Tesla Model X review door Jeremy Clarkson | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Stu 2020.
Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het HRwiki kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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  • I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car

    • hol up

    • Chains of cells in li ion batteries never stop spontaneous igniting once one in the series is damaged. Electric cars with damaged undercarriages, where the massive heavy batteries reside, for center of gravity reasons, in other words, never stop catching fire unless chemically altered.

    • The cynic in me asks why Clarkson waited for so long to review a Model X? The car was on the road in 2015.

    • @Step with Stef u mean rimac?

    • @BAU yeaa tell that to Tesla

  • This model x is good

  • And today this vehicle is 75-95k and there's the "cheap" one, the model Y starting at 38k!?

  • The best was the lawyers part for who got the reference from elon musk and jeremy clarkson's past lol

  • I literally laughed the whole way through,

  • Mean what you say and say what you mean, that's the law says Musks lawyer. If you're a billionaire those words mean diddly squat, Musk slandering and defaming Aussie hero calling him PAEDO GUY yet money talked for Musk and he got away with it.

  • "Now they can't open the doors and they cannot interfere." Except that the falcon wing doors would still easily open with that much room you twit.

  • And what's it's time to range ratio in full -to-empty-to-full-to-empty test? Cause my main problem with electrics is still that I cannot visit my gran in it without having to stay a night immediatly, cause charging it takes so long I may as well.

  • In my opinion a Tesla is a proof of concept. They have a lot of good software in the car but when they put the software in a different car, like on from a German manufacturer, this would be better. The summon feature is good for a car park. When you need a bit more space to get in the car, you can park outside the spot and let the car park inside a tight spot. Electric cars in general have some downsides. The range is a commonly picked topic. First of all think how far you would drive on a daily basis? Most people will be way below the limit. When you can charge at home and at work, this would double the range. Loading your car is a different topic. When you go on holidays with your car twice a year, you might need multiple charges. Fast charging is a thing and doing it only for such occasions, it would be fine for the battery. A break is always a good idea but for a very long trip, breaks might be not so good for time management. For that you can still rent a car. Better for the environment would be traveling by train. There are still some challenges until electric cars can replace a lot of gas cars. First of all charging must be more available and more unified. In Germany there is coming a law that landlords need to install charging stations. Rental homes is very common in germany but you can't to much, when you have rented your apartment or house, without the permission of the landlord. You need a charging station, that is permanent for your access. When you need to rely on charging stations at a supermarket, this can end bad. A different challenge is the energy grid itself. Electric cars need a lot of energy and there are times where a lot of people might start charging at the same time. This is after work. Germany is getting rid of nuclear power 2022 and coal a few years later. Solar is nothing you can control. Wind power can be tuned down (turning it out of the wind) getting more power is only gas. At certain times we waste "free" energy (wind and solar), because demand is too low and when everyone start charging their car, it might be too dark for solar and when there is no wind, only oil can deliver the demand. But at some point all these challenges are no more

  • This must be old or the car didn't have FSD. You CAN summon your car from a parking space. It's great for rainy days when you have a basket full of groceries. Then again, so can the much less expensive but equally equipped Model 3 or now Model Y.

  • So when these batteries need replacing how much will the car be worth? Just think when we have future lockdowns and every idiots got an electric car the government's will be able to disable all the electric cars. 👍 How do people charge electric cars that live in flats? 🤷‍♂️ But the government's still build nuclear power stations. 1.5 million tons of concrete to build each power station and that's minimum. All that co2 No one should buy electric cars. Governments very good at trying to pass the blame onto us and make us feel bad for the environment. It's just a bloody con.

  • I can just draw pretty patterns.. Hmmmmmmmm

  • Good boy

  • No one is gonna mention that Tesla’s will sometimes just catch on fire?

  • A lot of 1 or 2 times use features

  • Now all it needs is an electrocute lawyer mode.

  • He straight up drew a pecker

  • obviously the tesla has more drag it gets power straight from motor to tires but the audi is a normal car for normal people

  • 1:05 "drawing some preety planets"

  • Horrible car. made to make humans even more lazy.


  • The ONLY drawback is, I didn't try hard enough at school, was eager to start earning money, didn't want to be a poor apprentice or even poorer student so My initial head start means I now have limited my earning capacity and 2 mortgages......Time to sell the house!houses ! Cheapest Supercar on the planet. F**K it, we'll live in a caravan/trailer/tent thingy. The joy of wasting Supercars costing way more, in a soccer mum car definitely outweighs the burden of a lawn to mow, running water and sewerage.

  • A toy with the power of a rocket

  • When CEO of your company is a low key meme lord. You get a Tesla.

  • I still regret not getting one of these when I could. Now on a two year waiting list to get mine.

  • Finally nikola tesla got some due credit how brilliant he was,,u can hide,steal,snatch but not forever nd we assume edison hadnt heard of karma,,truth will some day somehow get out nd will get the credit howevr powerful the lie may be,,nd nikola tesla will get his proper credit when all the scientist should work where he left the theory of free energy in the universe,,and it is so much free energy we didnt evn hav to pay a penny for petrol,electrcty nd anythng,it will be free upto eternity,,than only we will give this great man wht credit was snacted by edison nd many more.......

