SCP-343 "God" (SCP Animation)

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Sij 2021.
TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation SAFE class object, SCP-343 Animation.
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SCP 343, also known as "God", is a male, seemingly race-less, humanoid in appearance with apparent omnipotence.
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Music by Gravity Sound.


  • Keep on that great work!

  • SCP-343 would be a great therapist. Like if you agree!

  • Saw a young girl & old man started nose bleeding. Bruhhhh

  • God damnit god too

  • Can we use him to kill that lizard?

  • "Prove you are God." 343: Phases through wall and offers a cheeseburger. Personnel: Gets up and clocks out

  • Are scp real please tell the truth

  • Wow hod was so powerfull that the scp foundation had to contain him

  • Yay he’s safe

  • wow dr clef cant leave scp 239 alone; first he destroys a site, releases and destroys numerous scp in the process plus "killing" dr white, just to put her into the coma now hes been released to finish the job.

  • Scp-532 slenderman

  • Oh if I was on the scp foundation I will visit 343

  • ic not alaud to tok abaut di scp faundeison dac not alaud and u can get kild ore kikt from di pleice

  • TheRubber: “water and piss” Me: I thought he would say pee instead of piss

  • Every one gangster til they look up god



  • Jesus

  • A Human with a purple gun was able to kill the devil girl. While The creator of the universe was loosing

  • Dr cleff? Is purple guy :O

  • Is this real?

  • That was a glock looking revolver bro

  • For me hes not that dangerous

  • God is an scp?

  • fubber to robbing lol


  • This is not true god will show him or her unltel the end.......

  • SCP 001


  • This is not God maybe has some of gods gifts but not God

  • yah think he’s safe he’s fucking god

  • He calm and chill

  • did you just say piss

  • Its Releted To Eleven From Stranger Things

  • *Me is confusion*

  • 239: big piss and stuff everywhere me: P I S S

  • ScP 026

  • no cussing 😠😡🤬

  • god + 05council vs the little white wizzard

  • Soooo, he is God right? With the whole hamburger thing and everything...

  • He's the protecter of our kidneys and our kidneys' kidney.

  • This is pretty depressing

  • Why can’t she heal herself

  • I confused does mean God with white hair and Jesus have brown hair??? my mind is like jeod actually Hell nah but i still don't know this different tho

  • god seems like a chill guy bruh. Like, this man really proved that he is god by walking through a wall and coming back with a FUCKING HAMBURGER

  • is this one of the scp tales?

  • The real SCP 001

  • I feel bad for God, hes been alive for so Long, and have seen so Many things, and now His age Is getting close to him..poor Being, Alzeimer Is cruel..

  • I like him i like 343

  • Are you realy god? Yeah No *1 second later Hamburger Oh hello god

  • This channel is just amazing

  • So, for onece, we have a close explanation at SCPs universe laws of physics.


  • Drugs!

  • 2:40 oh, hey look a Terraria sound effect

  • Scp 343: can do this 8:01. Also him: probably too lazy to erase all corona

  • Bruh why did clef beat a 5 year old? That’s just illegal It’s still a child

  • Is it me or does Dr. Clef look like Gordon Freeman?

  • Я один тут русский?

  • These channels are ruining the scp community...

  • Wish that this had a happier story than that poor girl with negative powers

  • God is an SCP... G O D

  • Oh my god when the video ended I began to feel happiness so I belive it's real

  • i like that scp

  • How would god be bad

  • this video turned from christian god to doctor killing demon child

  • Bro, Why did the Doctor Clef guy shoot SCP-239's tube thing?

  • SCP-293 vs SCP-343 + SCP-093 (ft. Dr. Clef)

  • this is probally might happen in real life if god finnally cme back to life

  • The real God is real

  • Literal god with signs of omnipotence, SCP:Safe class it is!

  • He probably the creator of rule34

  • Wow god from my City.

  • Wow, I did not know God can make burgers.

  • Do sup 5000

  • I would like to talk to him and ask him questions

  • He didn't creat the evil SCP which must mean there is a devil

  • God isn't an scp he made the world

  • 2:45 lmao dont tell me thats terraria's rod of discord sound effect

  • I guess god is a scp-

  • 239

  • why did they fucking jail god :(

  • This was very ironic and sad in middle to end of this story, it's pretty dumb though

  • Jotaro vs SCP 239: jotaro: STAR PLATINUM star platinum: * *STAR FINGERS* 239 *

  • God is a lot lot more powerful than him

  • He isn’t god

  • now god turn to scp :\

  • Jesus: is that my son?

  • Me*sees hamburger in 343's hand Me*yeets and eats hamburger without asking Scp'343:umm ur welcome? Me:oh ur welcome Svp'343*OnO I don't like calling him god cuz I know that's not god god is up in the heaven now let me finish eating mah hamburger 🍔

  • Respects for God: Infinite.

  • Makes you wonder if he's so powerful why hang around the foundation? Surely there's more interesting things out there in the whole universe. Is there something on earth he needs? Or something he's hiding from?

  • Is this even real?

  • No one: GOD nosebleeds" Eleven from stranger things:

  • The rubber;"Iam going to make a HRwiki channel"! SCP FOUNDATION;"Iam going to make this mans whole career"!!!!!!

  • Me: you are a god right Him: yessss Me: then show me Him walks in the wall Me: ok thats eno.... Him: HAMBURGER WHAT THE FUCK

  • Dr Clef died in like 18978 stories

  • Si that god

  • Pls scp 69

  • *Hamm Borger*

  • The animation is so cool :)