Datum objavljivanja: 18. Vel 2021.
Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) available 3.26.21.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


  • when u can relate to his lyrics

  • Kill everything you do

  • See? i told yall that every american wall is paper

  • 2 weeks and already 10 million yesir!! Every track is a HIT!

  • I love the video. If you're here from 2024, like this comment.

  • This song has so much meaning in it great job Nate. What i think about the song "in my opinion btw" . As he travels anywhere or wherever he goes he's feels left out and he is left out one. They think how he is causes some sort of recklessness, destruction "The car traffic" fear" as we saw with the family dinner".

  • I saw u in san Diego ☆▪︎♡▪︎17

  • 429

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  • ✊🖤🇱🇾

  • NF Doesn't disappointed Us.

  • O brabo 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • these music videos tho are fire

  • real music

  • only way to describe this is: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nf i know your not going to see this but your my favorite rapper I listen to you everyday nonstop plz don’t ever stop making your awesome music

  • i think Nf is going to take Eminem throne one-day

  • this is a fire song

  • Amazing!! 👏🏼 my heads in the ☁️☁️ after listening...

  • It's the energy and emotion he puts into his songs that make them so good. Paired with his lyrical gymnastics is what makes his songs so dam great.

  • nf is amazing. i have bin here from the start and i thoughts it wouldnt get better and then he makes this like brooooo i can't anymore and to be thinking that some people still don't know him or heard of him and think his muziek is trash like neehhh bro

  • This is the rare NF jams where I appreciate the body of the song more than the end (which still bops hard)

  • amazing

  • The king has arrived

  • just pure

  • Songs fire

  • Thanks to mesus I heard this song

  • Your crown awaits king

  • Respect please give respect to mesus for doing a tribute

  • I feel like this is gonna go over a revenge killing montage in a movie.

  • Man, nate for real has movie director talent, his music videos are always amazing

  • If this was your first time here..... you're lying

  • Love it

  • damm this one doop man its so good keep going NF im fan for this last four years man

  • خالد مختار؟

  • 3:05 is when it hits hard...

  • He does not rap he talk about the truth at a fast rate

  • Your amazing Nate I love your music

  • Anybody else noticed he finished the hook for little dicky in professional rapper.... NF LEGEND..


  • No searing No money No guns Just pure music


  • Probably one of the best songs he’s dropped! Congrats NF!

  • when he said watch you kids first steps it reminded me of his song if you want love

  • Thats a great fucking video!

  • His back must hurt from carrying the music industry

  • NF is just amazing but just how can he get this proper sick beat from the instruments is just like jeez🤭🤔😲

  • 7.3+k peoples ears are broken! Something is seriously wrong with your ears! 👂

  • poggers

  • He never disappoints when it comes to lyrics.


  • This one is great

  • @NFrealmusic Thank you. I- Rly, Thank you for everything, your songs makes my bad moments much better

  • The legend is back

  • dude this song is sick man like ik how he feels i deal with dis stuff to

  • #bassheadphones

  • #March26

  • fuck wired ...i like it

  • NF > Eminem

  • The best of the best

  • Love everything he does.

  • anyone realize that he is wearing the same clothes he worn in "paid my dues"?

  • This guy is already a Legend

  • didnt mind it at first, but after a few listens i fell in love

  • I remember the first time I listened to NF, it was like 3 years ago and some people I was riding with were playing his songs. At that time I didn’t listen to any rap so I had no idea what was going on. I thought NF was a type of radio station like Am, or FM that only played rap.

  • One of my favorites by NF this far. The lyrics, the movie, the chords, the chorus. "Fired up, feels good."

  • Giving a meaning to family friendly rappers.

  • club remix on my channel)

  • LAYERS!!!!!! Working hard pays off. He is exactly where he deserves to be. He would not be there otherwise. Lets shut down youtube, no other video gets even one view, Bravo.

  • Yall it dropped 14 days ago and it already has 11 mill

  • I fort he quickk

  • NF I will always love your music men this is amazing

  • No more sulking. NF is back... This is what we wanted! Straight fire 🔥

  • just wow........................................

  • Your amazeBaLLs

  • holy shit.

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    • @Maya Kerr lol

    • @Nikki "is that spanish?" -NF

    • @Maya Kerr these people are everywhere speaking a lot of nothing 😂

    • what?

  • Damn bro fuck!!! This shit bro 🔥🔥

  • What a unit

  • I love how he raps but it sounds like hes just talking about life wit legend in the making


  • 3rd time listening to this super hyped

    • im on my 1,000,000,001 listen

  • lets get it to 666k likes

  • Head in the clouds and I’m HERE FOR IT ☁️

  • Claim ur here before he dies and everyone pretends to love him card

    • What a twisted thing to say. I get it but he is about to have a baby and is happily married does not drink or do drugs. He is not going anywhere unless God takes him for other reasons. Thing about his fans we all love him now in the present and would not change if he were to pass away. To heavy of a fan base.

  • 1:12 I’d high five him

  • wooooo!!! FIA!!!

  • NICE!

  • I can't even find the words to express how good this man is. It's not enough hearing the song through my ears, I want it in my skin 💕

  • The GENIUS never disappoints!!

  • I only heard 30 sec of the song and had to add to favorites

  • I love you and this music video ! 🔥🔥🖤

  • 🖤🖤🗝☁️☁️

  • This is a really cool song!

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  • beast!

  • I listen to this 10,000 times a day

  • Incredible ❤❤

  • If this isn't a hit... The industry is BROKE.

  • Dude sounds and flows like Eminem. With just waayyyy weaker lyrics🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Nikki yes true lol

    • @Romeo Cruz makes sense, thanks for taking time to explain, wish him the best. His video is art, very creative

    • He changes his flows and yeah sounds like him 1 because that's his influence and two they both got the Detroit accent from where they were born

    • Weaker lyrics? His lyrics go over your head for sure but like he said ripping the teeth out the back of his mouth is the closest you’ll get to his wisdom. Dumb comment alert 😂😂😂