  • Isnt that the same guy mocking Tesla a fee years ago? Hahahahaha

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that homeboy drew a schlong on the screen?

  • Ludicrous mode if for when you have someone to tow you home after you run out of juice in the parking lot.

  • Did he just drew a dick on the sketch pad? 😂

  • Is it just me or did he draw a Dick onThe screen at the beginning

  • 2:51 James May is a moron....🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • So he draws a penis lmao

  • Does Bosch make that self driving tech, or Tesla? Seems like all cars have it these days. I don't see that as special.

  • Hey boy staff watch out!

  • Hm, im pretty sure the last bit was cut. I can remember him walking away and the wing doors opening...

  • Jeff bezoz promoting elon's company 😂

  • Why is the audio so low? I can't hear what he's saying.

    • Hahaha just turn up your volume

  • Thumbnail " Tesla p100d beats r8" Title and video "Tesla model X beats r8"

  • Why did he draw the D?

  • 1:04.... did this man just draw a thing you pee-pee with in the tesla lol? damn

  • this is old

  • 1:05 - What is that "pretty pattern" that Jeremy is drawing there??? Unbelievable!

  • Jeremy did not test the opening of the full wing doors in a tight spot. They will open differently if the area is tight

  • I'll take the R8 thanks.

  • 7.10 elon is one crazy genius man!

  • Why he drawed a dick?😂

  • 1:01 thought he was going to draw a tallywacker m8 lol

  • "...you can draw things* (draws a penis) xD

  • Elon actually got Jeremy to enjoy an electric car. All it took was packing it full of enough features to make it a batmobile.

  • Me whenever I open Microsoft paint 1:03

  • Tesla p100d is a cool overall car to buy for billionaires 🔥

  • The lawyer in the middle was hired by Elon

  • 0:16 a broken iPad... Oh wait!

  • Cant argue with the performance of electric sports cars but I would still rather have a manual gas car just due to personal enjoyment. I like feathering the clutch and listening to the engine as I drive

  • This is the only non-douchebag review of a tesla because he doesnt own it

  • Okay I made my choice I’m getting the Roadster 2021 and the cyber truck 2021 If you *Disagree* then comment and tell me why

  • Lawyers are despicable creatures.

  • 7 Seater PlayStation lol

  • The driver has to understand the uses of the technology in the car. If they don't, this is what happens.

  • Is that a d🍌ck 1:05 😂😂

  • Who all say what he drew initially 😂😂🤣🤣

  • He should have put dog mode on when he parked.

  • Sorry i like the old simple tech AND SPEED AND NOISE yep im one of those

  • If this was a Top Gear review it would have been totally different and point out all the flaws in the car, company and its founder. Although since the grand tour is funded by Amazon you get the watered down pro fake green review.

  • Tesla can change a Motörhead with gimmicks

  • That looked soooo much like a paid commercial.

  • talk moey dude

  • Tht was a pretty nice drawing though i must say😂😂

  • 01:05 Guess he had to tell the world somehow.

  • This felt like an ad. Maybe he's trying to redeem himself after smearing Tesla on Top Gear.

  • Draws a dick: "pretty patterns and so on"

  • goodbye to the combustion engine in the next decade, I am looking forward to eventually owning a =n EV and experiencing some cool tech to come. Yes I will pay the premium as well

  • English cars are crap.

  • 7:19

  • Love how Tesla change they way people see electric cars from. "Greenies" to fast top of the line cars.

  • This is the best damn video I have ever seen about a Tesla!!

  • Hahaha.. "a pretty pattern"

  • The tame hand fascinatingly dust because bakery intriguingly destroy among a snotty note. substantial, remarkable avenue

  • wouldnt be a true clarkson review without a slight James may roast

  • How much was the Audi, you beat?

  • wait....this review is on an amazon channel?

  • Hypocrite :-)

  • They can keep that electric pos

  • This guy drew a dick on the sketchpad

  • Tell about quality...its farrrrrr away from mb, bmw or audi or OTHER electrical cars

  • Sometimes my genius is rather frightening

  • I was rolling on the floor once l realised what he drew on the sketch pad 😭😭😂😂

  • This dude was so unfair in his first review of Tesla... he should be ashamed and apologize

  • 1:00 "pretty patterns" 🍆🤣

  • the falcon doors will open on that space with no problem.. you missed to put it on the show BRUUUUH!

  • It will pull out of a parking space on its own with summon.

  • Good to see Jeremy eating his words.

  • "Pretty patterns" Lmao

  • However, the R8 can do that 100 times in a row. The Tesla only ones and then needs to be charged for an hour. Boooooring.

    • The Tesla can charge 75 miles in 5 minutes, so on 5 minutes of charge it can do this 100 times. I think you need to check your math.

  • It CAN open the doors in that parking space Jeremy...

  • Looks awesome but building quality is rubbish.

  • "what, you're saying RIchard Hammond is too small to see over the steering wheel" what an amazing response

  • Artist draws a d**k : 8/10 Jeremy draws a d**k with sprinkles : 10/10

  • 1:03 "Look, its a sketch pad!" Goes on to draw a penis.