"The marshals are the unsung heroes" | Lewis Hamilton reacts to Romain Grosjean's crash escape

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Stu 2020.
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Lewis Hamilton give his thoughts on Romain Grosjean's fireball crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix, discussing the risk drivers take during races, and the response from the track marshals and medical team.
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  • Suprised Hamilton didn't say blm saved him.

  • not the Marshall on the left (from the helicopter view) that Marshall was actually pretty cowered...he was spraying the fire extinctor from such a far that he was actually doing nothing, but the marshals on the side of the track they were the heroes but the main hero was Grosjean ...the picture of him coming out of a fireball will be on my mind forever

  • Lewis's tattoo... it's all occult...

  • You can hear the covid in Lewis’s voice. This is a miracle for Romain

  • Well spoken by lewis..👍

  • Safety first mantra works always, halo might look wierd but always does its job. Hats off to the medics and marshal.

  • Well you don't have to do it - you get paid enough for doing it

  • He dodged a bullet god bless the halo

    • Aren’t most marshals unpaid volunteers? They really ought to pay them

  • God I love this guy.. I'm old enough to remember watching sennas accident. And just about remember bergers fire in 89 ... Thank god driver safely has improved enough to have been there.. Or we would not have been so lucky.... Even with the safety of today I still think its a miracle he is still with us

    • @sokin jon I know.. Sad but true to think of the possibility... Its one of those things you just don't want to think about

    • wouldn't have been ripped open when the ARMCO rail became a can opener. Romain is really lucky, even with the halo.

  • HUGE thanks to the F1/Automotive engineers. As well as the medical staff, nurses, and doctors. They are HEROES.

    • wouldn't have been ripped open when the ARMCO rail became a can opener. Romain is really lucky, even with the halo.

  • Lewis Hamilton set the bar high i think his record will be hard to break it might last for a century

    • Lewis is always so down to earth!

  • The safest sport on the planet, more people die playing football.

    • Aren’t most marshals unpaid volunteers? They really ought to pay them

  • g.asia/hotgirlteen1 I loro stati di salute respettivi prevenirli

  • Hi Lewis now you got The VID-19

    • Romean is NOT BLACK, so this live doesnt matter...isnt it?!? Dear colorguy????

  • Absolute penis this lad..

  • Once again it's all about Hamilton

  • Wish you a speedy recovery Lewis!!

  • Yo this dude has COVID , clean that mic xd

  • He just tested positive for Covid. HUUUUUUUUUUULKENBACK!

  • Hamilton, 7 time champion, number 44, Obama 44th President. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  • I’m sure what Hamilton really meant to say was that white privilege saved Romain

  • Aren’t most marshals unpaid volunteers? They really ought to pay them

  • With the invention of the SaferBarrier, there's absolutley no reason any race track should have ARMCO rails. A SaferBarrier would have kept the car intact, and the fuel cell wouldn't have been ripped open when the ARMCO rail became a can opener. Romain is really lucky, even with the halo.

  • and some people complained about the halo because it makes the cars look ugly

  • Lewis is always so down to earth!

  • I've always hated the look of the halo but it's now changed my mind!

    • @Stanislav Jaracz Not literally as a look, he means as a 'safety' look

  • BLM is terrorist movement, like the supporter "actors"...

  • Romean is NOT BLACK, so this live doesnt matter...isnt it?!? Dear colorguy????

  • I don’t understand, F1 is a billion dollar industry and they don’t pay to have the best medical team available every single race to protect the drivers, seems to me very greedy to have volunteers instead

  • A good opportunity to train the marshalls even more ;)

  • KNOB.

  • Maybe F1 could afford to pay the marshals.

  • I thought he got himself out.

  • I’m so glad F1 has that safety car trailing. Fk man. I’m SO HAPPY He walked away.

  • What watch is he wearing?

  • The same marshals that he claimed were trying to slow him down in the championship race with penalties?

  • NOB

  • Isn't this a bit canting? The only reason people watch motor"sports" is, because it is dangerous and because they have the chance to witness somebody dying. If it wasn't for that, people could watch a bobby car race on the Aldi carpark. That certainly would be more sporty anyway. I do admit, I used to watch Formula 1 for this reason, and I am sure most other people do too. Formula 1 has nothing to do with sports, it is entertainment, like gladiator fights some 2000 years ago. And for the perfect entertainment somebody might have to die every now and than, that is just part of the show.

