Ninja Reacts to My "Ninja Syndrome" Video

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Tra 2021.
Ninja Reacts to My "Ninja Syndrome" Video in League of Legends
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  • I think we can all agree Ninja took this one like a champ, only respect for this kind of reaction.

    • reactception

    • @Jeremiah Riley wood tier lmao

    • Fake platitudes. Ninja played terrible, by any Wood tier account, blamed others for his mistakes, and propped himself up for things he had no part in when the match finally went well for his team. Rav was spot on and deserves more revenue than Ninja for LoL content creation. But I'm gonna take a wild guess that this isn't so. 🤷‍♂️

    • @Bryan Murillo same here lol

    • definitely respect ninja more after seeing his reaction 🖤

  • no clue why Rav didn't say "A few feeds later"

  • The ff7r wallpaper... love it

  • Not me tryna press accept @ 2:16

  • i can anyone watch a whole video of rav when its just a dead mans voice the whole time

  • Did nobody else notice he's using Firefox LMAOOO

  • Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • Me: plays garen and feeds The garen carrying in the vid : Me: so that’s how you play garen

  • I was with Rav when he had just 50k subs. gonna be here when he has 5 million subs!!!!!!!

  • You know, I can respect a man who can laugh at himself. Ninja's a good sport. :)

  • i mean ninja dosent get mad on roast which are actually correct and only get s mad if things are taken out of context

  • Damn... Ninja got mentioned by Rav, he should be honored xD

  • why does ninja look like hes on coke the whole vid wtf 4:10 dude just had a bath salts moment

  • 2:57 it literally zoomed in to show 2-12-4 but he said 2, 12 and 14 is he dyslexic ._.

  • This is surprisingly wholesome

  • I am so glad that your channel is growing steadily. Love the content, keep them coming!

  • Great

  • when the addiction to a game is bigger than concentrating at a 10min video

  • 9:48 dat face doe

  • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what "bot diff" means but it doesn't matter when you have a braindead champ called Garen.

  • When the reaction video has more views than the actual video

  • jesus 1200 games still plat 2... hes literally coinflipping so hard.

  • Wtf was that at 9:45??? Dude looked like he had a major malfunction right there.

  • Jesus Loves all of you

  • Ninja was so pro at taking this roast... gotta give it to him. Lmao

  • Even thou I don't like Ninja all too much, his reaction to the roast was awesome. No hate, all just praise and agreement. Respect, not everyone would handle it that well.

  • Each time he had a pop-up for a game I thought it was for me... I think I'm tired XD

  • Glad to see the sub count ain’t rise too much. When tubers get a good amount of subs they get stagnant. Don’t let the people who came to you from ninja let your content stagnate because you think you now made it. Love the vids tho.

  • Imagine actually liking ninja

  • room temperature IQ LMFAOOO

  • Congrats Rav Edit: I hope Ninja might learn from this channel

  • Did he just watch a 12 minute video in between 5 league games??

  • this was hilarious, you should make an xqc sydrome bcuz he's not much better than ninja and he'd probably take it well

  • Why is ninja using Firefox

  • Damn do i hate nonstop monotone talking ass pale and dry humor

  • Tutorial how to break ur desk in 5 league games

  • We have war games, but no more warriors.... Most warriors on the internet are children sitting in their mother's home. Too weak to do 25 push-ups. And you want to send these people to war? No wonder it won't work. These children have never learned to take the lead or to fight side by side with a man. They have never spat blood and they have never participated in the death of a trusted friend. These people who are supposed to present us with the dream of war mildly and accessible to everyone must have no place on the battlefield.

  • So where is the full LS reaction?

  • Here since 150k

  • Dude I had a game with a Neeko support, me playing as Samira- She literally ults in at the worst time she can ult in, expects me to go all in... dies of course... and then blames me for not going in. But would you blame me for not going in if she's overextended, the minions on our side and then also me being 2Q's away from her, 4Q's away from the closest enemy? Like I don't know what she expected from me- to use my flash, maybe E through a minion, somehow have another E, dash through the air (not possible) to then finally hit 1Q? But yes, blame me for having you overextended you shapeshifting lizard... Edit: there were 3 times we could've commited before that... but she didn't when I tried to. 10/10 support, would play with again.

