SCP-3288 The Aristocrats (SCP Animation)

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Stu 2020.
TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-3288 Animation.
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SCP 3288, also known as The Aristocrats, designates a highly predatory species or subspecies of the genus Homo (Homo anthropophagus).
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  • I guess I know how these guys came to be besides the real Hapsburgs, man, Mexico dodged a bullet on those guys... There is a sort of a Joke, you make up the sickest, more depraved, full of murder, crime, greed, and other awful things story, then you make it pass as a joke, and when someone asks you who would do such terrible things, the punchline would always be "the aristocrats".

  • People in Alabama be like

  • 5:23 the fact the animation shows exactly 12 as the story says, soo satisfying

  • This is literally Darkest dungeon crimson court dlc. This is almost straight plagiarism

  • It's like vampire

  • at first when i read the title i thought it said the movie( only the ogs know what im talking about lol)

  • so basically the Habsburgs

    • lol i wrote that comment before getting to that point xD

  • i like the elon musk boring company flamethrower great detail

  • So Alabama?

  • "What are you doing step-bro?!" *We're making a new SCP"

  • They look so creepy

  • This sounds like the inspiration for little nightmares

  • There just deformed vampiree

  • Um why join but no video

  • For a few seconds I thought the numbnail of scp-3288 was Kyle's mom from South park

  • These are just your average Brits

  • Me:Whats This Aristocats Me:Thats Not A Cat Me:Imma Read Again AristoCrates

  • Can we get a native English speaker to do these? The pronunciations are terrible. js

  • Couldn’t have done it without Elon musk flame throwers

  • We have to stop alabama

  • scp talking rubber is best rubber

  • This story seems out of place of normal SCP stories

  • So they're literally subhuman degenerates?

  • And that's why you always bring a flashlight with you

  • SAr co FAgi

  • So... basically incest gone wrong. Then again. When the hell can incest ever go right.

  • Imagine seeing 4999 at your bedside and all of a sudden he disappears and a 3288 shows up.

  • 10:47 that lion is from the Kingdom of Castille flag.

  • 7:08 the Castilla Leon lions look really cool.

  • I would take so much bombs with me. So i can bomb this place till anything is gone. And burning it causing it that those creatures can't get out.

  • You know what's scary? There was a family of people that did this, they would inbreed and at one point one of their kings was reported to be the ugliest man alive. Luckily they were eraticated but imagine if it kept carrying on, on a much larger scale like this. Very disturbing stuff

  • Incest gone WRONG

  • I find it funny that the really fat one had to be carried out with a crane

  • So the King of Spain is a SCP?

  • I knew this sounded like Charles II.

  • This isnt an SCP, this is just average british people

  • why are all the sigma-6 operatives trans women

  • the pronunciation here is uh, wild to say the least

  • oi this human tastes rather schtewpid innit?

  • This is just British people

  • I live in Vienna...

  • Hate to say it, but I think SCP overlord borrowed a few of your graphics for their video? (Ie, teeth comparison, moldy book)

  • So rich people?

  • An SCP director walks into an MTF Sigma-6 base and says, "Have I got an assignment for you."

  • Scp 3288 is like an medieval nation

  • The moment you realize you've been bred through incest for so long that you become a servant despite the fact that all 3288 are of royal descent.

  • Rip agent 18

  • 1:08 hmmmmm

  • Introduce baba yaga to the aristrocrats and see if they communicate with each other

  • 2:59 *| (• ◡•)|*

  • Sarcophagi... please look up the phonetic pronunciation. Drove me right out of my immersion. Other than that, love these videos.

  • so Sweet Home Alabama was around longer than we thought, interesting.........

  • Fake

  • D'e bri'ish teeth!!!!

  • "Tsar-Co-Fah-Guy"

  • Please do not ask who has to wipes him you really do not want to know

  • if someone thought that marie antuannet was cruel

  • ITS NOT CALLED "sarco phagi* its sar cough a guy

  • I thought the personnel is professional? A soldier dumb enough to tumble over a bone would have been fired, even assuming this is a dark room, the whole event itself was dumb. Then, again his courage to sacrifice himself is praiseworthy.

    • He was walking backwards to make sure he can see his eneimes also they were inside a building how could he even expect a pile of bones right behind him? Besides the fact that he was under the pressure of knowing that he might not get out alive anyone would be stressed even if they dont show the stress also he didnt know a lot about his enemy the only thing he knew was their favorite food which is him i can stay all day listing reasons if i want but it would be a waste of time

  • That reminds me of the game little nightmare

  • Online pronunciation guides for words that you aren't sure how to pronounce: The Rubber: "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that"

  • I enjoy this channel more than i thought i would but holy shit did I start dying after hearing his pronunciation of sarcophagi back to back

  • Poldactyl means an extra finger on the hand rubber why he only got 5 digits?

  • Repugnus Genome Confirmed?

  • I like he said massive mouths but he draw the smallest mother ever

  • At least there not real

  • How does he know all of this stuff ?

  • Sark-o-phag-eye

  • His oc is so adorable

  • Is a left 4 dead jockey

  • I feel like Ferdinand would get along well with these guys

  • Hey, I have a suggestion for another one: SCP - 2547

  • Oh look english people

  • This would be a great horror game depicting the containment of SCP-3228 where you start as an Operator in the 10th of June 1988 and switched into another operator of the Infiltration Team to see whats going on inside SCP-3228-1.

  • If i where a scp: scp d.r.u.m a drummer and drum set that when moved can eat an entire body including the bones

  • Didn't know british people are now SCPs

  • Habsburgs combined with the Crones from the Witcher lore.

  • Stories like this could fit into an SCP game that involves you being an operative for the SCP foundation.

    • This could make for a decent movie.

  • They kept the blood line so pure that they created an SCP lmao

  • And this kids, is why you don’t inbreed

  • ...(Sar-Co-Fah-Guy) I am ASTOUNDED.

  • They really made British people an scp

  • "sarco-phag-eye"... How have you lived this long and never heard the word sarcophagi/sarcophagus once in your life? It isn't even hard to pronounce. Edit: Wow... how have you lived this long and not heard the word diminutive (small) in your life? Were you raised in a cave with no outside interactions? WHY DO YOU KEEP PRONOUNCING ANOMALOUS AS ANONYMOUS??? The former is the adjective of anomaly, like a "strange and undefinable event or item". The latter means "unknown/without using one's identity or name". Dude whatever school you went to. Get your money back.

  • Teeth, claws, & raw physical strength - Can easily be mistaken for that of a full grown bear.

  • Br'tish people.

  • #no homo

  • You mean vampires?

  • 1:07 this one is pretty funny

  • they look like my teachers

  • 1:27 3288 Be Buffed Lol

  • Let me guess you’re British

  • So this all happened because some rich people wanted to date there sister-

  • are these SCP's just British people

  • It’s been 4 months ✋🏿😔💜

  • They look bri'ish.

  • Wow 3288 should get a dentist appointment if their mouth is more horrific then the rest of their ugly human eating face 😰

  • 1 like = 1 RIP Operative 18

  • why 2 of them into my city? why-?? i mean fine 282 might be safe but WHY lol (jk)

  • The mispronunciation is honestly great

  • They're kinda like the monsters from Little Nightmares