Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Sij 2021.
Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC


  • Your last comment betrays your narrative you spent 10 minutes spinning, YOU DON"T know the whole story!

  • I was once a big fan of the US, but how did it happen, that the US turned into a Banana Republic in such a short time? I prefer to go to Cuba rather than the US now. That does not mean, that i am a supporter of the Cuban Dictators. But Trump? Honestly?

  • This is such a democratic news press

  • Ah yes, my favorite show America.

  • The news Media spent four years collaborating with the Democratic party undermining the vote of 2016 you are also responsible for the anger demonstrated on Jan 6th. You false concern is shameful for three years until the Mueller report came out every single day Trump was portrayed as a traitor and agent of Russia BY YOU and many other dishonest media outlets. Suppressing the American peoples voice caused this to happen and MSNBC has a part in this as well, IT IS TIME TO BE HONEST about what you all have done!

  • You are the biggest liberal I’ve ever heard

  • honte aux US citizen..

  • Still wasn’t half as bad as the riots earlier this year with all the people getting shot and buildings getting burned the worse one was when antifa and blm tried to burn down a Ronald McDonald house full of kids.

  • Its sadder the media cant speak the truth... You will be held accountable

  • They are terrorist

  • There is nothing as dangerous as the crowd

  • This is all fake news there is no such thing as Trump

  • When you began to SPIN the posited narrative you made large insinuations NOT verified with actual words spoken by the President. You point out the police officer who was hit by a moronic violent person with a fire extinguisher, where was you coverage when police officers across the nation were being shot in their cars by BLM and Antifa your hypocrisy is destructive.

  • *FIELDS Of VERDUn can be heard in the backround*

  • You have to admit that the guy at 4:30 looked badass

  • They fought so much for our freedom back then, this is what we do with it... Were too free

  • I like how Rachel compares this to Benghazi right from the start.... absurd nonsense, like this article. If you can't see how Rachel Maddow here is leading you from the get go, you're already lost.

  • Does anyone know were repeating history. People always say "We learn history so we DONT repeat it." Well I it looks like their just hypocrites. smh

  • The only "FOG" of mayhem is getting to the bottom of this Covid19 outbreak and get those responsible for hiding it and spreading it out in PRISON. If that means going after the CCP so be it, the WHO is not even authorized to track down where it came from in China, so who really owns the WHO......take a hint CCP.

  • This is how the US change elected governments around the world every day, BIG TECH and the MEDIA are behind the democratic leadership. GOD SAVE TRUMP

  • Im kinda embarresed to be an American right now ngl

  • Boot lickers gonna be shocked when they get shipped w the rest of the GP. Will see how smug, and much laughing they do, when the gates start closing behind them.

  • What a out the cities that burned down last year during the "peaceful protest". Stfu fake news.

  • Yep, it was so terrible, knowing that there were No Trump Supporters anywhere near the Capitol at the time of the Breach.. And Laughably enough, ALL of the Breachers are turning out to be Antifa and Liberal Democrats. FALSE FLAG : FAILURE.

  • More Democrat lies keep on talking buddy

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • I call Josh Fawley and left a VERY strong message. He's a jerk. He MUST go to prison along with the rest.

  • Americans...... Amazing how 100 of millions of ppl still want to immigrate here now and decades before.

  • These ppl are insane. This is why I don't go to any kind of rally bc there's a chance it'll get violent. Also can I ask what the heck are they trying to accomplish? You don't get anywhere with violence and anger! Like that's just common sense. Hope things cool down for you guys in America. -from Australia

  • As if anyone here actually thinks they were going to change anything...All they did was embarrass themselves and their country..

  • It’s not different then you defending your Mahoney from an intruder so why are you suprised there’s a gun

  • This is getting so crazy like I j too young to vote and I support trump but this is doing to much just get over it we loss it’s ok you say he’s going to do good but then you go do this this isn’t good it’s bad and embarrassing

  • This is sooo scary

  • What about the capitol when blm and antifa caused billions of dollars worth of damage ??? Cant wait for biden to be impeached

  • For 4. Years I have seen what trump caused! And was hate! Every speech was insulting somebody agresivo full of power! He brought all the family and kkk members, to help and create more racism and hate! The world saw it, America live every day and laugh about it! Four years he help criminals give positions in the White House and slowly cause this in people (kids) who doesn’t have their own self respect...! Trump and followers try to destroy the media he didn’t take any blame any responsibility so!!.. those are the consequences of lies hate and power! We live in America we love America! That mob doesn’t love no body a pity! They don’t know even why is so much heat! Killing and destroying is not patriotism is only ignorance and shame.