  • I thank Massa! Without THAT incident, the FIA wouldn’t have thought of counter measures!!!!!!

  • Wonder if they were white as well Lewis?

  • Nobody else has praised the brave marshalls

  • Charles Whiting (RIP) invented the halo.

  • without that halo they wouldve been pulling out a decapitated body.

  • Hi all, what exactly is a halo? I don't know anything about F1 I read the news on a football website and just searched on HRwiki for the accident.

  • He got out of the car on his own, the marshalls literally didn't help him do anything.

    • They put a huge amount of fire extinguisher pressure on his head that calmed the flames enough for him to be able to crawl out. You didnt watch the video.

  • Millions upon millions...Marshalls...paid nothing.

  • I hope Jeremy Clarkson sees this...

  • O cant even imagine what could happened to the pilot if this accident was 25 years ago....

  • To be honest, he looked really tired in this interview. What an exhausting and tough race it was.

  • you never need it.. untill you do

  • Not to doubt Lewis here, but I hear him saying "The opposition are really catching up and only I can beat them. Meet my contract demands".

  • He dodged a bullet god bless the halo

  • Police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, rescue services, soldiers. Do we take for granted their services? None of them makes millions. I love racing, but they are entertainers. Like acrobats in circus or stuntman in movies. Imagine stuntman coming after stunt and being like : " you don't appreciate the risk I am taking enough!".

  • Thank goodness thae cars and the Halo are as strong as they are. As M says below, the Halo saved a life today. Also thank goodnes Grosjean is OK (apart from minor burns). I find it incredible that his car actually penetrated the Armco. Never seen that before. The Marshalls and medical team did a brilliant job!

  • the first marshal needs a better fire extinguisher cause his one was pathetic

    • @b&srbck That second guy had an awesome extinguisher, the first guy needs one of those ones, they need to look into it

  • Seriously, people say the halo does not look good, in my opinion it does look good. But even if it does not look good i dont care, i just love the halo. The halo saves lives and that is the main thing. Lives are more important than aesthetics. Today is living proof that the halo must stay on. So well done to F1 and the FIA for the invention of the halo a couple of years back, they should be proud to know that the halo has saved lives.

  • It's a sport we LOVE but every now, and then we're always reminded how dangerous motorsport is, no matter how safe they make it there will always be freak incidents!

  • Lewis Hamilton .

  • Lewis Hamilton set the bar high i think his record will be hard to break it might last for a century

  • Seriously i don't think the marshals were able to do anything to save Grosjean on this incident. It was completely Grosjean who saved himself. Had he been knocked out unconscious or suffered a broken leg, arm, or hip, he would have died from the fire getting cooked alive.

    • @b&srbck Yes, the first marshal was clumsy. He even wasted precious foam spraying it all over the dirt as he ran towards the car. And then when he got to the car, he was spraying the fireball itself and not directing the foam on Grosjean. The 2nd marshal gave Grosjean several seconds to escape. But again, what if he was unconscious and his leg trapped in the cockpit? The 2nd marshal's fire extinguisher was clearly not enough to tame a fireball that huge.You leave a human for just 30 seconds on that kind of fire, he would be dead. The only reason Grosjean is alive - the halo saved him from instant impact, and he was physically capable of extracting himself. I don't think the marshals themselves could have saved him.

  • Lewis always talk the correct way but always boring

  • Give that Dr who ran into the fire with a faceless helmet a damn medal.

    • He didn’t run into it

    • That was Dr. Ian Roberts and, yes, I have started a petition for him to receive the George Medal. chng.it/bCFDK5Xn

  • Hamilton's voice is breaking multiple times, it's hard giving interviews like these. Unbelievable it got me in tears

    • sidenote, the accident got me in tears, not this interview.

    • @findus says the one who researches a random commenter on youtube

    • @Tygo Bermind Instead of acting like a keyboard warrior, I'm sure there are better things to do with your time. :D For example, you might wanna try to fix your cooler, mr. corsair tough guy :D

    • @findus says the one who is crying

    • @Tygo Bermind you're obviously the child here

  • Maybe if they had tyre walls instead of metal barriers it would have been a different story

  • Hamilton is so humble..this man has really grown. This man is amazing

  • Lewis, if you want to risk your life for £40M/year, that’s up to you, but don’t expect us to feel sorry for you!

