Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Lip 2020.
Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO. This was absolutely insane.
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I decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt Matchup. This series is slightly different than Minecraft Manhunt, as I'm going up against a Minecraft Pro in a DOUBLE Minecraft Manhunt.
I tried to edit this short, but it was just action packed to the brim. There was so much stuff that I plan on releasing a lot of bonus scenes on my second channel.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend Illumina tries to prevent me from doing it. Then we switch, and he tries to beat the game, while I try to stop him. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
There's not 3 hunters this time, but there's one hunter that is one of the best in the entire game. Thank you so much to Illumina for coming out and playing!
If this video gets 500,000 likes I'll try and get Technoblade on Minecraft Manhunt Matchup!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin
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  • Dream Youtooz Giveaway: dream.youtooz.com/ Also, I tried to make this video shorter but our fights lasted way longer than usual. Nothing I could do! Shorter videos soon :)

    • dream your da good player haw asam to be a esped raner

    • part2 of dream vs illumina please

    • Jacok

    • Dream you should've defeat the ender dragon when illomina was running

    • everything past 15:00 is just uno reverse dream is the hunter *no matter what*

  • I seen every Manhattan made

  • Illumina is such a wussy

  • The drowend following like: ooo a fight

  • Where’s the technoblade manhunt

  • dadadadadaddadadadadaaddaaddaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boaaaating marethooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Dream kills Illumina at 41:01

  • That water battle was like watching a star wars lightsaber fight..

  • The youtooz gives away what dream looks like

  • I think I might be in love with dream..

  • If you right click swet barries it will get another sweet barries

  • Well thats how we all knew that dream actually has blonde hair.....

  • Dream: i don't have any doubt Doubt:do you Next ten minutes doubt comes back do you

  • it would be fun to do a 5 v 2 with Dream and Illumina and everyone else

  • I remember when he had like 700 k subs

  • Dream wasn’t playing too aggressively or forgot he was the hunter or something. It’s just that he knows he can constantly be on the run from the other 3 and still get enough stuff that he can enter the End and win. It’s different with Illumina, though. He can’t outrun him or trick him into retreating like he does with the others. He has to kill him to buy himself some time

  • Dream speed run is long run

  • About three quarters in I forgot who was the hunter

  • Dream = POG

  • number 1 rule of manhunt: CARRY A BOAT

  • Did dream even throw an eye?

  • Hey yo! Boat race cheeeck

  • It would be interesting to see BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap try to speedrun the game while Dream is trying to hunt them down.

  • .

  • Illumina calling out Dream’s plot armor had the same energy as a character breaking the fourth wall

  • Spoiler: Shrek won

  • I cant believe i watched the whole video

  • ok so why we all seeing this now?

  • Dream is so smart when he is fighting someone always so careful so he dose not even miss one hit he’s like the Minecraft ameboter

  • Guys do you know that dream and george are dating.... Im not joking and im not hater i oike this channel but they are gays thats confusing

  • Still one of the best series on HRwiki, but this is 100% the worst episode. Dude literally ran the entire time.

  • swimming simulator 2020

  • Same

  • me sees water battle: so thats why this is an hour long

  • Noone: Illumina: So I may or may not have just commited a war crime.

  • boating with an old friend ft. illumina or speedrunner vs pro dream: y e s

  • 9:01 looks like Star Wars

  • hacker vs speedrunner

  • The fight is to long

  • The amount of times I was screaming “GET HIM DREAMMM” during the whole underwater battle was kind of scary

  • I am at like 40min in and I can't take the water fighting anymore

  • Dream just let him run and you just win dumb ass

  • When dream has to defeat the ender dragon in this vid, he goes attacking illumina that wont help him do anthing

  • Why didnt dream just beat the ender dragon instead of continuing his hunt for illumina like illumina died the first 15 minutes of it and then the rest is dream fighting illumina instead of beating the ender dragon

  • with was so boring but i liked it

  • Wait why the fuc* did dream burn his brewing stand like huh was that intentional

  • How, DARE U, copy bad’s phrase..

  • в этом видео очень много воды

  • Dream ib description u promise to bring technoblade in manhunt on 500,000 likes Where is techno dream🙄

  • Dream is powerful in 3 Hunter vs speed runner

  • When was dreams turn to be hunted 🤔🤔🤔

  • Pls show you 🥺🥺🥺

  • This was a good long fight, the suspense is murderous.

  • This is is the first time I heard Dream said "Muffin head"

  • 38:35 Look at the lava in his inventory It disappeared

  • 70% of this video is them in boats.

  • dream didnt even try to win! XD

  • Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd Dreamxd

    • DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm

    • Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream

  • Dream really calling himself a pro in the title...

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  • I like long videos, videos like that are great !!

  • Bro who was the hunter second round tho

  • He's broken the world record over four times but the current world record holder is me

  • Ssedcvgf Y’all

  • That shouldn’t count as him winning though because the drowned killed him

  • Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness

  • Are we just going to ignore the chicken in the nether

  • he is the biggest woos

  • So... Dream 500k likes and you'll try The Blade huh

  • Oh also, sometimes I think you re cool dream. I like you better than Techno and fruit berries

  • Is it that long to take down illumina

  • Illumina sounds like mrbeast wtf

  • Alternative title: Minecraft speedrunner vs speedrunner

  • Was there a fucking chicken In the nether

  • now that was a great fight. 2 equally matched players battle it out

  • 70% of the video is just a boat ride

  • Is this a movie?

  • It's not the same without hearing "DREEEEEAAAAMMM" every minute

  • And sooo guys no one wins

  • 21:04 is that a chicken?

  • Yeet

  • it's 675k likes and I really wanna see techno and dream in minecraft manhunt

  • I didn’t click on this to watch insanely boring underwater pvp I clicked on it to watch a man hunt/speed run

  • it's 675k likes and I really wanna see techno and dream in minecraft manhunt

  • O galera do Brasil pode comentar

  • why dont they give up already

  • Omg

  • The fight on the water was like the fight between orochimaru and the third, it took 3 years to end lmao

  • Well this was super boring and anti climatic

  • I luminary’s” I know how to play this game unlike George

  • Another tittle:24 hours in the ocean :o

  • when they were fighting underwater the drowned be like: OMG THIS IS INTENESE

  • I think I fucking fell asleep watching the water fight, I continued watching it tho

  • I actually think guy dream was hunting twice

  • What a wuss

  • I am going to temporarily run away *-Dream 2020*

  • lol he was about to call George stupid

  • Dream gay

  • Speedrunner vs 4 Hunters: 40 minutes Speedrunner vs PRO: 1 HOUR

  • The real question is witch one is the speedrunner and witch ones the pro....