Minecraft Ultimate Tag...

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Tra 2020.
Minecraft Ultimate Tag... My friend and I have two minutes to avoid being tagged by each other. We have to evade each other by sprinting, jumping and juking. Who will win?
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This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14/1.15 1v1 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and evade each other. The first person to 7 points wins. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
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  • Did George just say the radius of the square 😂

  • that was a really slow yes when dream got the third point

  • What has corona become to Dream:

  • PICKAXES BREAK ICE FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poopdoopy buttfACE MYYTHECXD

  • D R E E E E E E E E E E E E E E A M

  • N O I M G O I N G T O T E X T Y O U R M U M

  • I want to play with you dream and gorgenot found please 🥺

  • The music is BOMB. As George is yelling I just bop to the beat XD

  • 11:48 This is why we don't have our volumes on max kids. My ears will never be the same...

  • george screams SO LOUD

  • I fell bad for dream sorry dream 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • yos

  • Man I’m play Minecraft on mobile and I can’t play manhunt or this

  • Dream:Ur mom is mine

  • Dream gae

  • The whole video's just.... Dream : yyyyeessssssss George: nnnnooooooooooo

  • Yeah go lose all the time

  • 11:47 That was loud af.

  • 7:04 What did Dream expect jumping from that high with no armor.

  • 22:05 HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA this is SO weird! I love it!

  • Dream and George turning minecraft to a kids game

  • We’re not gonna forget Dream needed to win one and George had to win 3, Like the 2016 finals all over again CHOKED IN 7

  • I like how he cares more about the phone number then the 1000$

  • hey can you like mute george or turn down his volume after he wins or something like we do not need all that

  • george actually got pissed in this vid xD

  • 11:48 the scream tho

  • first graders playing tag:

  • I love the soundtrack. All the music is so good.

  • I didn’t realize how loud George’s scream was, oh my god

  • Daaaang dream

  • Dream: oh im texting your mum Goerge hello is this drems mom

  • hear me out they do this with fishing rods

  • Whenever Dream does a hunter vs speed runner video everyone’s like dReeEeeeeaeeaaaAAm

  • Like to be DREAM

  • I did not watch this whole video for dream to loose

  • 6:25 George was found

  • I like your cut g

  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that Dream said "I can feel you" to George?

  • “YOUR MOM IS MINE” they don’t care about the 1k but care about the phone number LOL

  • How did George won

  • Noooo

  • In Russia 1000 dollars are big month salary... Sh-t.

  • Me When there is extra homework 11:48

  • why the hell did he did that


  • It was at this moment, he knew he fked up.

  • 11:48 oh my freaking muffin god that made me laugh so hard

  • George: How did you catch me? Dream: yes

  • Yo, I'm kinda curious. Does anyone know how you would set something like this up? I think it would be fun to set up a server with my friends and play this.

  • I think dream he want to lose

  • Idk why but like georges laugh is so freaking cuteeee

  • I wil never unsub dream

  • George: Well I'm off to visit your mother! Dream: Ahh!


  • 11:48 if your wearing headphones I’m terribly sorry

  • dont mind me, making a time stamp for myself (: 16:20

  • They where more exited about the phone number then the 1000$ Lol

  • yeah, i was ALWAYS and i'll be on the dream side xD

  • "your mom is mine" Wha-

  • 11:48 😂😂😂😂😂

  • What we expected guns to sound like in 2020 11:49

  • When everyone say "where are you Dream" and not how are you Dream Sad Dream noises

  • there is no way George actually won

  • Dream has gone cocky

  • He’s one with the tree 😃

  • text dream is stinky poopoo

  • 11:48-11:51 wth

  • "Radius of the square" - George That's Minecraft Geometry

  • Anyoen watching after the dream team + Karl clutched the MCC!?

  • 11:47 me when I don't get my own way

  • t(-_-t)

  • Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins tern to him before its to late try not to sin and ask for forgiveness for your sins

  • georgie's little awww 5:35

  • ur bad

  • This is one of my fav vids I I LOVE IT

  • Dude George is gonna have a month from streaming and recording yet if’s or playning Minecraft all he will do is text dreams mom

  • Wait.. why was George the hunter for 2 rounds in a row while dream wasn’t

  • pops in real life

  • Dream just be like:i feel so bad at you george so i give you 1k but no phone number jk...

  • When my dad hit me by the stick 11:48

  • petition to make a part 2 with the dream team

  • So literally no one in the comments noticed that Dream chased George two rounds in a row? Uh ok...



  • 11:48 when ur mom takes away the xbox

  • Please do more with this, or make a new channel about mini game with geroge

  • You made the worst decision dream

  • 22:35 Bruh Moment

  • u fucking ape u lost on purpos

  • “My hands hurt from how hard I just clapped.” Me: :0

  • how did george get 3 wins in a row

  • omg when i was watching this i was playing skywars and i won against some people with your guy’s skin :0 -muddie

  • Dream Hardcore inted at the end.

  • Dream you mine ice faster with a pickaxe not an axe

  • woah...lime is sus

  • Did you just say "the radius of the square"???

  • "Radius of the square" ~George

  • so this is how he trained for the manhunt, huh?

  • 11:48