NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | April 10, 2021

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Tra 2021.
Check out the top 10 plays of the night from April 10 featuring, Donovan Mitchell, De'aaron Fox and MORE!
0:00​​​ - 10 | Isaiah Hartenstein
0:15 - 9 | Derrick Jones Jr
0:24​​​ - 8 | Steph Curry
0:37​​ - 7 | Blake Griffin
0:49​ - 6 | Ty Jerome
1:03​​ - 5 | Devin Booker
1:12​​ - 4 | Kevin Durant
1:24​​ - 3 | Kyrie Irving
1:34​​​ - 2 | Donovan Mitchell
1:46​ - 1 | De'aaron Fox
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  • Dude sounds like he's placing his lips directly on the mic.

  • Isaiah Stewart been on the ass end of these highlights alot lately lol

  • What best teams in season?

  • Yes! Jared Greenberg is in the house for Saturday night's Top 10 Plays.

  • I’m loving the nets hate 😭😭

  • No exciting w/o Lebron💪🥺

  • The spectacular carbon evolutionarily steer because floor complementarily pretend toward a furry furtive keyboarding. wet, quixotic fox

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  • Why doesn't contain YUTA's play!?

  • "but again, not a net win"

  • I think he's a Lakers fan 😭😭

  • Video : top 10 plays Thumbnail : 6, take it or leave it

  • So Blake Griffin's shadow of his former self is still highlight-worthy! 🔥

  • You should have replaced Kyries play with the pass dunk form Montrealer barrel the beautiful pass from horten tucker

  • Former teammate? Harell and Blake haven't played together HAHAHA


  • I forgot Blake & Montrez played all of 3 months together!!

  • Thumbnail says 6 only lol

  • Dame had two dunks that day that should have been #1 and #2.

  • Essa de primeira na passada ❤❤

  • Did goatmentator suffer a season ending injury?

  • Biased commentator

  • Raps score 87 in the first half, NBA channel puts a high light of a very average dunk that happens many games a night, because it's against the raps. Forgot the entire first half of nothing but a steady highlight reel for the Raptors though lmao

  • Number 1 should have been Miles Bridges dunk against Hawks.

  • two handed flush for safety

  • De'aron Fox nasty!

  • Harrell and Griffin weren’t teammates on the Clippers...

  • didn't take Brooklyn long to go from underdogs to looking like one of the picked teams at the All-Star break, 3 highlights, no win, it was one of those days....

  • I need that CliveNbaParody dude to do commentary on here

  • les Hornets ne font qu'un

  • Quality commentating against the GOATmentator but again...not the WIN!

  • They must have made this list before the Miles Bridges dunk on Clint Capela

  • Nobody's going to mention how Jones Jr blocked that shot with his ELBOW??

  • Why y’all show all the highlights from nets On Lakers but they lost and y’all couldn’t highlight that hahah

  • That boa take big bongo rip before the game 😂😂

  • I play a ton of Basketball. cool video.

  • commentator really had to say "not the win" hahaha. funny :)

  • JeffGoldblumLikementator

  • We need the goat back! He's been gone for too long🤣🤣

  • Fox jumps higher with the new 'do.

  • D Book to Mikal Bridges better be on this list. Go Suns !!! Phoenix 90° 🌞

  • I can’t believe it lakers didn’t have good players but still they won yes

  • Since when were blake and trez teammates though

  • Nu nu nu not a win

  • nice fouls, sorry, nice blocks

  • how tf were there no Raps plays on this 🙃

  • Your so boring to listen too

  • YOUR LIEING not the behinds the back buzzer beater from outa or the chase down block in that game I'm telling you they do not like the raptors one bit

  • damn de'aron!

  • why is the nba so biased against the raptors. they had way better plays then that cavs one

  • #8 was a foul for days

  • Top 6? Ahahaha

  • Hahahah "not the win" 😂🤣

  • did Nets win anyone ?

  • I was hoping he'd emphasize the Nets losing a bit more.

  • They show hartensteins slam but don't show Bembry in the paint passing it behind his back to Yuta to make the 3pt buzzer beater?

  • DJJ was so high that his elbow did the blocking.

  • Isaiah Stewart always in the top ten for the wrong reasons 😂💀

  • Nets won't make the finals just like the Clippers did not

  • Why is the thumbnail a 6

  • Kevin DOOrant

  • that #9, block with elbow should be much better position, look at the elevation.

  • Harrell and griffin weren’t teammates

  • Raptors had enough plays to fill this top 10 just by them but it is what it is. Last time I'd be watching this washed out list.

  • They really put 6 in a Top 10 video thumbnail.

  • Can we discuss the fact that De'Aaron Fox dunked on RUDY GOBERT

  • "BUT AGAIN, NOT A NET WIN" Dammmmn big barss

  • DJJ’s block should’ve been ranked higher than Blake Griffen’s smh

  • So did the Nets win or not?

  • Wait what? Blake and Montrez were never teammates haha😂

  • bunch of fucking nets haters 💯

  • That pass from Booker should be #1.

  • Best thumbnail

  • Big 2 lost to big 0?

  • Everybody’s always sayin “don’t swish a layup”, Kyrie just can’t help it.

  • 0:55 what happened there???

  • Gobert poster becoming a daily thing.

    • That wasn’t no poster Rudy was out of the way

  • 🐬

  • I swear, the nba hates the Raptors. The Raptors never get any highlights on these things.

  • We put way too much value on dunks... that curry move and Booker pass were both way better than the fox dunk

  • the thumbnail looks so weird

  • Blake has some beef with Harrell, blocked him 3 times on dunks

  • chef steph still acknowledged huh..okay

  • Blake still has ups 🐰

  • Commentator always emphasizing nets not winning againts the lakers😁🤣

  • Denyvan Mitchell!

  • Man Chris Boucher deserves to be here

  • So number 6 is a behind the back pass to a layup, Raptors Bembry had a behind the back pass to Watanabe for a fading buzzer beater...... but i guess these "analyst" dont watch Raptors

  • Why is this commentator SO much better than the others?!

  • Didn’t m me I’d see the day the NBA posts a 1080p video!

  • Stop getting excited guys, Minus Harden, Minus Kyrie full game, and only a 75% KD returning from injury. In a 7 game series, some games will be close. But the result really wont. 3 of them on the court can not be defended by the Lakers. and I am a Lakers fan even when we had smoosh parker. #realism

  • Fox back to back #1 plays?

  • Am I the only one who got curious on why the thumbnail is Top 6?😆

  • Coughmentator

  • Jones jr bounce is absurd

  • I swear, you guys did not put a raps highlight in there. I saw Isaiah Hartenstein but nothing else. THEY GOT 87 POINTS IN THE FIRST HALF 47 POINTS IN THE FIRST QUARTER AND YOU DON'T PUT A SINGLE HIGHLIGHT. cmon

  • Fox get the top play but still not a Nets win

  • Fox #RESPECT

  • 渡边那球呢 ?