Datum objavljivanja: 9. Lip 2020.
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  • I was scolded coz Im laughing too loud and my tears are falling. This is just absolutely funny. Im still catching my breath while I was typing this. 😂🤣

  • Tyler looking kinda small lol

  • 4:40 VMP: THE F###!? GET YOUR MEN CLOTHS ON MOE!!! THE F### IS WRONG WITH YOU MOE!? WHY IS TYLER1 ON THE COMIC JUST STANDING THERE WATCHING MOE!? 5:43 Me: What sword? If i was there I'll Break that dam sword because Moe is acting G@y. The F###... Tyler1 on the comic should of use his bat on Moe. What the F###.

  • LMAO!!!

  • I like how this video got recommended to me after all the Yassuo Bella drama lmao

  • First part of the vid is kinda weird

  • I almost spit out my water at 6:13 💀😂 The artist got Macaiylas chin right

  • This aged well

  • this after the belluh drama is gold

  • tyler u need a haircut really bad

  • S

  • hehe xd

  • wow your hair I think you need it cut


  • hehe xd

  • We live in a society

  • this man has the hair of a kid who doesnt care

  • hehe xd


  • Mind the gap. #Chive

  • 7:49 That didn't age well

  • Haven't laughed so hard at a youtube clip for months

  • new year and this came up again to my recommendation, it's still hilarious AF! could have watch this every now and then and still would be funny

  • What song is just after the comic ends?

  • Wtf is that, whoever made that abomination deserves a VIP room in the pits of Hell.

  • hehe xd

  • To be honest that was disgusting

  • hehe xd

  • Caught his sexuality lacking

  • Hehe xd

  • remember, someone actually took the time to make this. to actually draw and sketch this down.

  • Liste buddy


  • hehe xd

  • That is just shit

  • Hairline!!!!!

  • best part is macaiyla just dying in the background

  • keep pressing 0 in your numpad 0:00

  • 5:31 read his lips lmfao

  • that was cringe,it was DISTURBING!!!! XDDD FUNN BUT DISTURBING


  • Best T1 video I have ever seen

  • hehe xd

  • 4:38 “What the fuck?” Me and tyler jinxed XD

  • When you realise it is a sweet asian girl behind the making of this comic, tyler,'s comments are harsh at the beginning

    • No, nothing wrong with him and his comments. Gtfo with the double standards, Tyler was just being his natural self and nothing else. Nothing to do with genders here. Unless " let's not allow men to be men cus it's offensive".

  • I watch too much anime. I read "moe" as "moe"

  • Tyler is south african?

  • Muck foe

  • moes reaction to the comic is priceless 😂😂

  • hehe xd

  • Bob Ross

  • Ice Swallow Come highlight of this video

  • That was fucking horrific jesus

  • nah my gf pushes me to the ground and beats me with a base ball bat then twerks on me..

  • Tyler acts like he’s been violated

  • This aged like fine wine after Twitch Rivals

  • I cant I really cant

  • moe: *laughing in pain dying* tyler: confused and grossed out

  • Ima be sick

  • Tyler without a shaved head is cursed.

  • Hehe xd

  • 0:38 THAT ASS

  • Hehe xd

  • "Tyler times Moe 1"

  • I spit out my water trying to not cringe lmfao. The Woof Woof got me too hard.

  • When I saw Macaiyla laughing I lost it omg.

  • Yaoi Lovers: Yes this is Perfect

  • Name of the song plsss

  • I'm fockin dead

  • wtf

  • When is part 2 coming out , i can’t wait

  • Such a similar energy to The Baby is You....y'all Homestucks know what I'm talking about.

  • 2months ago????

  • ok, if this comic exists we are f*cking doomed.

  • Hahahahaha XD! very fun

  • Macaiyla's reaction is the funniest shit

  • Hol up is Tyler black?

  • bro, imagine if he was in a call with greek and he read this, or better yet a tyler x greek fan fic and he reads it while in call with greek, like holy fuck, i need this.

  • Tyler with hair kinda epic doe

  • people take time out of their lifes to make fanart / fanfic for you and you call their art shit for not giving you enough muscles? really?

  • So MoE, so romantic.

  • Tyler vs the crack head(michaelreeves)


  • U look like a buff version of logic imo

  • "i made this comic because moe didn't read my sub donation comment, f* u moe" NICE LOL

  • yo.. YO CHILL HAHAHAHA 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • LISTEN BUDDY was just the breaking point

  • What’s the song name at 7:00? Please help me it’s driving me crazy. It’s so familiar

  • *Tyler is just a tsundere*

  • watermelon in a bag wtf

  • I bet Macalya doesn't do shit t1 is doing everything

  • 0:00 Me coming back to school after quarantine

  • That is gay as hell

  • This was great, this is the reson tyler1 is extremely entertaining xD

  • Hehe XD

  • Moe had a better reaction 😂

  • t1 tilted for the next three weeks-

  • Am I the only one that watched this and felt just like Tyler that it was omega cringe and weird?

  • Am fucking crying

  • If it's acting, that's okay. If you really treat that girl lile this, You should never be in a relationship at all.

    • You have an anonymous mask as a profile pic. You don't have an opinion.

    • You must be the love Doctor.