Outrageous Desserts You Have To Try

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2021.
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43 Outrageous Desserts You Have To Try
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  • Ethan: ayy jj getting active now Jj: 😴

  • Its impossibale to watch this vid whilst fasting😂

  • All Boston natives know that Mike’s Pastry is way better than Modern Pastry

  • The second the jiggle cake popped up I knew sum fucked was bouta b said

  • There has to be a part 2


  • Ngl almost got hard from those foods😩😫😩

  • Roti is actually Bread in Malay

  • Bro am fasting and you are watching that

  • 1:41 ayo what did Ethan say???

  • bro i have tried a nutella pizza and it was fire

  • No one: Behzinga: 2:19

  • Ethan might be onto somet yanno

  • As a diabetic this got me thinking some kind of way.....

  • You should see italian desserts!!!

  • To all the people fasting hang in there 💘

  • wait... so normal cookie dough aint edible??💀

  • DUDE ube ice cream is the best thing I ever tasted during my time in the Philippines :DD

  • Eating pizza rn c:

  • They really said Šakotis and put the location as Poland 💀🔫

  • I'm watching this while fasting 😢

  • 🤤🤤🤤

  • 11:09 Ethan says he wants to eat Pringles and doughnuts But in the sidemen carpool karaoke he said that he doesn’t like doughnuts.

  • The lads at 5:04 😅😂🤣🤣😭🤣😅😂😃



  • DID NOONE NOTICE THE "you can do it brucie" FROM MATILDA AT 9:09? BIG UP TOBI G

  • 5:46 - Music syncs up perfectly to when they say "Ooh".

  • did Ethan just come out as food sexual?

  • Jj talking about Craig David at the start of the video like he was lil kid

  • Seems like most of these desserts were the same... there's a whole world of food.

  • Looking at half these foods make my stomach hurt lol

  • Petition for a series of them trying these

  • That cheesecake has bunda 🤣🤣

  • Once a fatty always a fatty, Ethan will never change

  • Bola de berlim from Portugal is... god

  • lets go minnesota state fair sweet marthas cookies was in this sheesh

  • Tobi : 'I haven't had lunch' Muslims across the world : 'I haven't had iftaar'

  • Love JJ-s freedom of living way of living

  • I had the 5LB Hershey Bar. My coworks got it for me for Christmas back in 2007 and told me it was my challenge and I could not share it. I still have the wrapper which I proudly display in my cubicle.

  • Sidemen: This is making me hungry Me fasting 😂

  • 6:43 that laugh brings back many memories

  • as soon as sidemen moved into Aussie, I gonna move to that's fasho, cuz Aussie is near my country rn

  • Bangkok ya kno, bangin' the c*ck

  • I never heard Ethan talk like this 😂😭he is sincerely turned on by dessert

  • Sheeeeeeeeesh

  • As a man from bang-kok, I am proud.

  • 4:46 Tobi what was that?

  • People doing ramadan 😢😢😋

  • You can see the pain of not being able to eat any of it on their faces....

  • 7:24 ksi's boob got me acting up

  • Took me a while to clock why he said "purple waffle" loooool

  • Lol in the description the original video link is of pigs race.

  • lk;l;

  • 2:11 I live right here in Honolulu, but Dole is quite a drive away; when my cousin visited, we went to the beach near Dole and got the pineapple soft serve, to be honest I wasn't the biggest fan but to each their own lol. Might as well give it a try when you visit here, tho!

  • Tobi- "i havent have lunch guys ):" Me- "i am Fasting!!"


  • Ate two dozen cookies while watching this...time to run for hours.

  • "Frozen Custard" fr just be ice cream no? 💀

  • 2:20 *Character Development* 5:12

  • 2:18 JJ: "Im the one that moves mad?" Tobi: "Allow it" Also them 4:47

  • Thank god i live in NY

  • These desserts will cost my whole high school tuition

  • When tobi said jj has gone quiet it reminded me of the pro clubs where jj and i think ethan didn't talk much

  • Watched this video with my parents in the room was not a good idea

  • 6:43 💀

  • “THAT cheese cake gonna need to calm down ey THAT cheese cake gonna make me act up“ -Ethan 2021 Sorry boys let me just laugh

  • Why why its Ramadan

  • Felt like a religious experience

  • I hate Ethan so annoying

  • Moral of this vid: allow it fam

  • Why do you bully me on Ramadan

  • I can vouch for most of the nyc ones

  • POV: ur fasting

  • So funny how black Ethan becomes when these three are all together

  • ngl, i hate myself for watching this, I am hungry now

  • im fasttinnnggg

  • 0:55 JJ was so happy loool

    • 6:04 “it’s car wash”

  • Fat Ethan is still in him 2:18

  • you should make a video of you guys going different places trying different desserts

  • Ethan trying not to go back to his old ways like “😅”

  • Sorry to everyone who's fasting

  • Me rn eating a creme egg

  • I get bullied so this makes my day a little better

  • 1:18 Tobi do be actin sus......

  • ayyyyye who's watching this while fasting :(

  • #VoteNiko NDL

  • imagine watching this while fasting but nah nobody cares as long as behz and jj are making those jokes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I should not have watched this right after eating

  • Lmao almost all of them are in America

  • "If I wasn't in the gym, I'd be massive." Yeah, Ethan, we remember.

  • JJ: bulking season starting soon

  • poor tobi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Number 21 is muslim food not indian

  • Ethan: I love food, Me: *_*fasting in the background watching a video about crazy desserts_**

  • I like how jj and ethan are getting turned on by a cheese cake

  • Ethan isn't African

  • JJ asking for a digital lettuce that tastes like a burger as if he's asking for someone to draw him eating a burger.

  • Ethan inside is still fat lol

  • Watching this while fasting lol