President Obama is Scared of Sasha and Roasts Donald Trump

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
President Obama talks about his new book “A Promised Land,” selling more books on the first day than Michelle did, being scared of Sasha and Michelle, the alias his daughters came up with for him, the struggle of being a good father and husband while also being a good President, being on the cover of InStyle Magazine, sinking a three pointer while campaigning with Joe Biden, calling the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, getting Trump out of the White House, Joe Biden becoming President, resurrecting the Pandemic Task Force disbanded by Donald Trump, getting the Affordable Care Act passed, the work that still needs to be done, the best night of his Presidency, the Bin Laden raid, Donald Trump’s birther theory, and he surprises a totally unsuspecting fan.
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  • Hahaahahaha Hey Obama!!! How you liking Trump now??? Hahahaha U fool YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG TRUMP HAHAHA

  • Wonderful! I enjoyed this so much! Thank you.!

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  • I ordered the book immediately after I watched this show.

  • Obama is evil!! And so is the liberal media!!

  • AWE..I miss him so much..and I m a Canadian..Great to see Brauc again..he is very opposed to The Orange man.. thx for having him on..

  • I think Robert Kennedy is going to become the next president, he will put an end to the Vietnam War.

  • When you mix together the Founding Fathers, Mark Twain, Shakespeare and Lincoln, you get Barack Obama.

  • President Barack Obama my questions to you why can you not try to run the USA as president again badly need answers of you definitely you chould be in titles to go for it again. By Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  • Thank you for having me!

  • I loved this video! I miss President Obama so much. He is a beautiful human being. He makes me smile. I felt safe when he was at the helm. Everything is going to be ok now with President Biden. Biden is good. Maybe not great like Obama :) But good! He'll do a very good honourable job - maybe not a perfect job but he'll be solid all around. I want to wish everyone a beautiful day. Peace to you. Casey from Canada

  • President Obama! My heart is so happy to see you! Your graciousness and eloquence is such a breath of fresh air! Because you have faith in President Biden, my fear is gone!! You are the best 'thing' that pushed America in the right direction.

  • Seeing President Obama makes me proud to be American. We love you Mr. President!

  • "It's not an excuse, it's a lament!" I think I broke something internal and important laughing at that one, omg

  • He's amazing! And God Bless Joyce. I'd be the same way as her.

  • Oh to compare the book to the real facts... going to be interesting

  • Always funny to see all the media coverage is focused on the people that are rioting. While the media had a decisively more sympathetic slant on people that were rioting, killing, burning buildings and looting over the summer. I guess as long as you agree with the views of the mainstream media, rioting and looting is OK…lol Where was the democratic appalled reaction over the rioting this past summer? Wonder what all the "talkshow hosts" are going to talk about when Trump leaves in a few days. Watch out Hunter cancel culture is coming for

  • Remember when talk show's weren't biased?

  • His voice is unforgettable because it’s irreplaceable

    • Hey get off HRwiki and find all those bastards that were at that capitol

    • True

  • I wish in Italy we could have a premier like him

  • Joyce Joyce Joyce I felt that. 😭 I don’t know much, but I know that was my President 🥰

  • I think Obama genuinely enjoyed that interview

  • 🤙

  • Power is dirty, no matter where it is in the world

  • I know I'm not an American but i think he's one of the best Presidents you guys had.

  • I am now listening to the promise land now on audible. Its magnificent to listen to Barack narrarate his journey to the white house. That smile it illuminates the sky!❤

  • I LOVE this man❣️❤️

  • 74,000,000 official Americans voted for Trump... Yall think we gonna believe these lies?

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  • I don’t know why but Obama to me looks like joe gardener from soul without glasses

  • I really miss him!

  • sycophants


  • my favorite President

  • By far the best president u guys ever had!!

  • What a cool guy he is! How can ppl compare a cool,down to earth intellectual guy like Obama to Donald The Duck?

  • Wow, we really miss you Mr President Obama

  • Traitor, betray the country. Trump will destroy you all. Did many illegal things for the country. Not a good president and jimmy might ba a traitor too. Why people still like him.

  • I’ve never missed a complete stranger more than president Obama.

  • Worldwide leaders and citizens roll out the red carpet for 44th... Baby in diaper float demonstration when 45th step foot in their countries...

  • I second Joyce

  • The 10k dislikes are the brainwashed trump supporters

  • Love him ❤️

  • Man I want my Obama back!

  • Joyce gives me life.


