Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Lis 2020.
Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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  • Oh my god I've just realized that watching Cristine and Ben and Jen and Matt is like watching Julie & Julia, Cristine&Jen sisterhood relationship is Julia Child and her sister's, Cristine&Ben are like Julia Child and Paul Child but not married. I couldn't fit Matt into the movie :

  • 11:32 it’s called stalk home syndrome

  • I counted the bottom left section bc my attention span is horrible but just that section has about 64 polishes, I think I have maybe 20 polishes all together and 5 of them are some type of clear

  • "Ben left me" Literally jen: "im not surprised" 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂

  • Whenever I see your videos, I really feel poor!

  • I saw it say "Day 1" and I knew Ben was gonna have a rough time.

  • "theres not enough ROOM-" "well we can move the cat off the table!"

  • Cristine, Is your hair still extremely long?

    • Okay but let’s be honest... do you ever leave the house at all

  • What happens when she runs out of shelf space.....

  • I would totally go by brand

  • Stranger: How many holo polishes do u have? Christine: YES

  • Imagine what would happen if there was an earthquake

  • imagine if she still had her old shelfs

  • this is much more aesthetically pleasing to me

  • At this point she should open a nail polish store or salon.

  • There’s a point that u reach excessiveness... and Cristine reached that point about 2,000 nail polishes ago. You wanna know how many polishes I own? 18! I have 18 nail polishes n that’s it.

  • I like how we just basically watched a time lapse of there butts the whole time.😂😂

  • I love how she puts her nail polish in her cat's bed.

  • Omg!! I LOVE NAIL POLISH SO MUCH TOO! I have about 200 bottles of nail polish right now and definitely going to continue to buy it ❤️❤️ collecting nail polish and painting my nails is my favorite hobby ❤️

  • "We can move the cat of the table" LOL


  • Okay but let’s be honest... do you ever leave the house at all

  • I love organizing small colourful things, but whyy

  • Ben: "Could we get rid of some?" Cristine: (so you've chosen death?!) NO!

  • Bless you, Nail Goddess. Those mismatched sized bottles were driving me NUTS. Much nicer now! I can stop twitching while I watch!

  • ben: Im not doing this *time lapse of ben helping*

  • Did you throw away the moldy nail polish.

  • She is not only collecting nail polish and teas. She is also collecting cat clocks.

  • I'm starting to think christine is a simply masochist

  • I prefer this way better its much more pleasing. Also anyone else thought that quarantine was going to be fun because your fav youtubers would post more but then you realise its the total opposite?

  • my goal is to have a Christine level amount of nail polish one day...amazing I know 😂

  • How many nail polish bottles do you have, Cristine?

  • If there was an earthquake Rest In Peace nail polish

  • She thinks she has a problem.. 1.9 Million people WATCHED her do it AGAIN. WE HAVE A PROBLEM LOVE NOT YOU

  • You could do swatches of all the polish and keep those in rainbow order. So if you were looking for a specific shade you could use that and then go to your shelf to find it.

  • I, too, enjoy a nice vodka salad

  • ben is an absolute legend petition for ben to start his own youtube channel

  • She’s deranged but deserves the world

  • Upcoming vid: top shelf (unused) mani! Say yes :D Do it!

  • “It’s actually a-“ “Can you gat 5 more cat beds”

  • When does BEYYYN get to PROPOSE to CRISTINE???📣

  • Spooky cleaning season is best

  • Cristine: "There's not enough room" Ben: "Well we can move the cat off the table" Zyler: *wut*

  • Does nail polish expire?

  • You should do a spooky Halo Taco collection!!

  • @19:24 it instantly reminded me of ralph from the simpsons for some reason.

  • "ew I think it's molding" Proceeds to put it back on the shelf

  • I need to know. Even though the rib nail polish was moldy, did you still keep it?

  • 5:56 now THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

  • "After" is better

  • Girl, you have a really big collection over there, I'm impressed

  • Maybe it's just me but her sister sounds drunk 🤣

  • Ben with his RiMmEl LoNDoN kills me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 11:46 if thats a British accent.. Tell me thats not a British accent..

  • 'Im gonna be 32 next month!!' She's gonna be a ~32 year old lady~ This is her ~me time~

  • Okay I didnt mean to look at your butts but i couldn't help it after you said something 🤣

  • it's so much more aesthetically pleasing like this then it was before

  • Wait did she keep the moldy polish 😭😭😭

  • Ik she’s not gonna die anytime soon hopefully but what gonna happen to her nail polishes when she does

  • I love that Ben keeps you feed and hydrated during your psychosis.

  • I can not believe I just sat here and watched you organize your wall for almost 30min but I will do it agian

  • nobody: not even cristine: ben: unicorn pee!!!

  • Nailogical: Everytime I get a new nailpolish I need to move it! Me: more? You need more? You have a problem 😰 but I support it 😌

  • and today on Hoarders: Buried Alive

  • remember when there was a time that she actually used her nail polish for nail art.

  • Get a boyfriend like Ben that will sit and help you organize 2,000 nail polishes

  • Ben: “what’s it called when someone kidnaps someone and they think they love them?” Me: Yoonbum

  • My cat loves watching your videos

  • 5:40 what is that????

  • Cristina and Ben are like a married couple

  • It took longer than I thought it would for her to redo the wall 🤣 like I was expecting her to post this a week after the last time

  • Everyone helps but Menchie...

  • For fall u should paint pumpkins with nail polish or like use nail techniques to paint a pumpkin

  • Fuck that for a game of checkers!

  • Christine: “I will not be okay if I don’t fix this” All of Christine’s fans: Will you ever be okay?

  • @5:23 are you kidding me!!..WoW!

  • Definitely like this layout better!

  • Ben making weird noises shows that hes fully comfortable with the camera and i am so proud -

  • Christine: bennnnn Me: no its BEYYYYYNNNNNNN

  • OMG I found simplys piterest

  • “I don’t think Safiya would do this even for money” jajajaj I don’t know, she spends hours mixing lipsticks, she may do this justo for fun


  • Love the outcome 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻looks so much better


  • When all three of you where there, it felt like you all had like three beers 🍻

    • I NEED to know jen’s birthday like. She’s got to be an aries.

  • This is proof that your sister hates you

  • Menchie is really just tolerating you destroying ANOTHER part of her castle the entire time lmao

  • you should put some glass doors on those shelves to save yourself from all the dust

  • Chris *tea* ne Her parents also knew her love for tea when naming her what a champ

  • I’m Canadian 🇨🇦

  • Has something happened with you and Ben?? Did you guys finally "quite" one of your jobs?? Since in this video, Ben seems a lot more happier reorganizing you nail polish again.

  • Jen got a booty 👀

  • And why aren’t these two married yet

    • they don’t want to get married. To them, it’s just a title and piece of paper

  • honestly doing something like this is like a beautiful fever dream for me

  • I just watched someone organize nail polish for 24 minutes ... And I enjoyed it. What?

  • Hi Christine I know you're I spelled your name wrong a watch your videos every day they make me happy I live in Canada to I drink tea I've been dealing with anxiety lately I want to come home and watch your videos they always make me happy

    • I meant I watch your videos everyday

  • Hey! Cristine! 22:54 You're welcome lol

  • Cristine, so how much does the expensive nail polish you showed cost?

  • Loving how the method of holding the polishes is car beds. SUPER Simplynailogical vibe. Edit: Fucking Sally Hansen bottles are the WORST to organize. 2nd Edit: Why don't you make nail polish haul videos?

  • I NEED to know jen’s birthday like. She’s got to be an aries.