So Cyberpunk fixed the cops

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Tra 2021.
Cyberpunk updated their cops and now they work as intended.
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  • Bang fixed

  • Cyberpunk hasn't fixed *shit* and your channel is full of *crap* okay?

  • Amazing how the "critics" gave this game 85% on metacritic...wonder how much CDPR paid for the reviews

  • I hate driving in this game

  • holy fuck i totally forgot that this game exists

  • i love the night city but i hate cyberpunk 2077, this should have been a comic or been on some good compony's hand, maybe if rockstar made this game it would be fucking nuts, cuz the concept is great its just the... the fucking developers

  • i redownloaded it for the new update, game is still shite.

  • GTA: gave us an ultracop CP2077 cop: "Father, I won't disappoint you" (already in a vehicle)

  • its still not working for me, its like a free country

  • When the ad is longer than the video

  • I'm ready to preorder all over again

  • I came here just for the thumbnail....

  • Its a so bad its good kind of game isnt it? Nah,its just so bad.

  • Okay this is on purpose now... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CALL THAT A GLITCH!?!?!?!!!!?!?!!??!

  • E

  • Can they fix the cops in real life too?

  • + The cops are too far. They can't catch me. The cop sits near him: - Are you getting high with me?

  • Dude the driving System in this Game is sooooooo Bad i hate It bruh

  • this game is really fucked up ..

  • Well if I can't get enjoyment from the game anymore, at least the meme content can suffice

  • this project was too big for them they have never done anything like cyberpunk before

  • shit game

  • Yeah you should not have preordered this game! Fast, preorder BF6 now, it will be great!

  • I really wish I didn’t buy this game

  • I mean it's 2077 it can be possible.

  • (Teleports into car)

  • This is great lol

  • After all this time... Pathetic lol

  • I think this game will always be a garbage!

  • oh brother....

  • next patch police range 5 chunks

  • Can’t believe people are praising a game this bad. I couldn’t have this game installed on my PlayStation anymore I tried I really did.

  • I still can't fathom how CD Projekt Red thought this game was ready.

  • This game was such a dissapointment to play sadly

  • Looked forward to this game but I'll still buy it, once they fix everything.

  • I really hate that sound-effect when the player gets aggro.

  • Is this a reference to that gta mission with Franklin

  • I mean someone had to eventually

  • Damn

  • Are they really going to fix this game? So much patch but nothing improve, no wonder why their fans are gone now, even their employee. Honestly if one of their employee is my neighbor, I'll beat his ass

  • Great progress here, thanks cdpr!

  • CDPR: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature

  • Ø555Ø Every other game: It's fun to play as criminal. Fun when police chase you. 2077: POLICE ARE TH' LAW!

  • The game is great get lost

  • that's a 9mm semi automatic, pushed against your skull

  • Another stupid USA HRwikir XD USA developed games like GTA or that crap Red Dead Redemption are fully updated and perfect? XD But naaah lets fuck with european developer which makes games (pssst Blizzard XD)

  • yea this game lol no mans sky fallout 76 now this.. lol i will never get hyped for a game ever again in my lifetime XD ohh what's this.. Elder scrolls 6!!!... nope.. don't care!!.. i'm waiting for the reviews from my trusted youtubers from now on :D

  • Cop was all there long, he was waiting between the seat and the leather trim

  • it spawned in the passenger seat of your car? looooooool

  • wait, half a year later and they still havent fixed this cop thing? WHAT THE FUCK are they doing?! jesus

  • ;D

  • Player : please make police pursuit in car. CDPR : spawn police inside player's car. Also CDPR : we are proud of the pc version~

  • Fucking Tom Cruise from Minority Report already waiting in the passenger seat!

  • This game become a meme generator. 10/10

  • lol

  • Dirty tricks MI6

  • Not today cia

  • Actually the cops in this game are corrupt so it’s not a glitch it’s a feature. They’re supposed not care enough to chase after you.

  • I had to watch this twice to figure out there was a cop in the car with you

  • why does this dude talk like hes trying to make his voice sound deeper lmao why are gamers like this

  • Imagine speeding and then a cop teleports in the front passenger seat and tells you to pull over... i think I would faint.

  • Atleast they spawn at your side, instead of your back, kneeling on your nape.


  • In my experience cops have been the hardest enemies in the game lmao 20 of them spawn right next to you

  • In all seriousness it’s really sad how bad this game is

  • CyberFail 2021 which is actually sad

  • Idk how this broken ass game ever made it to release, I mean I understand it was delayed 17 times but how do you even justify releasing this broken pile of shit?

  • Why do people even play that shit, wouldn't waste a single £ on that crap, that's what happens when you rush a game out.

  • Police "Can I get a ride to the police station please?" Player "Sure hop in." ~Short time later~ "So what we doing when we get there?" Police "Arresting you." Player "GET OUT"

  • awesome

  • the best buggie game i ever played....cyberpunk matter how hard they try to fix thing, but it still look the same for me.

  • Ausitm

  • i play 20 years old games to play real games loll

  • rofl i didn't expect that

  • bro this is really sad :( haha at least cyberpunk left us a lot of memes. Hopefully one day it will become what it should be

  • and when will they fix the.... water? =))))))))))))

  • Sigh. Holla at me when the game is fixed.

  • If GTA 5 a game that came out 7 something years ago can have a good police system so can a new game that took 8 years to make.

  • 8 faking years for this piece of shit ... too bad i love the genra

  • I cant believe how autistic gaming press is that everywhere I read articles about "cops and driving fixed in patch 1.2"... at this point idk who has less dignity, the company or gaming sites. Nobody in their right mind can even remotely consider adding more spawn radius to be any kind of an actual fix, its a thing an intern can accomplish in


  • You really can't put into words how brilliant people must be to keep playing this masterpiece

  • they put Bethesda to shame .

  • If I make a country our measurement system is gonna be minecraft chunks

  • I was wondering if the game was better now. This answered my question.

  • Damn they fixed the cops, nice. If only America would do the same.

  • What about the normal ps4

  • I looked like a straight clown 🤡 on release date after hyping this game up to my friends.

  • It's seriously mind boggling how Grand Theft Auto San Andreas as well as GTA IV have vastly more sophisticated and downright life-like AI/NPC's, when they're 17 & 13 year old games 👀

  • Narrator(Morgan Freeman): They didn't fix the Cops

  • They fucked this game up bad.... they should have just made a new Witcher game or a new game based off something similar ..... games like this are probably hard to make and only a couple game makers can get away and make masterpieces

    • I mean if they voluntarily didn't release a massively unfinished game-released it on next gen consoles & PC only-and worked hard at it for *a MINIMUM of* another solid 24-36 months it could've actually been pretty decent, but still not great because regardless of how much more time they had-the core gameplay would still be the exact same and it feels like something I'd expect to play in 2014... But quite literally nothing could save 'Johnny Silver Hands', cause Keanu Reeves' acting abilities are downright horrendous 👀

  • You should do this in first person and keep looking to your passenger seat, see them appear in it. I have a sad feeling this game will never be fixed

  • If you think of the entire game as a meme, technically they nailed it!S:S

  • It will be 2077 before this game is finally fixed entirely.

  • I thought this was an anarcho-capitalist plutocracy with private security?

  • With all these updates and patches it shows that if they released the full game it would be about 300gb so yeah that would be awesome to see it fully released

  • 2.5 million views !!!

  • that was grape

  • The only explanation I came up with is that the game is self conscious and out of CDPR's hands

  • Witcher yapmaya benzemez bu işler CD