  • You mean the one trying to spray the fire from 50ft away? Or the one who couldn't work the extinguisher? Or the 600lbs one who barely jogged to it & then stopped to watch instead of using his extinguisher whilst a man was burning? Or the one who ran across an active track in front of Norris putting himself & others in serious danger? Sorry but all these people praising the marshal's need to watch the events again. I was disgusted by what I saw from many of them today. They need serious training or assessment before they're allowed near a track again.

  • Dont try to take credit from this also with your meaningless banter. You dont have the balls to walk out of the fireball, cos you dont have the balls to do so.🖕

  • This is no time for levity, but whoever designed the Halo is a Saint. Today it saved one life, while others risked their own to rescue Romain. Just your everyday heroes, and we usually don't have an opportunity to recognise how vital they are. I have total respect for them.

  • Grosjean escaped the wreck 100% on his own before any of the marshals were even close to take the fire out, let alone to rescue Romain. Halo is the unsung hero here plus tons of luck. Had he become unconscious from the crash, then Lauda or worse.

  • I think it’s criminal that a rich sport like F1 thinks that an important job like marshalling a race is a volunteer job. I get it that it’s fun to be in an F1 event, but the caterers, cleaners, mechanics also love being at an F1 race and they get compensated. I wish F1 didn’t cut costs on these parts of the races. Or if I was a highly paid F1 racer I would try to get a fund going between the drivers where they all chip in each race to compensate for those people there ready to save their lives.

    • ​@b&srbck Nonsense poopy pants

    • sure pay them for their incompetence. They made zero impact on the outcome of the crash, they were rubbish.

  • Ugly and sacred halo♡

  • so warm and tight

  • please watch my video and subscribe if you liked it :- hrwiki.info/plane/video/g7xwp7vNf2pm14Y

  • I don’t think the halo is ugly since mid season 2018 i got used to it quickly

  • Dr.s say "He's going to be fine up and around and should be back in the hospital in no time"

  • If you watch the “amazing job the marshals did” one of them tried to extinguish from literally 15 feet the other didn’t have any idea on how to turn it on and the medical guy in the medic car had to help him. If I was a marshal I wouldn’t be scared of a fire trying to save another life.

  • Correction Lewis many of us we think is easy to do this race but Hmm Hmmm

  • When I saw the crash, I had a flash back to a archive video of Roger Williamson fatal crash. I held my breath hoping to see Grosjean get out. The halo stopped a Fatal head injury. The quick response from the marshalls and the medical team was extraordinary

  • I never want to hear anyone complain about the Halo being ugly. It saved Grosjeans life.

  • hmmm.. not sure...of course they did what they could according to their personal heroism, but with better training i see plenty room of improvement of the guys in black and yellow! (not that they are to blame for anything, but they "could" be much better if prepared and trained properly!!)...the guy without the helmet who timed his "attack" to the fire properly and cooled exactly the place where Roman was is a Hero as he enabled Ian Roberts to come closer to Roman, but the other one on the other side of the fire was more like "watering the Flowers" from too far away... of course i am aware that in this moment of Danger, Heat, fear...etc... it will not have been easy for anyone, but sorry....to me that looked like inproper training and simply not knowing what to do, and therefore a Job for F1 not just to protect the drivers better by car technology, but by ensuring that the "Black and Yellow" guys at trackside are wearing their gear at the time this can be expected to happen, and then react appropriately, just to increase the driver/victim´s chances when something happens, not because it´s their fault....of course they are hero´s, but they need proper training!!!

    • @b&srbck Absolutely, with the proper training the chance of him being less hectic or panicy would have been increased greatly, but there was also a lot he did right after that...i believe it was visible that he looked, decided and then did, which was exactly right.

  • Okay; proberbly an unpopulair opinion and maybe real firefighters will correct me; BUT: Grosjean survived DESPITE those firefighters! Firefighter no1 was spraying his foam right into the air, 10mtrs from the car: didn't look good.. No2 couldn't get his extinguisher to work (the doctor needed to help him and pointed where he needed to spray).. IF.. Just IF.. Grosjean his life was depending on those 2 guys: he wouldn't have ANY change to survive!! I think the FIA really needs to look at that!! And proberbly put some bigger water-canons or something on track.. Next guy (we all know such an crash can/will happen again) won't be this lucky!! That said.. Thank god he's okay! FIA did an amazing job with the HALO and Dr. Ian Robert who took care of Grosjean!

