The 2021 Audi RS7 Is a $120,000 Luxury Monster

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
The 2021 Audi RS7 is a fantastic luxury car -- and a monstrous sporty car, too. Today I'm reviewing the 2021 Audi RS7 to show you all the quirks and features of Audi's latest RS car. I'm also going to drive the RS7 to show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Insane 💨

  • $120,000 and you get a piano black centre console that's already smudged to shit? Absolutely not

  • So theres this 2021 rs7 and kyles thats it

  • Beautiful car...flashiest Audi ever?

  • Looks like a stinger from the side profile

  • Lighted? How about illuminated 🤨🙄😁😂

  • PLEASE REVIEW A >>> ford merkur xr4ti

  • Ever since driving a Phaeton, every high end car that doesn't hide it's climate vents behind wooden paneling just feels like it's missing a key feature. Haha!

  • What a complete waste of hard earned $$$😅

  • This is the first video of yours where I did not see you floor it. That was disappointing.

  • 2:02

  • If you spend 120,000 on this instead of any other car for the same amount you have a brain deformity

  • Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a comparison between the engines in the other cars vs the tuning on the engine in this one lol

  • I have a 2016 RS7, it's an amazing car, whatever u choose from it to deliver it will deliver, if wanna drive family style from point A to point B or chasing supercars it will get u covered. I just didnt make up my mind yet wheter I will replace it by a new RS7 or by a RS6 Avant... that station wagon is beyond sexy...

  • The cruise stalk lighting up is common in Audi. Even better/quirkier; it’s only lit up when it’s engaged. When you push the cruise stalk back to the off position, the lights go off.

  • It’s easier to fly an F-35 jet fighter

  • Why the hell do you start to mention the back seats? The driver’s seat is in the front! And a key fob ready for all those hackers to grab the key code from it and steal your new car. And just as the world is in free fall recession would you blow $120k? Or pay your rent arrears?

  • a 120k monster thats going to be worth 5k in 10 years, sad

  • Doug is the type of guy to tell his son to turn down his Acoustic Drum Kit.

  • Who cares nobody is buying this besides the covid profiteers, wal street billionares, and vulture capitalists oh and maybe you see one in a rap video lol

  • Пароль: вагодроч!

  • useless guzzler

  • how can you give 7/10 for styling? XD

  • those painted calipers just show off the poorly designed brake system, real performance cars locate the calipers on the lower half of the rotor to keep the weight just that little bit lower... Also touch screens requiring a push would largely solve my biggest hatred of touch screens in cars. with physical buttons you can feel for the button without looking and push it without taking your eyes off the road. with touch you have to hover over the screen and then look to make sure you're at the right spot, then push & hope you lined up the finger correctly and didn't hit a bump. the ability to put your finger on the screen and a quick glance to confirm it's on the right button then press could make them safer and more practical.

  • The RS4 gets no love🥺

  • this guy just goes blahh blahh blahhhh damn..all i got from this vlog was that coffee or speed is not good for people like this.

  • i love how every time doug reviews a car, he tells us how much better it is than the competitors.

  • 10:00 turn off haptic feedback in the MMI settings. The pressure required for the system to recognize your touch drops significantly and works like a smartphone. Settings > Display & brightness > MMI > Touchscreen feedback > toggle OFF Haptic feedback during touch input.

  • That interior is so boring

  • I have nowhere to put my key except the only place where I put liquids. Brilliant thinking Audi...

  • Holy how is that silver box under the hood the ecu ?

  • The hard press screen buttons is not a drawback , but clever solution. While driving you don't want to press on wrong button (hence one flat screen) and engage something else.

  • With being turbo charged and 600hp I'm surprised it isn't faster 0 to 60. The older S7s are about the same.

  • Not feeling the front design. They can do better, its like the car is slowly transforming into its final form but the front end is holding it back

  • Buy this in California and promptly park it in the very long parking lots known as freeways.

  • Car appreciation isn’t what it used to be. We’re flooded with information today. Before, you only saw cool cars in magazines and on the road; now it’s thousands of 4K trendy videos and hundreds of test reviews and comment opinions. Back then, you might have known a guy who knew a guy who had a Porsche or Lamborghini. Not to say the desire has waned. It’s been amped up just as our brains have been with all other forms of modern tech. Different times/

  • I see no luxury

  • Imagine a 800hp version ...🤔

  • The RS Audi's have my respect...🙂👍

  • That needing to PUSH on the screen is bullshit, we have a brand new A6 with those screens, you can customize how hard you need to 'push' and you're able to disable the need for pushing. When you're sliding on the bodem screen for the airco, you don't even have to push

  • A little overpriced... overall great car...

  • Is it just me or is the car missing character?

