Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin ft. Notch

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Sij 2020.
Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin ft. Notch. This was super intense... Thank you Notch :)
George: hrwiki.info
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there is an assassin, and a bodyguard. "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Someone Trying To Stop Them"
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. Notch tries to beat the game, while my friend George tries to prevent me from stopping him. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  • Roblox challenge: Meet the Creator

  • I want to play with notch

  • Notch is an athiest but still said Jesus more than the Bible mention the name

  • hey dream i found U

  • Dream held back, like a lot

  • Tell Notch if he found his brother herobrine in minecraft

  • hi bro


  • i love how you can hear that his from Sweden on his accent

  • Kirito vs Heathcliff

  • Oh my fricking god

  • George speedrun pls

  • bruh F for respect dream plays with the game develper bruh thats a thing checked off his list

  • When dream is the speed runner in his video, video 40min, 1 hour When he is a hunter 20min, 25min 🤣🤣

  • How did u find notch tho-

  • OMN

  • We all know that he let Notch live for a long time to reach a 10 minute video

  • How did he develope the game if he doesn't even know how to nvm

  • Dream, this isn't gorge because I love you :)

  • Dream: about to kill notch Notch: *creative mode*

  • I think that dream went to her 1% of power in this video cuz if he was playing seriously he'll won too ez

  • Is this actually Notch?

  • is that the real notch?

  • i thought that notch would OP MLG at minecraft since he made it

  • How do you play with notch 😱

  • do you play the versio9n 1.16.4

  • is that the real Notch?

  • Why don’t u use axe like u used to do

  • Plot twist-dream is playing from notch's acc and notch is frm dream's

  • Notch was spam clicking

  • xd

  • Teletubby tries to kill legendary god while british guard tries to protect him.

  • Meh I hope it was notch

  • kids: *expecting notch to be one of the best Minecraft players* how good notch really is:

  • wait this wasnt clickbait? anyways notch seems has the attitude of a cool dad we must protect.

  • I think this was the only video that dream steped back because he thought George might end him. And George really had that power this time

  • didgusting

  • Did anyone else noticed that the compases is growing with two when he dies?

  • Does notch have a HRwiki channel?

  • Notch is possibly the most jolly man ive ever heared

  • How do you stay alive during man hunts but die as hunter

  • Notch is real?

  • . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . Mm . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . Mm mm mm mm. . .. . . . . .. . . . Mm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • The creator of minecraft didn't even know how to sprint.

  • i miss notch

  • alternate title: notch learns how to play his own game

  • 17:48 I swear George has a sixth sense or something😂

  • Imagine if Notch was the worlds best speedrunner but he just didn’t appear because he didn’t want to

  • The old days when dream used a sword instead of an axe

  • Question. Is that actually notch?

  • Herobrines brother dun dun dun

  • Dream in thé next video try to do speedrunner vs dragon in the overworld

  • its funny having George have to explain the game to its own creator

  • wait is that actually notch TELL ME DREAM

  • Although notch is a god, he seems pretty down to earth

  • Why yall have to say that j word all the time 🖕😂🖕

  • is that real notch???


  • Dream: it would not be a good strategy to tell you what im doing 1 minute later Dream: I see your nametags

  • lies and deceit

  • Si es notch? Xd

  • I really thought he was lying when I saw Notch. But that's actually *_NOTCH._*

  • I guess dream needed to take hi vidios up a Notch

  • How tf did u get Notch in on this?

  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • Andre Johnson


  • tis is the real nocht

  • i like how the video had 669k likes lol

  • is that the real notch? lol

  • If notch would like to get better he should try to get some tips from the developer.

  • I can hear Notch’s Swedish accent when he talks and I’m enjoying it

  • Its not nocht

    • it is you can litterly hear his swedish accent when he talks

    • notch* yes it is

  • How does he not know how to play minecraft?

  • Me finding minecraft comment

  • *yes like dream always played with notch* *CALM*

  • notch's sound is very swedish, cause he was from sweden

  • they forgot notch is the CREATOR

  • Plot twist: Dream was actually Notch and Notch was Dream

  • Notch just keep saying "jesus christ" on start of the hunt

    • That is what he was saying. Good ears.

  • Does dream have an extra large PC? Cuz his hotbars are soo small

    • computer size doesn’t affect the HUD. it’s a setting ingame.

    • Its a setting

  • Our minecraft god is playing with the creator of the game. I literally can't believe it edit: yes, I did just call dream out minecraft god

  • Dream: - being gentle with Notch - George to Notch: Should we just kill him?

  • Notch is the creator of minecraft and doesn't know how to do anything

  • Why the hell u guys don't use a bed to set a respawn point


  • I love the fact that George has to teach notch how to play Minecraft

  • The reason why Notch doesn't know some stuff in the latest version of Minecraft is that if you remember Notch made Jeb the leader of Minecraft in 2011 and notch didn't have the crown anymore so he didn't know what Jeb added and stuff and didn't know what happened in the future of Minecraft which is probably one of the reason notch doesn't know how to do the stuff in the latest version of Minecraft kinda I'm guessing

  • Is it really notch or

  • Dream -crafts bed right next village Me-steals bed from village

  • Is that even notch

  • Alternate title : creator of minecraft learns how to play minecraft

  • Did notch copy terraria

  • Plot twist: notch is actually just putting withers. On it self when dream is punching him

  • Protect the President Minecraft Version

  • What thefax😎😎😎

  • You are looking

  • I thought this was funny but it's hard to hear so turn up your volume

  • Hi