  • glad he is ok but lets be honest if thats the last time he is in a F1 car it proves the point why he lost his drive. numerous incidents that he has caused not just been apart of, flipping over peoples cars blatant and multiple bad driving moves leading to crashed/bumps its not coincidence when it happens time after time. he is a danger to himself and everyone on the circuit that crash was 100% down to his bad driving, he is even spokesman for drivers safety union i think must be down to experience in crashes, lucky he or even worse volunteers were not killed today, glad he is ok but a bad driver caused a bad crash today

  • Hamilton, always recognizing the work of others, valuing the work of his rivals, is more than a good driver, he is a great man.

  • Glad no one is making jokes about Romain Candles.

    • @michael lavery You just make a joke out of that situation

    • @Kanzai Roman Candles is the name of a popular firework. It would be wrong for someone to make a joke out of that situation.

    • @michael lavery You called him "Candles"

    • @Kanzai Absolutely. That's my point.

    • Wtf, this isn't a joke

  • I am happy that Roman is going to be okay, and thankful for something like '77 Pryce accident not happening.

  • Dangerous barrier. Wtf if he didn't get himself out he was toast. Marshall's! Only one was effective. The others looked like they shat themselves. I hope the american influence improves such issues and gets rid of crap rich kids who always seem get in the way! Get well Roman hope the digits not to bad.

  • If the halo wasn’t there this would have been a complete repeat of helmuth koiniggs crash at Watkins glen 1974. By the looks of it his head would of been decapitated. Nearly everyone hates the halo but after this crash I think everyone loves it

  • This is delusional. The marshal on the left side (TV angle) was completely useless. It was the pursuit car people that were obviously skilled at putting the proper effort into saving Romain's life. However, the fact Romain was able to extract himself on his own was the deciding factor on how this unfolded as a non-fatal outcome. The barrier failed, the left-side marshal was worthless, the pursuit car was heroic even though they weren't the reason for Romain's escape. That said, Formula 1 pursuing safety the way they do is, hands-down, a great thing for everyone. Side note, those three layer armco barriers are bad news. The halo did it's job there for sure.

  • One of Romain's last acts as head of the drivers association was to put the argument for no salary caps firmly on the side of drivers with this crash, there is plenty of money floating around in F1 so seen as the drivers put their lives at risk, then they should have no cap set on their earnings.

  • He just won the lottery.........take the win and leave.


  • Is Hamilton physically unable to say Verstappens name? Or did he forget his name? It's always just 'he', 'him' or 'this guy' with Lewis.

    • @Traverse 1010 ikr like bruh🤦🏾‍♂️

    • That's what you took from this video? 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • I don’t think he really means any harm if he doesn’t acknowledge their name 100 percent of the time. I mean I feel that sometimes we look far too much into someone’s words when they aren’t even looking into their own. Not mad or anything, just sayin

  • It's funny how Lewis doesn't even sound British anymore SELL OUT

    • He clearly sounds British.

    • that's what happens when you're mostly around non-british and Americans dummy

  • This Crash shows how hard F1 Really is. Its more than just driving in circles. You literally put your life on risk for driving. But we can be happy that Formula 1 safety is very good and he got out of the crash without honest injuries

  • The halo saved his life today we never like the look but we love that some piece of carbon can save his life. Whoever came up with the idea is a leg. Thank god romain and all the heroes (stewards) are fine and well with only minor injuries.

    • Former race director Charlie Whiting was the one who fought for its introduction. nervemedia.org.uk/sport-new/remembering-charlie-whiting-best-moments/

  • All the dislikes are all the people Romain has took out

  • Actually the marshals at the track did very little, there fire extinguishers were a joke, like water pistols. The guys that arrived in that mercedes pace car did a much better job because there fire extinguishers really worked, dont know what materials the tracks marshalls were using but they should have better stuff.

    • @b&srbck I was refering to the guy that arrived first, the guy was standing near the impact point and was running to the burning car as soon as it went into flames. His fire extinguisher did absolutely nothing, it was like a light mist.

  • I watched it but it’s still unbelievable that he got out of the worst crash I’ve ever seen.

  • The King showing humanity as he always does. When will the British establishment honor this guy as he deserves to be honored FFS. He is the greatest British F1 driver of all time, King Lewis should be Sir Lewis.