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Datum objavljivanja: 18. Vel 2021.
Mortal Kombat 2021 - Official Trailer | 4K. The first trailer for Mortal Kombat is now here and the 2021 film looks like a blast. Let us know your thoughts on the first look teaser below.
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Mortal Kombat is a mysterious, intergalactic tournament of ancient martial arts. Shaolin Monk Liu Kang, from Earth, gets invited as a competitor.


  • Let us know your thoughts on the first look below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Willy's Wonderland Ending Explained* - *Wandavision Episode 6 Breakdown* - *Zack Snyders Justice League Trailer Breakdown* - *TENET Side Characters Explained* - *The Stand Ending Explained* - *Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Breakdown* -

    • It was all good till my favorite character said get over here

    • Are you drunk. No johhny cage???? He's the only thing good a bout mortal Kombat. Won't watch !!!!

    • Where's Johnny cage

    • No fucking Jonny Cage? 🤨

    • You really don't want to know what I think

  • Hmmmm.... Who DF is Cole? Yellow gloves? Old Scorpion. Young Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero kills old Scorpion and Cole inherits the lineage.

  • Sanada’s “get over here” has grown on me and I like it and will accept it for the movie. But I mean it’ll be soo amazing and great fan service to hear the classic audio clip being used in a live action MK film where we can take it seriously

  • SUB ZERO!!!

  • nit-picking for no apparent reason 🤷🏼‍♀️ can y’all just stop being negative Nancys and focus on our childhood being reimagined in this movie again!!

  • I still would love to see a MORTAL KOMBAT/X-MEN MOVIE. The good on both sides vs the bad on both sides. That would be awesome

  • Jax lost his arms in so many different ways

  • Chills 🥶

  • they could spoil any other character but scorpion... i mean .. what's any mortal kombat movie or game without scorpion ... this one is lacking :/

  • When did raided become Asian ?

  • I'm excited to watch it ❤️💕

  • Great casting..... everytime I've seen Hiroyuki Sanada I've been like he would make a perfect Hanzo Hasashi(Scorpion). The casting of Shang Tsung is good as well.... but I would have liked to see Cary-Hiro Tagawa reprise his role as the Old Man version of Shang.

  • I really don't see any fucking sense in blackwashing Mileena.

  • Watching this trailer I had high expectations to see Donnie Yen as a major character, prolly Liu Kang, you know the superfast punches and kicks ...they are usually fire even without the fire on the fists

  • This "get over here" we don't need. We need GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!! MTFCKRs блять

  • It has begun.

  • Definitely not allowed to watch this movie, so much gore and pain and they hold each other's organs🤢

  • Meh....

  • Holy fucking shit, KABAL is in this too???? (bottom left, look at hte sword and head) 1:47

  • Why does Sub-Zero look like the bad guy🥺

  • No sé si me gustó

  • They better not kill off Sonya

  • 2:13 Scorpions ( Get over here ) was really bad and weak 😭, they should delete it from the film and put the original one instead

  • Mk 🖤

  • This looks very nice.

  • Ayo, u fucking kidding me? Melina black? 😂 This is a fucking bullshit and ridiculous, BTW Sub zero is blue no black 🙄

  • WOW, thats a trash.

    • To be clear, its Mortal combat, and it seems like they transform it in to street fight. Visuals, need few more $$$ Script and writing, pretty predictable. WTF WB why u try to destroy every IP out there ?

  • It makes me worried because some of the costumes look worse than mk annihilation 😤

  • holy shit this is awful

  • It's just a birthmark bro

  • Is Quan Chi fighting Liu Kang?

  • Slow it down and in the fight scene sub vs scorpion you will see liu kang


  • “Kano Wins...You 🤬 Beauty” 😝😝😝😝😝

  • The trailer has made me actually like Liu Kang. Lin is killing it in the role.

    • But Robin is still the best lui kang

  • Original already seems so much better a lot of bad casting in this movie.

  • Please fix Get Over Here !!!

  • Where’s Johnny?

  • If you've never put in cheats for MK3 on Super Nintendo..... don't ruin this reboot🤣😂

  • 1) iffy on Kano eye cgi 2) "Get over here" has to be done by the person who's been doing it, the signature one from the games.

  • My favorite kung lao 😘👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Prepare yourself for a bullshit movie.. 😨


  • The classic 1997 will always be king of fighting films

  • see Sub#0 eyes first time seems like bloody psyco .

  • Stay over there Covid edition

  • Love it! BUT I do hope that Raiden seeks advice from the Elder Gods at some point, I mean he's Raiden he has to

  • Where there is Smoke there is fire

  • Anyone else annoyed by the fact subzero got rid of jax’s arms, CHILE WHERES ERMAC AT

  • That’s kinda cute

  • My mom had the same effect as Scorpion when she was mad at me and say COME OVER HERE !! 👁 👁

  • EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Btw, the guy linda reminds me of the newest superman. Just a red cape and some trousers, and voila, and asian superman.

  • I loved andbwatched old mortal kombat on tv when i was 8 or 9, and i still love and would watch it. I will alos watch this one an dim sure i will like it, but no way in hell would i ever allow any kid under 14 to watch this. Its way too brutal and looks too realistic. Compared to the old movie this is like a SLAUGHTER HOUSE.

  • harooo ... subazero ... Get overere herere....

  • Raiden looks like let down. The original movie had better characters

  • Yo where's Johnny Cage

  • That was a rarely-pronounced asian "GET OVER HERE", not a cool one.

