Reacting to 0 IQ Fortnite Plays...

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Lis 2020.
Today I react to some of the DUMBEST moments in Fortnite! ! If you enjoyed, help us get to 1.2 million subs!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. In todays video I react to some of the dumbest 0 IQ moments in fortnite! If you guys like these fortnite reaction videos, let me know in the comments! Hope you enjoy!
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  • Lol

  • Lmao

  • Oo it went through the wall It's a tree my guy

  • 2:06 I disagree I have made it out w no damage taken

  • Happ Thanksgiving everyone, grateful for you all ❤️

  • Burdan 3.20 deki berkaya selamlar 🤣

  • Wait he said he never did a 10 iq play but he said to one of those clips that it happened yo hi.

  • I did a 100iq play where doom was in the little area where the vault was and I hid and dinked him and he had no idea where I was

  • You can remove the helicopter out of the football field, you just have to go straight up

  • 8:10 Satan Sypher??

  • sypher and chica seem a nice combo

  • All you have to do is drive straight up and the helicopter won’t take damage

  • I thought it was water also

  • Здесь есть русскоговорящие?

  • 2:52 said they like boys

  • 0:39 Voice crack 😶

  • 5:30 love how that other guy thought that was his teammate for a second as well💀💀

  • was that fresh

  • Bro sypher kissed his wife

  • On the mountain clip I actually thought it was water lol

  • Tell fortnite to bring back old fortnite. Everyone egrees except for probably 5 peeps

  • 2:02) I can take it out will full HP

  • Sypher you can’t get the helicopter out of the soccer doom vault area Me : makes it out of there 5 times in a row with out it taking damage

  • Yes you can you just have to go up s rant up


  • 9:04 Sypher what the FUCK IS THAT FACE

  • I thought that was water aswell lmao.

  • Supher search on HRwiki and search 200 is plays in fortnite I bet you’re going tk laff and how much times you’re there

  • the last one is a mrfresh clip

  • Like 60% of these clips are like gas can fails

  • You can you have to take the helicopter 🚁 straight upwards

  • Sypher pk deserves his own skin , hopefully they release one

  • Why do u suck so much

  • How did they get my games on camera I don’t record

  • Anyone else think that he looks like lover fella

  • 6:02 The shockwave when threw the "wall" Also sipher: I make 200 IQ plays. Which is true btw but a tree is not a wall.

  • 3:45 look at the reboot texts it says die

  • 4:51 on bcc gaming someone else comes and it sais someone should have planned better

  • I keep see this vid and every time I see it it’s frie

  • Sypher: this heli is not supposed to be here. Heli: I know you are but what am i

  • Me and my friend both used that rift yesterday and didnt die

  • Every time I take out that heli I lose no health on it

  • the video he reacted to is longer than the reaction vid itself

  • Chica kinda think tho

  • Bro I thought that was water to

  • SypherPK: I don't make 10 iq plays. Also SypherPK: I've thought that an enemy was my teammate

  • 0:35 he thought it was water and shyperPK thought it was water to same I thought it was water

  • How could that be water if water is already on the right

  • That was rock

  • Syphers facecam at 1:26, i guess his wife walked in lol

  • I hate you

  • Magyarok 🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺...?

  • I actually thought it was water to

  • Video says 10 iq plays but sypher decided to put 0🤨

  • i thought that was water

  • all of these are just 47% gas can fire explosion deaths

  • 0:32 who else thought that was water

  • Mongraal isn’t the best at the game. But he probably is the best at raging lol 😂

  • It should tell you how much are watching them

  • broiii

  • Me: I thought it was water too Me rewatching it: I can’t unsee the mountain

  • are you lover fella

  • Romanii care lau vazut pe bala sa dea like la clip =))

  • U should play a different game cause fortnite is dead

  • What was the water looking stuff

  • Yes I can the helicopter at doom I have got it out of there multiple times without it loosing any hp

  • 3:09 I've done that before in a tournament. I felt so dumb after that

  • 1:50 one time my friend tried to get in but I was already in the helicabopter and I went out to early and it blew up. BUT it didn’t take any of my health away and it took half of his😅

  • With the helicopter you could just fly up with out losing most of it health

  • 6.34 ahhhhh aaaaAAAaaaaAAAaaaaHHHHHHyyyYYYYdgGGhHHhHhHhH

  • 0:36 the voice cracks though

  • i that that was water too

  • That helecopter is supposed to be there and u can bring it out without it taking any damage, you just have to go straight up without moving

  • Damn I so thought that was water!! Took that like a champ and laughed it off😆😂😂

  • Berkay abiden gelenler sdfklsşdfsf

  • 7:17 that was not 0 iq it was in negative

  • I like how the actual vid is 10:15 sec but sypher made it 10:14

  • Hi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 00:39 the voice crack

  • I knew it wasn't water because it's 0 iq plays and he would die because it's 0 iq plays

  • The one with spark plug and dynamo shockwaving he throws it through the finest hole

  • I thought it was water too

  • That water clip though, I would’ve done what he did

  • syphher pk : you spray to much. random kid in bhe creative fill : not enough

  • that is what happened with me with the helicopter

  • Can starts a #removefire because it’s so stupid

  • الله 😘

  • He says "I am not in this becuase i dont make 10 iq plays" well your not in there... there is a seperate video for you called 0 iq plays boom roasted

  • 1:28 Sypher giving a flying kiss to his wife

  • I already know that was not water

  • That happened to me when I was playing with my brother split screen I hit the gas can and it exploded and I WAS 2 HP AND THE FIRE GOT ME!!!

  • I thought the rock was water too but once you see it you cant unsee it.

  • bro is this a reaction channel bro literally this channel is all reactions i know you have no ideas but still

  • He said we don’t make 10 IQ plays only 1 IQ WHAT

  • Chica is the fall damage qwinning


  • 0:40 the voice cracks 😂😂😂

  • One game I blow myself in duos 3 times with she hulk smashers😂😅

  • 3:17 lol that happened to me

  • R.I.P to these people.