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  • Hi everyone. The event happens at 3:05:00 for those who want a timestamp. The stream is currently being trimmed down!

  • Anyone else notice how we went back in time but “construction” turned into a building as if it was the future?

    • Yeah a lot of the stuff was progressing forward and the rest reversed backwards in time lol even the earth’s rotation when they go back in time

  • Bruh them snipes tho

  • Hey courage if you didn’t know the reason it’s different it’s because it sets you back to like 1984 so that’s why the stadium is like that it is being built

  • call of booty warmoan

  • Mp5 monolithic 5mw laser 45 merc stippled

  • What guns do you use in wz?

  • happy birthday to you and Jordan Fisher

  • the fact that they made all this effort to let it look old and then the planes at hangars are the same modern ones ...

  • Jesus. Cloaksy has to carry three round faced timmy tender heads. Bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro

  • Another cool map was rust that would be awesome to add in warzone

  • 00:15 Well yes, but also no.

  • Standoff gulag

  • Nothing beats good games with the squad 🙌

  • 22:13 “he had stopping power tho” lol you got shit on and he didn’t have stopping power . You are straight ass at the game

  • 21:56 -courage "one shottttt" *the player he said one shot has a full shield*

  • 7:45 reminds me of the OG walking dead intro

  • The zombie music always gives you the chills

  • 22:13-22:16 any norwegians here? wraith says "fy f**n" why?



  • Bro all you do is react to shit... how is this getting more than 1 view

  • My first time playing this mode I destroyed verdansk first time (solo, because when it was 100% I snuck up on him) but instead of being travelled to the new map my game went black and I got sent back to lobby and got put into the game mode again

  • 21:59 he’s one shot and has stopping power 😂😂 🧢

  • It’s the same map as the last time. Looks the exact same atleast

  • Literally the same map AND used cutscenes for transitions.... Whelp it is what it is!

  • Congrats On #8 trending for gaming Courage

  • Is no one talking about how gulag is now stand-off from bo2

    • they mentioned it like 4 times lmao

  • Hey courage. Be cool if you enable auto generated captions on your live streams.

  • Why is jack louder than any other HRwiki I’ve watched this morning?

  • Yes sir

  • COURAGE idk if you noticed this but the start of the gulag is black ops 1 zombies

  • Nice game play and good video man 😀

  • stop swearing and especially using GOD'S name in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The numbers mason!

  • Hey is it bad that i press save for later so i can see the whole stream

  • Dogecoin to the moon buy the dip

  • congrats, to everyone who is early and who found this comment. ❤️👍👍

  • Courage stop fucking yelling you man child

  • This videohad alot of potential but the editor was lazy😑

    • This was a live stream not a video, you can see under the video

    • Rushed not lazy

  • All that hype for the same map you guys must be dying inside having to hype this shit

    • @Jimmy Cruz good for you pal 👍 keep accepting mediocre shit and you will always be happy xxxx

    • I like it go play fortnite if u don't like it or wait for battlefield 6 or halo battle royal

  • Think the new map looks really good and gameplay felt smoother

  • I’m disappointed no completely new map but I’m more curious the story for this what shit they come up with to explain this

  • 🔥

  • The fake streamer reactins 😂🤣😂🤣 yt human crap

  • Is the same mal with others colors 😂🤣😂🤣 wahts wrong with you fake streamer , 😂🤣😂🤣 liars , mw pay good money the cod Fans are idiots i hope battlefield destroying the shit of cod

  • This is a weak event 😪

  • The burst reminds me of the g11 from bo1

  • courage hurts to listen to

  • I just have a feeling that modern warfare and black ops the two biggest cods might collab now Theory: 7:47 the numbers 🔢

    • We’ve been know this

  • It’s the same map.

  • Dude how you teir 100 I'm all most 21 and I play like 4 games per day for 6 months

  • I literally see no difference in the map😂😂 i need to explore

  • When the 4 of you are together, non stop entertainment. Loved every minute

  • #5 on trending let’s go jack

  • 3:09:22 “We’ve done enough protect the president to know how to do this boys!” *gets beamed* edit: welp the stream got trimmed and my comment no longer makes sense 😃

    • It’s still there

  • ........ yes editor of CourageJD copying my title AND if you guys say no I had it first because his stream was renamed AND it’s same title however only 1 word changed

    • Pure gold coming from a nobody whose channel is mostly clips that were stolen from other people's videos.

    • okay?

    • Nobody cares

  • Courage is legendary

  • the new map is garbage they make a huge hype for a new map and it’s the same map with a couple changes very shitty

    • Better than no actual changes

  • Congratulations Activision!!! You win the biggest SHIT AWARD!!!

  • Super underwhelming and disappointing event and season. I'm done with cod for awhile. This was terrible. Hope Activision is paying attention to the fan base.

  • Happy early birthday 🥳🎉🎊🎊🎁🎁 happy 27 birthday

  • Isn't that big array thing real life at chernobyl???

  • Loving the videos Courage, you have inspired me to start uploading on HRwiki again! Thanks and keep up the great content bro🔥

  • Hi

  • I’m sorry but re-skinning the old map and adding some new buildings isn’t a new map. It’s the exact laziness we have come to expect the last year of warzone

    • Spot on .... pubg .... apex and fortnite can all manage it but billion dollar company call of duty are shite

    • shut up its not like we see you making new things in the map so shut up

  • 4:55:08

  • I watched the whole stream great content keep it up.

  • Gas no longer takes down plates?

  • This is the most disappointing “new map”

    • @Zyonte Hawks R4TedX K9ine and don’t expect me to be good or actually play Warzone at all Cause it’s just not really my thing but if you still wanna add me that’s my Tag R4TedX K9ine

    • What’s your war zone name so we can play tomorrow FYI I do not have a mic

    • @Zyonte Hawks I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m just on edge I get smack talk from OG Warzone players calling me Blind, Stupid and other Explicit terms because I apparently “Should’ve” known

    • @Lady XRATED Also I’m not treating you like shi and I’m 11 by the way

    • @Lady XRATED I’m just saying that you’re not an og war zone player I’m not either I’ve been playing since season five but I’m really good

  • I’m trying to name my new puppy. Help! She needs a name and I’m a idiot.

  • banger

  • Lmao that thumbnail is so fucking stupid. Appeals only to 9 year olds.

  • Jack you the best streamer

  • Im Getting famous of random comments DAY6😈

  • Hi

  • “1 million dollar video game company and you can’t play the game” - Doc

    • @Sub Zero what?!

    • He loose allways 😂🤣 without the chrater he can nothing

    • Im Getting famous of random comments DAY6😈

  • WOW

  • Love ya Jackooooo

  • Let's go, can't wait

  • Only let streamers and shit play, most who play for free didn't get to see the event game is ass juice🍑💦 good thing battlefield is shite lol

    • Isnt*


  • it says that I’m the first comment


  • lol

  • “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”🍒

  • This game is ass cant even fix a basic maintenance problem

  • Yo

  • this was a banger stream