  • wtf is this shit, It aint mortal kombat without johnny cage, wtf is up with skinny kano. should have brought back the original movie kano.

  • a

  • 2:05 🎵That was cold blooded!!!🎵 (Chapellle show reference)

  • Grew up on this game can't believe it's a movie

  • This movie will not make alot of money

  • I really hope this franchise doesn’t turn into marvel where all these new fans join and start gatekeeping, being toxic and acting like their bigger fans then the ogs

    • I agree..theres word out there were there trying to do a cinematic universe like marvel I hope they will ruin it big time

    • Copy-pasting comments? For real? Try to be a bit more creative than that 😑

  • I am Sub Zero

    • needs to say "get over here" better

  • Oh boyz just shut the fuck about about the birthmark! You don't go watch a MK movie for his script

  • and Chun-li????? Where is Chun-li who forgot to invite her????? (Jezebel)

  • Oigan, ¿Dónde está Chun-Li?

  • Para empezar la máscara de sub zero se ve como chueca y segundo la pinche skin de Scorpion, la capucha le queda como de niño toda floja y la máscara, neeeeeel. Me quedo mejor con el juego

  • I'd like this to be good but if it follows the path of other video games-turned-movies, it's gonna suck camel di(k.

  • Two things missing from this: Johnny and The OG theme

    • @Ryan Lauer true but still it would be nice

    • The OG theme doesn’t fit the serious nature of what this movie is going for. Johnny can easily be in the next film.

  • Doing my head in now... the 'Get over here' was perfect for the mood


  • Everybody’s crying about how a Japanese character is saying “get over here”, yet Mileena is no longer Asian herself...... Yup, I fell in love until I saw the sign of wokeness. It would be just as much bs if they pulled that with Jax. Raiden didn’t look Asian either.

    • Thats not even the only issue. Alot of the costumes look cheap and way off

  • The theme song must be heard inside the cinema

  • If the movie turns out to be great and they don't play the original MK sound track, WB have officially f** up

  • Looks like power rangers

  • This is 720p,not 4K

  • I have seen Smoke, Kabal twice, maybe Reptile after scene with Khan's statue. What other MK fighters did you see in the frames of the video?

  • Idk why but I feel so grate when people recognize that the woman with the sai is Mileena and not Kitana, Kitana use steel fans

  • I feel scorpion and sub-zero's armor are just a little to bulky and not right looking but to be fair it must be hard to do martial arts in a fitted outfit so what do i know. Also scorpion needs to say "get over here" better

  • No woke bullshit please

  • Where's my Mortal Kombat screaming in the background? Scorpion does not like it!! Get over here!!!

  • corny

  • Who Plays Mortal Kombat Trilogy😁😁

  • Anyone notice Kabal on the trailer?

  • Woooow

  • Scorpions voice sounds like a chinese knock off from wish lollll

  • We've needed a Rated R live action Mortal Kombat for some time

  • Holy shit that was so fucking good Hope it lives to these trailer's expectations

  • I see most complaints are about the lack of Johnny Cage and Mileena being black. Keep in mind this is a REBOOT which gives them a lot of license to change around small details within the MK universe while keeping its main themes alive. I’m guessing Mileena is now her own separate character apart from Kitana entirely. Johnny is most likely being saved for a future film. If you look closely at the trailer they’re basically hinting at a second movie anyway.

  • Seeing as how sub zero is my favorite mk fighter I think it’s great what they are doing with his abilities like how he froze scorpions blood I thought that was amazing

  • Out of all the Mortal Kombat film's an fighting film's I swear to God this is the best one

  • Yea. Sorry but it looks like trash. Race swapping Raiden? Lol na.

  • Thank you very much for your attention. I love the character of Striker a powerful policeman, for me it would be a big mistake not to include him in mk11 I would like you to focus this time on Striker's fighting style both barehanded and on his use of the baton, blinding flashlight and his electric weapon and they might even give you a Dogue de Bordeaux type fighting dog or a saw type BattleBot or both And to enrich Striker's story, they should make him a rival to Erron Black and even to a character with so much potential to be exploited like Kobra, Kobra I love that character, his story, his personality, his mentality, his construction, Kobra a sports karate fighter who evolved thanks to street fights. I really want to see him again I hope they give Kobra a good opportunity because really that character has a lot, a lot of potential to exploit and offer to the mk universe Personally, I would change the design, I would give him a design like Chuck Norris but more blonde and bearded with tanned skin, hairy chest and tattoos of delinquents in arms and neck. His Kobra Kai karate uniform and street fighter shoes left him but I would put him in biker clothes and even give him boots, wantes and a biker vest with boxer bandages on his forearms and it would make him addicted to violence and violence. fights with outbursts of rage. And it would make him the sworn rival and enemy of Striker and Erron Black. Striker deserves a personal rival and Kobra is a great candidate.

  • I think i watched it 100 times now! I remember the same feeling about Man of steel. But this time its No snyder! Wan is the man to put things right. The trailer should be like the film.

  • They probably had Kano's laser coming out of the wrong eye in the trailer because they didn't want to reveal his face plate yet. He probably shoots the laser when he gets the face plate in the movie.

  • It kinda seems like they gathered regular ass ppl to fight the supernatural

  • Nothing like a good action movie to keep you awake at night. Can't wait, car hop trays from Amazon, stay safe.

  • Nope. I don't feel it.