  • Here’s a man who knows how to give us all some space from him. It’s pretty refreshing, actually.

  • I would’ve passed out, I’m the same age his daughter Malia but Back when my sister had a crush on Lil Wayne, my crush shift quick at the age of 9 from Drake to long term on Barack Obama 😍I had pictures all over my room as a kid of this man😂. Oh the intelligence and classy of this no so young any more gentleman will forever be my childhood crush I could never forget💛✨🍃.

  • He was okay. I have yet to see a president like Kennedy. Trump has done a lot especially for the black community. Y’all getting mad about a’s so that sex traffickers,etc. cant get past. God bless you all.

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  • they should've talked about Trump meeting with Obama right after he won the election and how Trump said they'd had a very productive conversation and how he was looking forward to them meeting again "many, many times" and how all that went down the drain also because of Trump's ridiculous arrogance. imagine him actually staying in talks to Obama, that would have meant so much less division between the two parties and most importantly so much less division of the people in America.....

  • Jimmy is a hypocrite. I used to watch his shows and enjoy it but can’t stand him anymore.

  • So happy to see him. My respect!🙏✌

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  • I miss him so much!

  • I Aint Apologising For Anything

  • Wonderful man, such a classy, intelligent and likeable President. Meanwhile...

  • Trump is the best president of the us you’ve to know dat

  • Sir, the circus is still trying to dominate.

  • I would love if Obama, if he was planning on being charitable to donate to the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a nice thing but it would also get under a lot of jerks skin. Which would then be funny for the rest of us.

  • Is it a problem that I do not at all find it weird people still refer to him as PRESIDENT Obama?

  • I know if the kitchen sink and the toilet bowl and Republican filibustering wasn't coming at President Obama and the Democratic he would have gotten so much more accomplish he was the education president love you President Obama

  • This is video is so long. I have no patience.😩 I rlly don't think I'd be able to read his book. Which is sad bc he is brilliant with words and has an amazing kind mind.

  • I rlly want everyone to sing trump is a loser in the we are the champions tune when trump finally gets kicked out of office

  • He looks like the actor imitating ex president Barack Obama.

  • You are the best Mr Obama

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  • Obama has a perfect smile

  • From the most intelligent president perhaps in our history to clearly the dumbest. Way to go, Merica

  • Joyce made my day

  • A perfect example for a good leader

  • “Why did you leave us 🌍🌏 with “him” 🙋🏼‍♂️... ??? 😕😟😔😞😒🙁☹️😣😖😫😤😡🥵

  • I just ADORE this president! Could you elect him again North Americans?? Colombia and the rest of the world misses him!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • I’m in Europe and can’t even describe how much I love Obama. How could they go from him to that orange “Boss Baby” clown? 😔

  • It still blows my mind that you guys went from Obama to Trump💀

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  • Great leaders loves and is scared their wife or family yknow, cuz woman never likes war. Therefore it'll for sure be a peaceful and nice country for sure. Unless the wife is crazy I guess...

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  • Great men to be remembered for a life time 2021

  • This man has the courage to ALWAYS put a smile on everyone’s face. I miss him, some times I disagree on his political views but at the same time agree. Other than that, he puts a big smile on everyone’s faces

  • That man is awesome what a gorgeous smile 😀😍🥰

  • Actually President O would blend in pretty-well with thick-white-framed-prop-glasses and an apron.

  • Many people probably won’t see it, but Obama reminds me of the Rock in their mannerisms, facial expressions and charisma. Just very likable people

  • I love me some President Barack Obama. Hello from Kenya

  • I didn't watch jimmy to become political

  • i'm not american but when obama was your president i was really amazed by him, yes he's not perfect of course

  • The segment you guys did with that sweet lady Joyce was so adorable. I loved her ... And Obama was genuinely kind and thrilled to share those moments of surprise and excitement.💗🌟💝🌺

  • Joyce is all of us watching this video after the capitol insurrection

  • This man will always be my President 😊

  • Comparing healthcare to sausage..? Ok so tax people thousands of dollars for not having enough money to buy said sausage so you can give free sausage to other people. The Idiocracy of listening to these two buffoons.

  • I lover him my favorite president

  • Where's the roast

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  • If it was called trumpcare people would call it a miracle

  • The best Presidente !🙏🇺🇸💜

  • Obama know he ain’t write that book lol 😂 😂 😂 these dudes got ghost writers 😂 😂 😂

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  • He could be a very good president someday.

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  • Obama is a fine good looking man God bless you always and your family. 💜🙏🙏