 “This is easier than your mother”

  • They should’ve played the music it had like the original game

  • This should be one of the new MCC season 2 games lol let’s torture them......XD

  • 1:25, rip Dream. Nobody noticed his "A-maze-ing" pun

  • "this this easier than your mom" George is officially a troll

  • I remember playing that game as a kid

  • 2:40 bruh I-

  • Dream: "Beware headphone users!" Me: "Ehhh...I dont care!" Literally me 2 seconds later: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY EARS!!!!!!"

  • "This is easier than your mother, I got taken from behind."

  • A6D is such a sweetheart, he didn't deserve this. 😂

  • yeahhh the pou music is pretty pog

  • 18:52. “I gave him a lot of money...because i love him.” Lol sorry no hate i just had to get it out of my head. 🥺😅

  • "Britain vs France" lmfao

  • I just realized the bedrock pattern is like iron leggings

  • Ah yes I remembered doing that a year ago. The farthest ive done was I think finishing level 4. Though could have done more if I had time.

  • *u know its a quality video when the pou music is playing in the background*


  • Im in grade 9 not grade 5

  • This in December 2020 hits different

  • 0:20 Dream: Fair warning for headphone users Me: Didn't you already say George was in the video?

  • A6D voice sounds live a mixture between fundy and tubbo

  • 7:51 FUUUU..............Fun fun fun fun!

  • George:i feel it this is the one also george:FAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • i like how you use the Andy Griffith theme


  • a6d's "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" outbursts are so quik that they sound like like smg or pistol shots XD

  • a6d: "I'm not stressing" a6d 0.314159 seconds later: "NO!!"

  • Coolmaths is my childhood

  • 8:22 *MUSICA DEL POU*

  • George- “ I almost got taken from behind” why is this so under rated I’m dying 😂

  • This video might just cure cancer.

  • november 2020 anyone?

  • and george claims he doesnt swear

  • George: "This is easier than your mother" Me: "Wth, did he just call dream's mother hard? how would he know that...." *Flashbacks to another video when Dream said: "Pick Me Up Daddy" to George* I now understand...

  • I liked this video before it even started

  • Why this video doesn't has like 10 million views lol