Shoe Cleaners at the Mall be like

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Svi 2021.
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Shoe Cleaners at the Mall be like


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    • Guys u need to do a if juice WRLD was in your class that that would be awesome

    • The way you slammed Noah 🤣🤣🤣

    • I wonder how many subs the Chanel Skunky smells can get from this comment!

    • Wsb

    • Actually I do need shoe cleaner ..seriously I do

  • 1:48 I couldn’t help it but laugh

  • Can u do types of public people

  • Do a types of people at the water fountain

  • Any kiosk worker basically

  • If drake was in your class

  • y'all should do types of people on the mic

  • Ahhhh yes the old hir dye good times🙃

  • Bro I ain't watch y'all in a minute because of school, Sad

  • *me watching loveliveserve at 3am laughing like a maniac*

  • When your fav youtuber has 7 million subs and you only have 21 thats just amazing

  • Types of people at the mall

  • How do you gonna do that to Paris

  • GOLD 🌟⚜️

  • Funniest channel by far

  • and 1.50

  • 1.32 got meee

  • still underrated

  • If lilmosly was in your class

  • Keep up the comedy 😂🤘😎

  • S

  • Lmaoooo I’m fucking crying 😭😭😂😂


  • “aLl NaTuRaL iNgReDiEnTs”

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this hella funny

  • They be hounding you just to clean a smudge off your show

  • Thanks for making me happy you guys were there wen I was depress thanks for that

  • 👍👍👍👍

    • My man rhino tryna kill him

  • Do every shoe store be like part 2 pls bro

  • Listen to Fell in Love- Shorline Mafia Remix (After-party remix) by Alex Playmaker on #SoundCloud

    • S T O P R E S I S T I N G S T O P R E S I S T I N G

  • That’s how my shoe clean went guy came up screaming at me

  • “I f#$k with the”

  • The funniest video I’ve seen in years

  • eric andre vibes

  • This video just made my day😢👍

  • W

  • S

  • E

  • X

  • S

  • Bring back rappers on the class room poly g or ynw melly

  • Literally one of the funniest vids

  • My man rhino tryna kill him

  • I almost forgot your channel

  • S T O P R E S I S T I N G S T O P R E S I S T I N G

  • Hey loveliveserve, is your name Ryan Burton?

  • Do types of people in the group chat

  • React to the channel Zhong

  • They part of the 97% now

  • Y’all should do if 24Kgoldn was in ur class

  • Hey they never did if juice wrld was in ur class

  • 😂😂😂

  • They low-key sexual assault you when they try to clean your kickz 😂

  • Rihno: please do not resist.

  • Refreshed show cleaner

  • Broo i was waiting for this one

  • That literally happened to me

  • i h a v e t h e p e r f e c t t h i n g f o r y o u

  • Flight reacted to this

  • 😂

  • "Look at the effect"💀💀💀

  • My man tackling people

  • Do a different types of people on the public bus like the crazy person or the job interview guy

  • They way I gasped when I saw Edwin😭😭😭

  • He choosed violence for Noah 😭 (not the u look like Rihanna I’m deaddd)

  • Turned super saiyan.

  • Video idea: prank noah boat with a it prank its like you get a red balloon and get like the same car from IT then follow him around and let go of the balloon in the car

  • Nice

  • Keep it up its so funny

  • I love your videos when i get down i watch them so they make me up.

  • Pause at 1:10, thank me later

  • you guys are in this video u aren't under ratted anymore

  • Miami lmao 😂

  • bro when rhino pushed noah i was dead

  • As somebody who works at Journey’s and is forced by corporate to try and sell a can of crep with every sale, this one hurt

  • 1:56 when you see Noah in the store

  • Shoutout to the guy who came up with this idea in the what ur shoes say about u video, but u gotta make a what ur Spotify playlist says about u Like so they can see

  • I legit spent $40 cuz this happen to me I can say this is legit I testify this is real

  • * Casually walks in store with my custom all white forces * Shoe Cleaner: GET HIM NOW

  • "fucking bitch"

  • Xsasx

    • @qopoy dnon bro I was just pressing random letters to see how many times I commented on this channel tf you saying

    • rob always gotta ruin the video it was funny just rhino and noah

  • true.

  • we enjoy our job.

  • Not the tackle

  • Anyone know what brand that art hoodie was?

  • shoe cleaners are sexy as fuck but annoying too

  • When he tried to put 99,999 on cash app lmaoo

  • Congrats on 7 mil btw


  • Rob that's someone daughter -2020 Noah yes daddy yes - 2021 Rhino get the fuck out of here - 2021

  • “Has anyone ever told you, you look just like Rihanna?” “Wut”

  • Imagining go to the mall and this happen to u

  • Now I'm scared to go to America

    • I'm from 🇿🇦 and shi happen to me everytime I go to the mall

  • im ngl one time a shoe cleaner cluthed me up but she kinda forced me into buying a box

  • I've been following since 100k

  • rob always gotta ruin the video it was funny just rhino and noah

  • im wheezing right now

  • This made me wanna go get my shoes cleaned at the mall

  • You guys are never gonna fall off

  • Bro fr they tried to clean my crocs