My Pride: Episode Eight

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Stu 2020.
Surprise, everything is a lie!
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  • So when is ep 9 coming

  • My Gay heart is beating so happily

  • I have a question, to tribbleofdoom I love these episodes but I’ve been wondering when the next episode is can you tell me? Cause I’m really into this! Lol thank you for this blessing, Anyways keep up the good work, bye!!

  • when is the next episode?

  • What's sad is that could be a possible Hover is a reincarnation of Karabi Due to the fact nothing is a reincarnation of kyoga, kyoga loves karabi, nothing loves Hover. You see?

  • When are we getting my pride episode 9 it's been longer than a month

    • There isn't a date currently due to it getting pushed back due to Tribble's dog passing. (it was going to be the 31st of this month before the push back)

  • I swear to god if lite is feather-

  • *Well Is Just A Dream After All While Rain Shows Nothing About Lite , Kyoga & Karabi*

  • You know if she goes with karbe there would be a war between the moon and son kingdom she's also selfish she's putting herself before kingdom and karabi is making her do this

  • Plot twist: Feather is Light's reincarnation 😳🥺

  • I think Nothing is Sunce...

  • Kyoga: I loved you dearly, as a _friend_ Adrien Agreste? Nani?

  • Why do I feel like Feather will be the reincarnation of Light like Nothing is the reincarnation of Kyoga.

  • When is the new my pride coming out?

    • Oh, thank you

    • It was the 31st of this month, but it got pushed back due to happenings and doesn't have a date at present time.

  • "LiOnEsSeS aRe ToO wEaK..." Karabi was able to kill a male.

  • Wooow I just finish episode 1 to 8 when the next episode come out? No pressure just for know I’ll be patient

    • @RosieDraws ho ok thx

    • There isn't a release date currently due to recent happenings.

  • What if ghost is asras love? the one that was killed sunce

  • I have a theory that proudmane actually saved fire from quickmane. That is way proudmane found quickmane so easily.

  • I am now going to call Nothing, Kyoga

  • Nothings missing her third scar

  • Proudmane is Lite. Their manes are similar in style. I am calling it

  • Love it 😍

  • Me when I accidentally lay in my little 6 year old sisters peed in bed 9:54 and I mean it’s me when karabi gets hit 🤜🏾 yuck

  • So nothing is not the name of the lioness her real name was kyoga

  • is episode 9 coming

  • ¿My pride: episode nine?🤔🧐😔

  • I swear there was a pinned comment saying that next episode is in 2 months or something.. I wanted to check it again to see when's the next episode but it's not heree

  • the story writing is awesome! can't wait for episode 9. you did so good

  • Late buttt Rain:close your eyes Some music: but if you *close your eyes*

  • This is amazing oml

  • heyy i dont want ro rush anybody or something but is ep 9 already out i have bein looking for it for like ours and i would like to know if its already here or if its coming up soon.

    • The series is currently on hiatus as Tribble’s dog recently passed away, and they’re taking time to grieve.

  • when is the next episode coming out?

  • Hey tribble when is ep 9?

  • Wait... so is there a new one...?

  • when is the next episode

  • Pls make episode 9 pls pretty pls


  • I dont understand why this series is only getting buzz for LGBT representation. The story and worldbuildimg is so much more than that. Literally all of the major players in this show lies to themselves to justify their own actions. The ones unwilling to self reflect seem to become the worst monsters or or dead dust in the wind... I am glad HRwiki recommended this to me. It was like lion king had hamlet extracted and replaced with warrior cats with a sprinkling of modern cultural touchstones and blood we imagined when reading or watching the aforementioned franchises but can now see. I like how tight the mainline story is. I hope the story has a clear structure and end. I think it may be worth trying the older content

  • When is 9 episode ?

  • imagine sleeping with your adopted cub on a hot summer night, all of a sudden it starts raining so you try to tell your cub but he doesent wanna wake up, THEN you hear a voice of the same stranger you've met, you look up, they are the goddess of rain! Then she shrinks and says a very bootiful quote: ``I told you, you can call me Rain.`` -Rain This is why they tell you not to look in the comments bc theres people like me. Also material for good series U👄U👌


  • When is episode 9 coming out??????

  • When will the next episode be released????

  • I cant wait till the next episode

  • When will the the next episode to come out

  • I hope Feather isn't Light.....I will cry

  • Plisss part 10

  • Make a episode nine please!!

  • Never possess Kyoga!! When is ep 9 coming?

  • This is BOOTIFUl!! What app do yall use to make this!! FYI this is so good, it should be on Netflix or Disney+!!

  • Plz don't hate on me but... I sorta feel bad for Lite because he loved Kyoga and just wanted her back.