  • The new purge trailer looking dope.

  • Sickening

  • this is hilarious they are such idiots to do everything they did

  • They would have been judged

  • The newsman is not reporting. .he is giving his biased unproven opinions which is so blatantly not true if we go see the original Trump speech after this breach

  • “All men and women created by - you know, you know, the thing.” - Joe Biden

  • Trump is the greatest American President.

  • It used to be only the blind couldn't see and only the deaf couldn't hear. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICANS!!? I CLEARLY SAW A NEWS FEED ON THE DAY, SHOWING POLICE ACTUALLY OPENING the BARRICADE'S and LETTING THE PROTESTORS IN. !!! And the police, most of them, looked like actors too. THIS WAS ALL STAGED!!!

    • Your American trigger happy policeman would've started shooting AND calling in REINFORCEMENTS ASAP if this was real.

  • Ffs wtf is wrong with you morons.........???????

  • Btw...who else noticed, that most of these rioters didnt wear Protection masks?... now imagine: hundreds of demonstrants with no masks on and perhaps douzends of them already infected with Corona and they are within this crowd, rooming around in this horde, talking to many other rioters and standing beside them for hours and hours and screaming and coughing and the virus is spreading and spreading and spreading...

  • But hey, at least none of them did a publicized photo shoot of themselves holding the severed head of their political opponents, right?!

  • As an american, I can say. Not all of us are like this.....just......most.

  • Planned riot and storming of capital to get National Guards involved. So that they can put in place martial law. How much more control do they want. We can't go anywhere or do anything without being tracked.

  • Looks like ANTIFA had a new “Peaceful Protest”

  • You rioters should do a better job next time a larger group could have taken America back

  • Trump specifically said to peacefully March to the capital in his speech that he gave while people were already marching to it. You can’t blame one guy for a bunch of idiots

  • Honeslty should be charged with homicide it was not justifiable at all💯

  • Not sure why they shot that one person when they were on the other side of the doors

  • Soooooooo why did blm get away with all there killings and burnings and destruction lol cover what yall want fake news media

  • Of course the media that failed to even look into election fraud has to say properly elected President Biden. How many hours did you spend investigating and talking about fraud and interference in 2016. Nuff said.

  • It's funny seeing the same people who were (because of racist laws) setting fire to police stations with Federal officers still inside. Now, clutching their pearls at the idea of people attacking officers that protect those writing the racist laws into existence.

  • Oh America you are a funny old place

  • And that was bad sub on the Hang mike pence part. Nobodies mouth was saying

  • Smoking that Ashley Babbitt pack 🚬💨

  • MSNBC is one of the many causes of Violence and division in the USA, The People rioted at the wrong building.

  • So it looked like the police gave a go to let the people in. Hmm...

  • Got to be honest. This is the most boring news reporter.

  • 1:59 see that man? Was also pictured among ANTIFA during the Summer Riots.

    • Wrong. He goes by the Q anon shaman and he was a counter protester. Look up any interviews with him. His name is Jake Angeli.

  • what are u talking about.. we only see Left-Altifa Terrorist that was making noise..

  • What a garbage station.

  • AMERICA is becoming nothing but an embaracement to the world .

  • This is truly a disgrace!

  • Just barbaric, these people manage to go back to midevil times. They all, every single one of them need to be jailed. Preferably on a deserted island, let them fend for themselves.

  • Wtf took so long for that person with a gun to shoot?!!!! 9000 ppl threatening the lives of everyone in there and there was hesitation in pulling the rrigger...smfh

  • Rip Cop 👮‍♀️

  • Law and order

  • And nobody asks this. How come it was so little security, and there are videos of police opening gates? And then reports of antifa at frontline? If I was democrat, I would say same. Let them in, have them looting so they burn themselves. Need that majority public sway back over.. Seen it before, not a new technique

  • @06:15 for the first time i felt the usage of a weapon was necessary. unfortunately it didn't scare people off

  • Hope the officer getting crushed was okay. Ive been in that situation and it as unpleasant and it looks.