  • Always waiting for the reaction from the drive but it’s getting worse. Take a note of that if you will 😉

  • At least in Europe the original A7 could be spec'ed as either a 4 or 5 seater :)

  • I agree with you to RS6 Avant i like unusual fast wagons

  • Me : 3am super quite at home HRwiki: RS7 Doug DeMuro Doug: 🗣️📢THIIISSSSSSS🔊🔊🔊📢📢

  • You can take that cupholder out and put it in the dishwasher💪🏼

  • Really, a RS car without a flat bottom steering wheel. Thought all new RS cars come with them, since like 2012 wasn't it?

  • They made it look like the fisker gt lol

  • It has nothing to compare to amg 2021.

  • I'm gonna get this car.

  • I’m with you Doug on the RS6 preference

  • I can tell Forza will eventually add this new 2021 Audi RS7 to their gamee

  • Doug is getting older.

  • Glad you finally put your hands on one Doug. I just shot one in Nardo grey and it looks stunning. To me, best looking car today.

  • To replace light bulb: Note all new bulbs must be programmed to the ECM by the dealer. Step 1: Remove engine ...

  • No doubt it’s a beautiful car but the question is that does it really worth 125k? If I have 125k in my hands, I have so many options like Gt 53 and Porsche Panamera S or bmw M5. I love Audi and no doubt it’s a sport car but their prices is very high where you can get better option like Porsche

  • You can buy a Porsche Panamera 4S for the same price.

  • Audis are so pretentious. Glorified VW, LOL. With a thousand things to go wrong.

  • Watch every other car companies bite audi with the lil features.

  • 10:00 I believe you can turn off the "haptic feedback" in the settings.

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  • Nah I’ll pass, I can buy a house and two maybe one car with that money.

  • I imagine a kid standing at the bottom of the parking garage hearing Doug's words being spoken as he listens closely - " God, is that you? "

  • MEH..ill take a 2021 tesla model s plaid with 1100hp over this

  • Joke's on you for thinking Audi drivers know how to use the turn signal stalk -Better than BMW drivers but that's not saying much.-

  • Who else sees Honda Civic in this car ???

    • The lights in the set belt holders got me. Technology these days. That is definitely a very cool feature.

  • Beautiful car but sorry $120k is too high in IMO. I can see people being into this for $90k. For $120k you can get a stunning decked out Range Rover or Mercedes. This just doesn’t scream $120k in terms of what it offers. Just my opinion, others I’m sure may disagree.

  • The back looks like honda civic

  • i go to cars and bids when i start to fall asleep sorry doug

  • The headlight / tail light disco thing is beyond stupid. Sorry.

  • Audi just make the best interiors.

  • 8:49 If its night time on the highway, and you are going to look down and find the cruise control in order to activate it? Looks cool, but is not smart thinking. Car controls must be intuitive, not distracting.

  • We were all wrongly led to believe that Turbos have turbo lag. Not much anymore

  • how awful ... impractical, not utilitarian, this huge front lower panel, you will drive a long time behind the wheel - you can't even spread your legs - they will go numb...🤨

  • I like this Mazda RS-7

  • German cars are SO much nicer than US ones. Sorry America.

  • I can see the depreciation meter slowly going down the faster he talks.

  • Your "this" spreads corona all the way to Europe

  • Ferrari FF review exposed

  • The lights in the set belt holders got me. Technology these days. That is definitely a very cool feature.

  • 11:46 I actually think the RS modes are personalized and you can change the parameters you want and then save them.

  • 120k dollar lol, here in the Netherlands this car starts at 188k euros

  • The 1st gen looks the the A5 or the R8 or the first gen merc cls ...OR THE BMW M4 🐽

  • The climate control temp and speed can be adjusted sliding up and down on the screen

  • Same question tall is Dough ?

  • Sedan?!?! gross

  • Can’t wait for me to be reincarnated into a rich playboy superhero so I can afford this

  • Do the 2021 GLS 600!

  • THIS

  • Or video very good 👍

  • There’s actually a setting that allows you to turn off haptic feedback on new Audis. We have it off on our etron.

  • Nice Volkswagen.

  • *The 2021 Audi RS7 Is a $120,000 Monster Wallet Drainer* Lol *StopTheSteal 🇹 🇷 🇺 🇲 🇵 2020*

  • If you keep replaying the video to 0:00 it sounds like rs7 on idle

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  • i havent watched the full video but... 1.You cant fit comfortably 3 adults in the back seats, since the transmission is there 2.It has a lot of little features, like the other cars : the lighting and the led etc, 3.It isnt the best car out of its class, but i fucking love it and i want one, maybe someday i will own one


  • Looks like the new Honda Accord took a viagra 🤷😂

  • 2020 Toyota Avalon called they want their tail light back.