  • I hope you make more it a great work

  • Not to be rude or anything but if lioness are together they cant make a pride-

    • @TheQuestionWolf can you read my mind?

    • @Draining Sunflower Yep! I was gonna say that😅

    • When they looked in the past there were kingdoms not prides. Then Lite made pride law and prides

    • @Mileidy cardozaHow is that relevant though?

    • @TheQuestionWolf i just said that lioness cant make. A pride but prob yeah

  • I love this series I started seeing this series since the first episode came out and look where it is now this series and u tribbleofdoom r gonna go very far and I believe that I have faith in u tribbleofdoom and I will try to support u for as long as I can I wish u the best luck and have a great day.

  • Sounds like game of thrones

  • Wattpad writers when the episodes are done plzzz make a oc or reader story 👋🏽😔


  • Feathers a big boy now.?! When the weather minute if nothing is Kyogre in her past life and hover is Krabi in her past life who is light???????

  • Nine please.

  • How was Nothing stepping on her hurt leg?

  • im actually a kid and my parents say this is fine to watch and i hear bad words and see blood all the time sooooo ya other kids are probably watching this too

  • Im waiting for ep 9 then I will watch from 1 to 9 full it's enjoy I love this web

  • Was there ever an episode nine?

    • @Lalahcupcake oh thanks I didn’t rly know if it were just being talked over a written comic or not

    • Its being made

    • I rly got into this story

  • Проста крутой серияль но когда 9 :( и пожалуста не делай текст а озвучку ^_^ но есле тебе сложна то не надо

  • I love every episode it just gets better and better

  • How the frick is there 585 dislikes??? And when are you gonna make episode 9 again I forgot . . .


  • 11:37 what kind of pride law?

  • i'm guessing it is feather that is lite's reincarnation. edit- thinking it might have been her other brother that was killed by step-douche in episode 1, but i maybe nothing seeing her dead brother at the shifting place might actually just be his ghost trapped on earth and not because he was lite's reincarnation. nothing didn't kill him. it might be feather or it honestly i am leaning more towards proudmane being the reincarnation. and feather might want to kill proudmane for killing his father, which would make him opposed to nothing's goal to sort things out with the reincarnation of lite.

  • I think Feather is Light. Anyone else?

  • i just watch the series , now i try catch up with next episode .

  • I'm really scared that feather will end up being lite or nothings brother

  • I think ghost are spirits trying to get nothing to help

  • Hey you know what would be HORRIBLE ? You see that cub over there ? It's Lite reincarnation.

  • What is nine going to be on here

    • It was due the 31st, but Tribble's dog has passed away, so there is a chance it will be delayed as she took some time off.

  • When will u realese 9 episode date pls im waiting and ur so good

    • It was due the 31st, but Tribble's dog has passed away, so there is a chance it will be delayed as she took some time off.

  • Nobody: My brain: LET'S GO LESBIANS

  • Are we are épisode 9?

  • Is here dream real?

  • I'm so excited for episode 9 I hope it comes out really soon!!!!!!

  • Can you pls post more eps of my pride 🙏🏻🙏🏻😔

  • E here are the wiskers

  • Pls ep 9 PLSsssss

  • 👏🏻fuck👏🏻light👏🏻

  • I think heather will be the one she has to kill :(

    • She's not supposed to kill whoever it is, that will just continue the cycle.

  • When will the continuation come?

    • It was due the 31st, but Tribble's dog has passed away, so there is a chance it will be delayed as she took some time off.

  • I just realised: The show is called my pride and there are lesbians in it- 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Well Kyoga and Lite were both at fault here, Karabi tried getying Kyoga to tell the truth but no, she decided to run off and not say a word like a two faced bitch. Now I'm not defending Lite's actions whatsoever but he isn't the only at fault. The blood of those lions are on Kyoga's paws as well. She was stupid and should've said something. Would it have changed anything? Probably and probably not. But the fault isn't just on Lite.

  • This took a huge tearn

  • hay when will tribbleofdoom make a new video

  • As a very lesbian 20 something who adored lion king, thank you for making my dreams come true

  • When is the next episode coming out?

  • I love how bored the lion in the warning looks XD

  • osea que eran leones crei que eran los gatos guerreros

  • Feather is Lite. I know it.

  • This series is so good! Ahh I love this

  • You know, this will be even more interesting if the Pride met a hyena clan and maybe become allies instead of the same, old rivalry.

  • It’s been a month where are you ☹️

    • Oh no 😔 Thx for telling me

    • there umm.....the person who writes it Maddie I think.... her umm her dog died check the community tab

  • Will there be new episodes this year ???????

  • ITC. Purljifou