  • 8:59 best roast ive ever heard in my entire life😂😂

  • Mad respect to both of them . Rav gets respect for flaming ninja in a great way and understanding that the support destroyed his early game and ninja .... Well we all saw why ninja takes respect here

  • It was funny seeing Ninja gain some self actualization after flaming his teammates in his original match, then watching an, actual LoL content creator comment on his game play. Gods, Ninja sucks so much but still had the audacity to point his finger at everyone but himself...until Rav the God showed him what's what. 11/10 video Rav Do more.

  • Genuinely one of the funniest and well executed satire videos and it showed in how ninja reacted aswell. Keep it up rav! Doing wonders for the community

  • 400k subs lol.i watch u when u was 10k

  • the support did great if only adcs knew matchups and what rell samira means they would have killed it. and he doesnt save his W for the brand stun . doesnt matter if wave is frozen if they are in an illegal spot just kill them.

  • hmm contest a crab vs a team that has a galio lvl 6 is not a good idea even if botlane romes then the enemy botlane romas too so ggs to do golem abolutly the better idea

  • i think the worst part of the video is ninja using firefox

  • good job rav and good on ninja for being cool the community can learn from this type interaction

  • Ninja knows his shit, but hes not good at performing said shit. He's too used to forknife

  • New sub here,your insults burn more than aurelion sol saying nasus ascended into a dog and telling him to go fetch

  • why is his ping so low holy heck

  • Ninja playing league never thought I would see the day. Btw I have a secret fear of FPS players coming to league because misclicking won't be a thing that ever happens to them considering their background.

  • we all have bad games. just some more than others

  • I really hate ninja

  • "That moment will forever be the most embarrassing moment of my life" Yeah If that happened to me I would definitely have to agree.

  • Hey that's alicopter voice

  • Idk why streamers can't just watch a video. They always queue up and pause the vid and it takes like 3 hours to watch one small vid.

  • He's trash

  • 9:11 what is alicopter doing in plat

  • "bro dude" I hate white people man

  • pretty enjoyable but too many unfunny roasts

  • Ninja pls make your client quieter.

  • rav your too funny man, i just wish i could tolerate more than 3min of text to speech in a video

  • Ninja still has alot to learn about league

  • Rav is best sit down next to pc comedian i ever heard, even funnier that Steven Hopkins (r.i.p. proffesor)

  • I subbed u fucking masterpiece.

  • I am honestly pleasantly surprised by his reaction. He took it way better than i expected.

  • Rav you're the reason I'm back playing this shitty ass game so thank you and fuck you

  • bro the fuckin Q popped and i went to click accept...... my league client isnt even open right now....

  • 2-12-14 btw

  • but that garen is just the man

  • POG

  • this man is too funny i wish i can think of insults like this during a roastbattle

  • People hating on this style, check out JD Salinger and Charles Bukowski, its called stream of conscience

  • "two twelve AND FOURTEEN" LMFAO bro FOUR

  • just saying to you rav. im here before 1m dony forget us :>

  • I legit expected ninja to fucking impload, he doesn't take kindly to criticizme normally

  • When neeko sydrome? :D Luv

  • There's no edit of you calling him a simp (wife handling he's image)

  • This is a great reaction

  • Do zilean yorick, zilean can place bonbs on yoric minions and then yorick can throw them on enemies

  • This guy has the attention span of a zoomer.

  • Bro we LoL players act like we hate the game, but in reality, we live for a good game. Even an average game where everyone does even-ish (tbh those are my favorite games)

  • Whenever i want to come back to League of Legends i watch your videos, then i'm good for few mounths

  • "More beat than a naked cucumber on an all woman's prison"

  • 2:16 fuck i tried to click "accept match"

  • LS always hypercritical he’s the 🐐

  • Love or hate ninja, hes looking a lot better player league than he was playing fort a year ago

  • I just saw the whole video now and for one, I can't really blame him for that game lol. He's just like catching all his teammates mistakes and he is doing the right plays how his team wants, and as a result he suffers for their own mistakes as well... Basically every ranked league of legends game

  • Now we need face reveal 😁😁😁

  • I can imagine Rav finally being happy after all of his bad games in soloq rank games

  • Ninja laughing at being roasted by rav gave me a new respect for the dude, kinda wholesome ngl

  • what a good sport

  • guess its time to make xqc syndrome now

  • my boy ninja went all the way down from playing with drake into going into duoq with alicopter

  • Seeing how this channel grows is so nice.

  • I started watching you at 4k subs and like only half a yea flater you are at 400k wow your still doing great

  • can we please attempt to get a heimerdinger syndrome. usually heimer players arent toxic but i would love one.

  • Why didn't he stop queing up to watch the whole 12 minute video in one go?