Taylor Swift - Love Story (Taylor’s Version) [Official Lyric Video]

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Vel 2021.
Official lyric video for “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) - off her upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. Pre-order the album here: taylor.lnk.to/fearlesstaylorsversion
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift


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  • Hi its his mom he says yes

  • Back to the time when my only problem was waking up early to school.

  • What's your 📱number

  • Come to the suburbs my 💘😻💜💛

  • Esta canción es la primera que escuché de Taylor, y ahora me gusta más que antes 💜

  • I'm watching this with tears in my eyes. Thanks you so much doing this Taylor Swift, we all feel so GREATFUL.❤️

  • Oh the nostalgia ❤

  • This is the taylor swift I missed😭😌she's back

  • For so many reasons, I like Beth’s rewrite


  • First loves are the hardest

  • This song and enchanted are the best Taylor's songs ever

  • I don't think anyone needs lyrics it's being years singing this song all the time❤️😌


  • 😭❤️

  • Taylor Swift 🤭👏🤭👍

  • Love how you released a lyric video as if we haven’t memorised this entire song since 2008

  • keep on str3aming 💛

  • Sorry Brenda just getting my story straight out with you n dont please say something like im cold hearted got so many of that before im just trying to walk peaceful now n days Brenda

  • She is the best

  • 💕❤️😘👍✌️🥰💕🤞🏻👌😌 we love you taylor!!

  • 3:01 Lapit nang lapit, ako'y lalapit Layo nang layo ba't ka lumalayo? Labo nang labo, ika'y malabo Malabo, tayo'y malabo

  • I am manifesting my Italian prince asking me to marry him with this song and Taylor is there singing with him.

  • i am literally screaming

  • Bruh I remember being 10 and wanting to go to the concerts so bad. My mom tried to win free tickets from the radios. She couldn’t afford them. 🥺 my mom felt really bad.

  • reminding me of a girl who dedicated this song to me.. she loves me.. but i cant love her back..

  • I’m really confused...how is it “Taylor’s version”? Arent both versions her versions?😐

  • *she wants my tears and she's gonna get them*

  • "I close my eyes and the flashback starts" hits a lil different now

  • Is there anyone here on those pictures?

  • Brazilian fans are being stolen. we did not receive a refund for taylors cancelled concert and the credit we received does not cover the total value of the ticket. Please help us contact taylor and her team.

  • FEARLESS is the best gift for today's generation...🥀

  • 😘😘😘😘😘❤️😍

  • It's not bad music... It's just really generic white girl music

  • Please come back old Taylor swift 🥺😭😭😭😭


  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Why am I crying ? T^T listening to taylor's version makes me want to go back in the past T^T 💖I LOVE YOU TAYLOR 💖

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I sang this at my parent's wedding when I was ten. We still love it

  • Im having goosebumps w/ all the throwback photos with the fans 🥺😭😭😭😭 aghhhhh

  • Listen a thousand times. Everytime I listen to this song, I feel like im 15. And now im 24 ^^^. Thank you for being a part of my growth up adventure.

  • This story is not about Romeo & Juliet. It's about us and Taylor 😊

  • Wish I'd meet her someday like the other swifties did!!😢 Love u Taylor💛💛💛💛

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • If this video teaches us anything, it's that Taylor has had a lifetime of bending down for fans. Lol.

  • I'm trying to figure out if the instrumentation is identical to the original. If not, it's pretty close.

  • I absolutely adore this song, it’s my absolutely favourite song ever. 🥰🥰

  • Classic song!

  • Her voice in this re-recording shows experience of her life and her journey in this industry.....

  • This really do be me and gfs love song😫🤚

  • Me checking the comments for: a time stamp then "that was me"

  • Que produtora incrível ✌🏽👦🏽 amo esse álbum taylor

  • Hi Taylor! You’ll probably never see this comment but I just wanted to say something...I first listened to you when I was 5 years old. Grant it I’m only 16 now, but I’ve listened to your songs ever since and you’ve inspired me so much. I now write my own songs and hope to live out my dream of being a singer one day. Thank you so much for being you❤️

  • is it just me or does this version sound so much more pure and enchanting

  • Just listened to this and the original at the same time....Sounded like a perfect duet between younger Taylor and older Taylor....

  • Lol does Tay Tay really think we dont know every single word to this song memorized already?

  • I'm not crying, you are! 😭😭😭

  • This is the Taylor Swift I fell in love with.

  • Don't mind me just wondering if we're ever gonna get a "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" tour someday 👀

  • I'm one of your biggest fans! Glad to see you rerecording your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is legit my favorite taylor swift song and I'm not even part of the swifties. I just so love this at the same time my gf's favorite is taylor swift so I get to listen to this everytime she's working. She's the biggest taylor swift fan I know. ❤️

  • This. This song is the best Taylor song. Prove me wrong.

  • I'm not crying u r?😭😭😭😭

  • love this song

  • 15

  • Lovee youu labs❤❤

  • In Taylor Swift I stan. Nostalgia at its finest.

  • that very nostalgic feeling 😭💖

  • I was 4 when i heard to this song and now suddenly i am 15. Everything has changed but Taylor's attractiveness hasnt changed at all

  • Released in Feb 12, 2 more days are Valentine day and it's my birthday lol hahaha, and this song is a masterpiece, i love it so much


  • Miss Taylor in this hairstyle so much 😧

  • 💗💗

  • the best.

  • Time flies so fast.....

  • My favourite Hollywood singer

  • P

  • fearless (taylor’s version) available worldwide!

  • omggggg

  • Anyone sometimes wish that " damn i wish i had written that comment"

  • I love how you can tell Taylor's voiced has matured and her vocals are stronger here. But, she stays true to the attitude of the song where she's more young and "innocent" where you can hear her voice match up with that sentiment in some parts of the song. Both types of vocals blend perfectly. 🤩

  • te amo weona te amooooooooo

  • 2008 Me: *watches the OG on Windows XP Professional* 2021 Me: *watches the remastered on Windows 10 Home*

  • She is sooooo sweet and she absolutlely loves her fans. Which is why I've been a swiftie since the begining and I always will be.

  • Why is she rerecording these? They're the exact same.

    • She didn't have rights to the other ones, so Fearless (Taylor's Version) is with the same songs (plus some new ones from the vault) but she rerecorded them so now she has the rights to those songs (the ones she rerecorded). At least that's how I understood it, someone can correct me if I'm wrong 🥰

  • Taylor defined my childhood. I remember going to the neighborhood library and borrowing her Fearless album to play on our radio (still have the radio 10+ years later) and playing the CD and singing and dancing along before going to school. I just immediately got tears in my eyes hearing it all over again. Thank you Taylor for every single memory.

  • 3:12

  • 2:50

  • 2:42

  • 2:19

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  • badass

  • This was the first dance at my wedding. We re not together anymore but I will NEVER forget it. Thank you taylor for being there in every milestone in my life.

  • My fave!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Reminded me of how i started to know you and love you Taylor❤

  • First time I listened to this I was 18, now I'm 30 and listening to it with my 6yo boy

  • Popular opinion; She really loves her fans.