Minecraft Speedrunner VS Full Diamond Juggernaut

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Vel 2020.
Minecraft Speedrunner VS Full Diamond Juggernaut. This was super intense...
Sapnap: hrwiki.info
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is not a different rendition of it, where there is an assassin. This is similar to "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Someone Trying To Stop Them" and "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Slayer"
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend Sapnap (not BadBoyHalo this time) tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 50,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  • Why wouldn’t he grab all of sapnaps stuff

  • Bernie Sanders

  • When sanap says “Come here my love” George: :(

  • this is how we thought manhunt was going to go

  • Dream please explain how you take a screen shot of the portal at 3 and go to the nether at 12???

  • Make a part 2

  • HRwiki that confuse me : Dakotaz Fearless and Dream

  • Me: Feels like dream is about to die Also me: Checks the time and sees he's good

  • Next nethierite jagournauth

  • Does anybody not. Know dream has a compise

  • I was pretty surprised to Dream die

  • This video perfectly explains why I love sapnap so much

  • I saw the.first time dream Has died. I was like 😳

  • 6:05 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Dream: "You're gonna die, Sapnap!" The stone appearing in the portal: It was at this moment that he knew he f*cked up

  • Minecraft: Never dig down Dream: *Only digs down*

    • I think that applied to lower y coordinate

  • This was uploaded on the date of my birthday

  • Full Netherite Hunter Vs Dream 1 Health

  • 17:08 what the hell is with that zombi pig

  • He really said here’s Johnny in the beginning

  • i cannot join the server

  • 10 minutes agoo yasssss

  • Nice prap dream 😂

  • Smp pls dreem

  • Seems like Sapnap would be the perfect murderer, with his incredibly calm and dark voice 😂

  • If we were to set fire to a tree in the portal, he would have been able to activate it.


  • did sapnap say mooshroom bioms dont exist

  • This is the first time I’ve seen Dream this scared of his friend Sapnap in Minecraft..

  • Pov: you looking for a sapnap comment

  • 6:01 1000 iq moment

  • Chair

  • You should have portel trapped Sapnap.

  • Is it just me who finds Dream's and Sapnaps voice satisfying to listen to when they're together

  • Dreams famous dialogue 'come here George come here '

  • Very nice

  • Dream as a hunter: Where are youuuuu Georgeeeeee in a creepy voice George as Hunter Dream: where are youuuuu George in a creepy voice

  • Go 3 Daimond

  • Wait dream are you forgot watter can broken the portal and the 20:28 if you jus broken then portel he will spawn in random portal

  • Why didn’t dream get the diamond armor after sapnap fell?

    • They have keep inventory on because if they didn't it would ruin the point of him having diamond armor

  • Sapnap: where are you dream Dream: hmm i am in a desert biome Sapnap:you are not good at lying

  • Для понимал бы я английский

  • Lol I thought there was a glitch at the end bc like I thought that bc um I D k OKAY!

  • 14:45 STEVE DAMAGE


  • Me how long is this 21 minutes long dream lost

  • This was so unfair

  • dreams the best minecraft player

  • Batwoman

  • Idk if there was keep inventory on but when Dream pushed Sapnap down into the ravine, he could have just grabbed his stuff!!

  • 12:53 Uh- Just wondering how his hunger disappeared?

    • Boats hide hunger because it doesn’t go down in a boat

  • 0:33 what the music?

  • Dream I think there’s like 10% you’re gonna win because literally there is a diamond guy following you and the sword so what were you thinking

  • 🥺

  • Dream: Only a small procent of people are actually subscribed Also Dream: Has 16 Mio Subscribers

  • I never though sapnap would be so dumb when you were in the thingy and then you put sandstone and he didn’t realize XD

  • For some reason I think this will be the only time it is actually going to be fair

  • Sapnap is just dream "psychopath v.2"

  • Dream actually sounds scared in this lol sapnap OP

  • 📊📊📊📊🧾🧾📊📈📈📉📉🗒🗒📉📈📈📊🧾🧾

  • Oh treetree

  • u should do a video on which the compass has a limited use!!! like u can only use it like 10 times or something :)

  • does anyone notice at 3:23 that his hunger is blank? just me?

  • Dream: finds a lava pit DRUM MUSIC INTENSIFIES

  • *dream on 1 heart about to die* Me: “nah there’s 12 minutes left he’s okay”

  • In this video, we coded it so sapnap would be sus for 21 minutes

  • The shallow pillow neurophysiologically cycle because red unsurprisingly yell abaft a erect transport. hard, black wallet

  • jjn,

  • Kamala Harris

  • Omg sippy cup actually beat Dream?! 😂

  • 3:30 that “nothing” hit different

  • Did they have a rule where he couldn't pick up saps armor

  • Dream, please do Minecraft speedrunner vs 4 juggernauts. Please make this video, as I have a birthday this month..

  • Pirates of the Caribbean music intensifys

  • Give me your face i don't thinh u face

  • We need a part 2 of this video with a fully netherite hunter

  • Есть тут русские?

  • Dream u could’ve taken his armour when he died

    • Keep inventory was probably on Or that wasn't allowed cuz it would kinda take away from the title.

  • Why did you let him kill you dream

  • 0:33 what the music

  • When the video is 20 and not 40 minutes: Dream is gonna die

  • What's the music at 14:07 ? Sounds so good

  • Anyone ever notice dreams laugh is like a hyena Not hating or anything though I love Dream

  • Bro you can live in end city

  • The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them. The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. (Psalms 145:17-20 [KJV]) ~++~ I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV]) ~++~ For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])

  • Powerball drawing

  • Why does he place then brake the gravel

  • Tittle:”....juggernaut....” Me: oh god how are you going to beat this mod?! as I’m thinking of COD 😂

  • omg a mooshroom biome!? aren't those rilly rare?

  • why didn't u get his gear when he died

    • Keep inventory was probably on Or that wasn't allowed cuz it would kinda take away from the title.

  • I thought sap was supposed to be smart but he didn’t realize that dream was making the portal with the archivement hot stuff how did he not know cause like I said I thought sap was supposed to be smart

  • SapNap: you’re so close I can literally I. Your feet are in my mouth. Got me lmao 😂

  • the guy always impresses me

  • So this is dream’s channel. I didn’t know who he was until I saw him in an among us video 😁. These videos are fun,

  • why did dream not move? at the end

  • This is one of my favourite manhunts, even though it’s just a 1v1. Sapnap is terrifying and I love it.

  • me seeing dream in nether with sapnap chasing him with one minute left: welp... r.i.p. dream

  • these videos bring back minecraft

  • F om where did u get the compass at the beginning

  • Indian fans here