MY ADHD NIGHTMARE | Papers Please - Part 1

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Svi 2021.
Travelling to Canada required EVEN MORE paperwork than Paper's Please does so this should be interesting...
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  • I have never seen someone get citations for so many different things in such a short space of time 😂

  • I hope you like Canada

  • Hold up he’s in Canada now

  • Dear god, he's just ignoring the rule book. What

  • This is painful

  • Just the beginning was painful, because he can't check if they're really from artztotzka. This is incredibly upsetting.

  • I didn’t watch jacks play through on this so ima watch urs

  • This game is so good

  • bruh

  • 10:37 that's me studying

  • Jesus, the topmost of the hightest paid comedians couldn't have been more inclusive lmao

  • 9:57 when i'm taking a test

  • Mark Smooth Brain XD

  • Glad you enjoyed your stay in the great north! Keep hitting the north with this amazing and revolutionary materials

  • Glory to Arstotzka

  • O my god its been so long can't wait to see potato man again

  • Mark not just using the book gives me pain

  • Markiplier... WHY ON EARTH WIULD YOU COME TO CANADA?? This place is TRAAAASH

  • Nobody: Me: *screams excitedly in Canadian*

  • this video surprisingly got me through a bad hangover bathroom trip, not the markiplier comeback for me i was expecting but hey i’m not complaining

  • It's expiiired muy dude 20:30

  • mark yelling "yOU DONt knOW!!" whenever he gets the gender violation gives me such joy 😂😂

  • do not have to LEARN the cities. there is a reason you HAVE the notes. you can leave them open. you can spread over your table. there is not need to memorize

  • You went to Canada and didn't tell us????

    • he did xd its for his podcast

  • I'm so happy he let that one lady through. The one without a permit

  • i hate how you always notice everything when your not playing i noticed most of the things and he just kept saying IT LOOKS GOOD TO ME 😶😶

  • 15:40 Davy Jones theme song just a little different?

  • this is really painful to watch

  • Mark really should have actually been inspecting stuff

  • Mark didn't interrogate alot of people, some of them could've got in.

  • Mark didn't interrogate alot of people, some of them could've got in.

  • Markiplier is showing Jorji no love man this sucks


  • watch sean or felix play this, i’ll wait. okay now come back, you’ll get *whiplash* from how just. l o w and d e p r e s s e d mark’s energy is compared to the two former’s gameplay

  • ahhhhh one of my favorite classics

  • At 21:33 this man should of got denied due to him saying 12 weeks being 4 months but the passport said 3 but at least you didn't get a warning. Congrats on getting passed the Canadian border.

  • When we moved the Europe, we ended up in quarantine for 30 days because the Covid testers just wouldn't show up to test people quarantining at the hotel. It sucked. Especially with a kid.

  • are u KIDDING ME??? i loved this game like years ago and i was just recently thinking about it and forgot the name

  • "I turned him away." yes thats why they died. sure if he got in he might have done that but refusing him in is their death pact.

  • Actually a good game damn

  • Screw Canada

  • Eh? Is My response after that intro

  • So mark did you say yes to the question have you visited a farm in the past 72 hours

  • Sigh, I like Mark but watching him not play the game right is so annoying. I barely made it through half of the video

  • Mark haveing to use a cheat sheet: me: i see you a man of cultture as well

  • I use to watch this from jackesptic eye all the time I’m so glad that mark has decided to play this amazing game

  • Welcome to Canada! 👍👍

  • Technical Difuckulties

  • Why does literally Jack played this game a stinking year ago I don’t know why you’re late to the party but it’s fine

  • Wait didn’t he already play papers please or am i tripping?

  • Markiplier: *trying to remember all the cities in all the countries* The Manual: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • papers please with this bgm hits different

  • Did he move to Canada?

    • no, he is filming a movie in canada and had to get some new acomadations

  • Whew, glad I don't have to travel to some pretend country with overly dramatic rules that can't seem to keep their spikes down and from happening at all.

  • 18:37 looks like Vince Lestrade escaped to Canada

  • WELCOME TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!! now I need to see some identification and a work permit for the welcome.

  • Oh my God this is anxiety inducing for me but hilarious at the same time 😫 🤣.

  • Just wait until he has to give a reason for denying them

  • in America, you win the lottery and you get a million dollars. in Arstotzka, you win the lottery and you get a job.

  • Jesus was Mark going into Canada or Communist China?

  • Are you rushing now because you took the vaccine

  • 12:30 reminder for me don’t like

  • All I see from the opening is that Canada sucks harder than I thought it did and that freedom is but a bygone thought to them.

    • That's literally immigration as whole, "freedom" does not exist, and quarantine is because of a pandemic.

  • Wait what? I could've sworn he played this game before.

  • Reads the rules of the game and doesn't follow them lol

  • ............

  • We've been waiting for this for so many years

  • Okay the fact my cat watches Mark's videos every single time I do. I can't tell whether she loves his voice or his face but she drools all over me lol

  • soviet russia be like CYKA BLYAT

  • Mark: “ I got this cheat sheet so they won’t be able to pull a fast one on me.” Also Mark: *proceeds to get 3+ citations*

  • where is my huniepop gameplay

  • JFC getting into Canada sounds rough af.

  • Mark to lazy to check everything.

  • Wait I haven't watched Markiplier in like 4 years and I come back, first thing I hear is he's immigrating to my home country? Pog

    • he isnt xd hes filming a movie of some sort in there

  • it honestly bothers me when people say "because of covid 19 its harder to do this or that" because thats not reflective of reality, the virus isn't whats causing travel to be harder or lives to be ruined, its the tyrants in government that are causing that.

  • I'm thinking that if this game have anti privacy (anti cracked game) and when you get it "for free" from filelist everyone have wrong documents

  • jack : GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA! MOTHER PROUD! mark : *depression*

  • Mark talking in general is better than anything I've ever seen like man even ASMRS got nothing on him *In My Goddam Opinion*

  • been screwing my self over in life thanks for the 26 minuets of bliss

  • How did this happen? i have been obsessed with papers please the last few days then this happens! AMAZING TIMING MARKIMOO

  • Mark's subtle trans solidarity tho 🥺💕 ty for helping me feel seen after a long day of being misgendered

  • Have you had timmies yet

  • I'm surprised that "For Kolechia!" didn't become a meme...

  • _watches intro_ why would you ever want to go into canadia in the first place?

  • The US border wall were built to keep us Americans in, what are you doing outside?

  • is it just me or do i feel like he’s already played this before

  • Paper

  • Top lock

  • nothing about the yesterday one?

  • Oooo!!! GUYS I'VE BEEN WAITING YEEEEAAARS TO WATCH THIS!! so years ago when I saw Jack play it I've been dying to see Mark play it too THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭

  • hey markimoo,check out marshall mathers the 4th on youtube, not exactly a fan of pc/famous youtubers! envy is a awful thing!

  • I mean markiplier is genius too...

  • The genius is the cheat sheet guy.

  • Jack played this years before you im glad you got around to it also im From Canada

  • This is so hard, why is this so hard THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  • I love -hate- Canada, currently living in an Indian reservation because my native ass decided to win the sperm race

  • So do you have the full game? Cause I found it on a free download site and after 8 days it said it was just a beta version and I don’t know where to find the full game

  • i saw jack play this years ago mark ur a lil late

  • Welcome to governmental bureaucracy 101