  • This is horrible, how can anyone defend this as a peaceful demonstration?????

  • Watch your back if your a creeper is the take away!

  • Terror, terror, terror! First victim was veteran that was in Afghanistan! White woman, shot and killed by black police officer. Immagine if roles were swapped during BLM protests🤔

  • Trump paid those people

  • How can anyone defend these animals, they were intent on murdering the officials.


  • Drama queens

  • BS reporting!


  • I’m sorry but you can’t compare this to Benghazi at all.....

  • Actually I think they are shouting 'hang my pants'. Personally I think this is a sound policy

  • This is absolute crap...the people know it!!!


  • 👀

  • America is speaking out against corrupt vote counts. This is called power to the people. This is guaranteed protection by the Constitution! We have the right as the people to overthrow the government and it's leaders if they do not serve us the way they are supposed to. This is a demonstration of that, and I don't doubt that there will be more of this. As a people we are tired of being pushed around. As a people we are tired of all the policies that interfere with our rights and break laws that were written in prior to these policies. The constitutional right to take over by force is guaranteed. Tyranny is at large and the people must strike while the iron is still hot. Good luck to all you protestors in DC. I support president Trump.

  • This is ridiculous. Open fire!!

  • Y’all just can’t stop lying. What about the footage of capitol police allowing people in? What about those that were positively identified as ant-ifa? What about the footage of hundreds yelling and booing at those that broke the glass some entered through. Smh.

    • Yep. Cop getting crushed is being watched by other cops not helping in the least. Conspiracy throughout corrupt cops-- and even cops who don't want to be corrupt but are acting to try to keep their families safe. trump has divided the core of Brotherhood within Police Departments. Smdh

  • We should be suprised that 5 people died and not more...

  • Facists.

  • There you go on saying political class Now what is that He zi merican people now discriminated against higher class and lower class and upper class Because you are the news man you should be held accountable for saying something like that That's just being Racist just like Donald Trump is And now they want to Attack trump for being a racist One most of the comity said before he was appointed into office Was Racist And now you guys are trying to hold him at cannibal for dum racial slur as Will you guys of Congress have failed to realise . In the matter of fact I'm gonna buy ticket to the White House And Almena go sit down in the hallway of the White House That connected the left wing to the West doing And its a people's house you as Congress do not all that house it is the people's And thats what Congress fails to realise the US capital is the peoples house not congresses Just like the White House is the peoples house we could storm in there If we want to are Taxes pay for the rebuilding of the US capital So Congress I want you to realise it is the people's house not your house I hope you democrats understand ere republicans Because I'm registering as it in depending This too much ball crab I see going on a Washington the see every day So I urge to Congress you guys need to understand that is the peoples house they could take the house back We as American citizens we appointed you 2 leaders not to bring us into the darkness not to bring us into the past But to grow our future You guys field to do that every time when is there going to be a change The several Americans starving out here it take you so long to pass the 1st e-mail his check You guys are making a mockery of the United States of America by impeaching this president with the 7 days staining This Congress will be a joke

  • Man as germans we looked up to america in the past after giving us democracy and saving us from pure evil. Now it lookes like while we have moved forward our saviours from the past are moving in the opposite direction, devastating to see. America what happened to you

  • Were attacking ourselves now lmfaoo... wow. So shameful and embarrassing 😞

  • How dare anyone speak the truth to the people. It's y'all at MSNBC and CNN who are the ones inciting anything. These people have all sold US out. Anyone in our government who is not working for US is betraying us. So making decisions that are directly affecting the way that our people can govern OUR NATION against the good of US, makes you a traitor. But again these people are all a bunch of people who hate Donald Trump as much as you all at MSNBC do. The majority of them people weren't Trump supporters and he knows it.

  • The reporter’s cadence is really similar to Tucker Carlson’s.

  • Comparing it to bengazi, really?

  • Moar Southpark material .!!