The World's Hardest Game in Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Stu 2019.
The Worlds Hardest Game in Minecraft
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The World's Hardest Game recreated in Minecraft. Red wool instead of red circles. This challenge is triggering and really makes you rage. Insane. Nearly impossible.
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  • how did i now just see this, cool math games is my life when im in school, the only thing that keeps me alive.

  • is it weird I actually beat that game in 1 try... i am not kidding the og game btw

  • 13:28 Do you guys know how long it took me to figure out its supposed to be a smile bc it took me so long

  • WHAT link

  • Perfectly Cut Scream: 6:46

  • george:what the hell me:OOOO you said a- GEORGE-FUUUUUU me:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • anyone else see the iron legging in the bedrock


  • Alternative title: "dream becomes a tea kettle for 19 minutes and 13 seconds"

  • Is it just me or do the bedrock blocks have little legging textures in them

  • gEt hiM to onE milLion

  • A simpler time

  • C'mon man I literally sat through 20 minutes of euro twanks screaming just to see you try it atleast once and you never did. Kinda dumb ngl.

  • its just patterns

  • Just George’s FUUUUUU

  • Whats the original game name plz

  • watching them suffer helps me recover from depression :>

  • hello

  • Imagine going to 7 grade and becoming friends with this ugly kid named clay and then he’s now here. Lol

  • This game will make anyone panic while playing...lmfao

  • Half the video is George and A6d screaming ad raging while dream laughs like a madman.


  • Where they doing this in first person? Because I feel like that would be a lot harder.

  • R.I.P Headphone users if you didn't Hear Dream's Warning at the beginning of the Video😂😂

  • Did anyone Else notice That George Said "This was easier Then your Mother"😂😂 Or just me

  • i just love dreams tea kettle noises

  • george this is esier than your mother 6 minutes later screaming

  • Can it be as hard as me with your mon

  • arent the green blocks yellow in WHG? shouldve made then gold then bedrock when they stand on it

  • The World's Hardest Game is Touhou!!!

  • "Easiest than your mother"Notfound,George

  • 12:06 looks a bit like a smile emoji

  • hey Dream you should make them do it on the acuall game

  • Bro I want to play with him his Minecraft smp

  • 7:38 *Extra high pitched Nooooooo*

  • nice

  • I got anxiety just from watching this, imagine being in their place :0

  • bruh at 8:20 did anyone else know that backround music or was that just me

  • 2:27 it look like in the bedrock there is iron armor and tools

  • I actually love the Andy Griffith theme in the background

  • easy and i only have demo rofl

  • I would be happy if he said link in the description if you want to install this world in minecraft

  • 19:00 What kind of bye is that? Its so soothing to the ears george(╥﹏╥)

  • pause at 7:16 satisfiying

  • That was Epic!!

  • Dream has 11m now

  • Them :your not smart as a 5th grader Me:I would give up on the second obby

  • 00:20 Him headphone warning Me:Yeets my headphones

  • Nobody: George to dream: this is easier than your mother

  • Dream: a fair warning to headphone warners Me: I am not a headphone user I am a earphone user :)

  • ✨ fifth graders, rise up! ✨

  • 7:51 trust me

  • A6d.....

  • Who else is bored in the middle of the night and watching dreams old videos

  • *H A H*

  • If you got a dollar for everytime George said no, what would you buy with your total???

  • I did the actual game in 5 minutes and 37 seconds exactly HOW CAN'T YOU DO THE THING MAN

  • George: FUUUU ... Dream: you can't say that!

  • Dream: Fair warning for headphone users... Me: Uh oh....

  • twt mentioned that george’s accent is more americanized now or, at least it’s not as strong- and watching this and comparing to now, kinda agree 😳

  • "this is easier than you're mother"

  • George is too good but he is color blind he can't see green and red properly

  • This is how many times and and George say no 👇

  • thats look easy

  • "This is easier than your mother" Excuse me, what?

  • I'm watching this video when it has 69k likes🤣

  • Ххх ггйфхцхгьпгьи уиъ,фиуфиъгугьиухцоижобъиьгуцхо йоугйжожоитфиунигьфх тбкот,тьйоки йжойц

  • It is me or does dream kinda sound like stumpy?

  • This is how many times a6d said no

  • i love the background music it's from old games

  • "YES NO YES NO YES" I dare you to make TechnoBlade do this Dream!

  • What is the game called?

  • Cool, Code Bullet made that game, I guess then Cool Math Games stole it unless he gave them permission. Still even cooler to see you make something that another HRwikir made but in Minecraft.

  • a6d: I'm not stressed. a6d 1 sec later: NOOOOOOO

  • why is his voice so wholesome

  • oh.. HE is here... nevermind

  • I skipped intro but i had headphones on... it did not go well lol.

  • Just so you know there are 3 world hardest games...

  • get him to a million***

  • Dream:I coded George:We coded Sapnap:My friends coded Which one is real?

  • Come on still not 69420 likes

  • Love the Andy Griffith theme song in the background :)

  • I thought George said “fifth graders blaze up” and i was like ayyyeeeee cuz im chongin haha but im not a fifth grader tho

  • 7:38 for those of you that know what I mean, lmfao!!! 😂 R.I.P George, ily!

  • If only they were playing the music.


  • Seems likes dream is the saw


  • Legend has it a6d is still playing

  • "fair warning for headphone users" Me: "Aight I'm out"

  • I kinda see iron leggins in bedrock

  • George: FUUUU- ********************** We'll be right back

  • also lol i am a 5th grader

  • i personally have actually played the worlds hardest game and i swear # # its much harder than you think lol

  • who recognizes the music at 8:17 ;)

  • This doesnt look that hard really come on man

  • i am a fifth grade tho-

  • map download???

  • 2:40 was for all of those times Dream dominated George in the Manhunts

  • jeez that coding is ridiculous!!!