Testing VIRAL Minecraft Hacks To See If They Work

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2021.
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  • CAN WE HIT 20K LIKES TODAY?! if we do it I hear Mojang will add bucket of sea pickle to the game

    • A maxed out trident means it took no damage

    • Maxed out means that it is full

    • You did the diamond thing wrong

    • In order for you to do the clay thing, you have to be in a swamp biome

    • Sure

  • It's good for DREAM

  • Mental

  • 6:13 the creeper is approximately on the top middle of the view ( beside the black sheep )

  • The maxed out trident means the durability is max not enchants

  • A maxed out trident is a full durabilty trident

  • 1:50 no, you just don't know how to do it

  • By maxed out trident he meant that the Trident has full health


  • The lil nas joke tho

  • The thumbnail is more work then actually making a netherite chestplate

  • You just do the thing in the previous video

  • 9:00 yiu can't do that on bedrock it's a great hack for bedrock player smh lover fella

  • Lover fell you need to move 6 block and dan you see diammonds

  • Is bedrock free?

  • I make a cannon flying shoot arrow Fireball fireworks

  • it works

  • You could make the evocation fangs come up with a summon command

  • My name is Jared the name of the enderman

  • 4:36 go find the red block 7:04 go find the red sandstone

  • The dragon one didnt work bcuz its got patched. Watch the video fully.

  • Your my hero

  • Baby piglin glich works only on1.16/1.16.1 in 1.16.2 it got pached

  • Try that piglin child hack again because you have to damage him a bit until it is oneshot before you give him the shulker and gold and then you have to kill him

  • LOL he's playlist is 15 video lol

  • 8:57 On bedrock edition you cant do f3... so actually it's for bedrock not java

  • the glass is for mcbe

  • Baby piling must die when he is looking at gold. And it worked on snapshot

  • Max durability

  • Max out trident means full health trident 🔱

  • First and second tiktok hack work on Beta ;-;

  • What happened to Ark😭😢

  • the diamond one is actually true

  • The 1st one need to be in swamp

  • I need more of these videos

  • To get diamonds in clay patch you have to go to the swamp dummy

  • I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to damage the baby piglet enough that you can one shot it after you give it the item that you want to do and then the gold.

  • /give @s evoker_spawn_egg{EntityTag{id:”minecraft:evoker_fangs”}}

  • is mean that didn’t broke at all

  • I once died near a drowned and I had a nutoris shell and I got a full duribility trident

  • I made dragon breath farm

  • wow the clay diamond thing worked for me

  • Are we all just gonna ignore the signs placed? Okay then-

  • Dude I don’t play Minecraft on computers

  • A maxed out trident means it has full durability

  • Maxed out trident means it has Max durability

  • .

  • The crocodile’s are from evokers

  • 1:22 it has to be in the same chunk

  • Bruh maxed out trident means its not breakin at all

  • It’s NOT CAP

  • 10

  • You have to go to a swamp and find clay for it to work

  • That’s not even how you make nether rite mind the fact of the click bait thumb nail

  • Dumb

  • 3:03 he means full durability smh

  • 2:07 that’s bedrock edition 😂

  • If leather and nether right armor combined existed it would be called a leather right

  • Does he know it has to be in a swamp

  • I was surprised when he showed the picture of *ganesh bhagwan* as I follow hindu religion

  • 2:27 ganpati bappa

  • Some of the hacks are cap JUST LIKE YOUR THUMBNAILS(Its A Joke)

  • How

  • 8:57 not all of us have java

  • Hit the baby

  • The fact that the enderman's name is Jared

  • thats not how you make a netherite chestplate

  • Maxed out means full duribility

  • That thumbnail is a neitherite scam lol

  • No the trident hack means it comes out fully repared

  • Are you sypherPK

  • Not alligator it’s a spell that those summoners from the mantion

  • Maxed out means full Durability

  • In Java addition you can open a chest under a compster

  • The title has letherite armour

  • I play on minecraft bedrock so that would nt work for me, 9:10

  • The clay hack only works in swamp biomes

  • You have to do it in a swamp

  • He need to kill the baby piglin but he didn't........ see the tutorial and what he did

  • You do /summon mob

  • The diamonds trick work in swamp

  • 2:26 ganesh ji 🙏🙏🙏

  • U need to do the. First one in a spawn biome

  • Loverfella: clay clay clay... Dream: So you've chosen war

  • Your doing it wrong 😡

  • The diamond Thingi is 85% per seed

  • Btw the swamp clay thing does work that guy just didn’t do it right

  • Hey. You don’t trade this shell trade something else

  • Reason duplicate clitch didn't work is because you didn't kill it

  • I am pretty sure u needs be in the swap bin for the clay and diamond thing to work

  • The baby piglin trick only works in 1.16.1,1.16.2 it was patched in 1.16.3

  • 2:27 he was editing with lord Ganesh's statue and i am an Indian

  • Clay trick only works in the swamp try plz

  • Clay? You mean dreaaam

  • Zach you can spawn any baby mob by /summon horse_baby

  • 3:10 maxed out= full durability item

  • 4:28 thats a defense for ur base any people that try to steal ur diamonds just put it surrounding ur base and gurdian tower

  • man the command for the alligators isnt working for me

  • For the clay trick to work you need to be in a swamp biome

  • The clay thingy only works in swamp biomes i also tryed it!!!!