OUR HIGHEST RATED PLAYER YET...(The Henry Theory #7) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Lis 2020.
I wonder who it could be....
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  • Me: Scoring 0 goals in div rivals Simon: Scoring 4 with 10 men

  • Odegaard scores a tap in . Simon: omg odegaard is godd odegards is glug glug glug. Meanwhile griezman scoring braces and hat trick almost every other game. 😔

  • you packed somone called simon but looked like jj

  • you should sell son and buy him in a different position

  • Despite losing more now simon did improve way much more in his finishing

  • put ter stegen in gk for christ sake!

  • the real mvp of this series is griezmann

  • This is exactly how I feel in valorant

  • use the gk for an sbc

  • I like how this guy calls it BPL and La liga BBVA

  • Try to find a way to use Ter Stegan he is sick this year

  • Suggestion about SBC's: Do a lot of those gold upgrades, those are literally the best packs, got like 3-4 informs(inform Ben Yedder btw) and a lot of 86+ rated players.

  • Your issue is defending your so bad at it you need to work on that.

  • Ter stegan is the best keeper in the game fit him in your team

  • U play well better on your own

  • I just realized, alot of the meta gold cards are 82-85 with more than 88 pace and 75 shooting. (Ben yedder, rodrigo, Antonio) hmmmmm

  • Wish you get a better defender cause the defending is awful 😂

  • Everyone plays with the same team lol whack

  • simon; the last time i got a walkout me; the last time you almost died like this

  • Is his game just that responsive that his players are so quick or is he using sliders? Cuz I swear when I play, all my players feel like they have 50 pace max.

  • yo simon youre my guy but youre only 7 episodes in and youre already breaking the rules for your series. you might as well not make any rules if youre not gonna even follow it.

  • Use ter stegen, he’s a god

  • 0:27 SPQR is an acronym for the government of the ancient Roman Empire

  • Right, either your pack luck is ridiculous, or mine is atrocious.

  • Who else clocked his gamertag🤣🤣

  • Change Son to RW so u can replace him for Minamino and start him👌

  • You should put a Arsenal kit instead of France

  • Simon be loving these 2 non skippable ads

  • sell her steven

  • Play Grimaldo instead of kolarov

  • Change your formation to 433 it’ll make cb’s full Chem and moutiniho

  • Change the Chen style on henry

  • why you don't put Henry St?

  • The opponent team at 8:31 is named W2Sneedsatrim

  • Simon play 4-2-2 and you change it in game but you can still play Henry as LW/LM and you can play son as LM on RM and he would have 7 chem

  • Who else likes zidane zone more

  • try to fit ter stegen, he's a beast

  • Suggestion: Do the silver objectives to get silver inform Kean.Its really easy and on silver lounge friendlys and he’s a BEAST

  • He should use ter Stegen in goal, no matter what Like so Simon can see

  • Use custom tactics they will defo help if your not using them already just saying

  • My sbc megapack was a mbappe

  • Bring on ter stregen in the starting lineup

  • Simon i beg you fix your camera angle its not helping with the defending at all, personally i suggest using height 20 and zoom 0

  • Petition for Simon to play with Mcjell

  • Can't you put son RW?

  • Try to use Marc-Andre ter stegen he's really good

  • Sell son and koulibaly ,buy umtiti and legent

  • Do a club tour so we can make you different teams!

  • Who else clocked his gamertag🤣🤣

  • Use Ter stegen he’s pretty solid

  • Sell him and just 4get about not buying players rule plz

  • Keeo Ter Stegen on your team

  • Ter Stegen is a beast this fifa

  • Do tobi or harry as special guest

  • You can sell ter stegen and get like gomez in defense


  • U could use terstegan put pique for Manolas switch minamino for adama maybe bellerin for Cedric to get a cheaper price and then a spanish midfielder maybe thiago

  • Simon play friday the 13th

  • That formation isn’t gonna work switch to a 4231 in game

  • The fact that he just made a guy founder rage quit is amazing 13:27

  • sell him!!

  • Next guest should be ksi


  • When he didn’t use ter stegen I was just like 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Simon: What do I do? What do I do? Me: Pes?

  • If you win 3 in a row you get 5 packs or 2 promo packs

  • If you loose 3 in a row you should discard one player from your starting 11.. pick a number in a number generator and whatever number for that “position” you have to discard..

  • You should get Harry for this series

  • Use kovacic instead of mountinho

  • Pack luck has been so much better this series

  • W2S or KSI on the series just saying

  • Wtf MAKE A LIGA BBVA TEAM 433 Attack Use Griezmann Odegard and Henry Up front Like so Simon sees this

  • U would think he’s playing cut champs with he’s reaction

  • you should do a dark pictures : little hope

  • Invite harry hesketh to your next episode

  • Haven’t watched the vid but you already know by the title it’s a gk just because it would of been titled different if it was a good player

  • Can’t wait for him to say F it and buy inform bamford

  • And some of the milestones like the 100 finesse shots for a 50k pack

  • Do the advanced sbcs

  • You should put Henry at ST and Griezmann at LW

  • switch sonny to a LW and play him at RW or switch to a LF and play him at ST

  • Switch to 4321 and play Henry as LF. Put wingers on stay wide for through balls. Also get Ter Stegen into the team, best keeper in the game.

  • Swap son for minamino and change son position to lw. Then change moutinho for dele Ali

  • 12:45 u already know well be seein this in jjs reddit

  • Big brother clubs?????

  • Simon should do a collab with Harry's w2s Road to glory

  • sell ter stegan and buy de gea or ederson

    • also, change your defence it is absolutely trash

  • Get the burntchip on

  • How.did he get son please anyone explain

  • Make vids longer

  • 8:48 to good

  • Change your club name

  • Keep Ter Stegen

  • Throbi

  • What’s the camera angle

  • Best keeper this fifa in my opinion is ederson

  • Man should of done the ‘Torres team’ as a series

  • Has anyone noticed the the guys username at 8:32😂

  • Simon, u literally have kovacic and tielemens who are miles better than Mourinho.. Use them.

  • Play watch dogs again