Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Lip 2020.
Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15. This world record is for versions 1.9+, with a random seed without glitches. This was crazy.
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I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of headaches when trying to beat this record. I almost stopped trying multiple times, but I had my friends to encourage me to keep going. Was an amazing moment that they got to be there for me.
MAJOR props to realbenex for his amazing time. I saw it midway through attempting this record, and almost gave up because it was such a great run.

Previous WR was 22:18 by realbenex @Benex
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.15.2
Seed: -8838743941849800027
Difficulty: Normal


  • This was on 1.15, but it’s the same category as 1.14. Played on 1.15 because I wasn’t doing villager trading and I prefer the new sprint settings. The category is 1.9+.

  • I Luv ur vids

  • Can someone explain how speedrunning works like are these people running faster or no

  • Cool

  • You are the best speed runner in the world 🏆🏆🏅🥇

  • Your name logan pual

  • Your name is ligan Paul

  • ok question : 1. why did enderman did not teleport AND ender didn't attack back ? 2. why didn't the dragon dive attack??. ia this real?

  • Gg

  • And HRwiki shows me now

  • You ar fast l like you

  • nah, sorry to say but its kinda sus that he got like 5 OP enchanting books dont ya think?

  • HeY sHiTaSs, WaNnA sEe My SpEeDrUn?!??!?!

  • i am new on your channel and i see your speedrun i can shocked what the hell is this you complete minecraft in 22 min

  • Villagers be like: A green man came to our village, stole our beds and killed our golem. Now we can't Dream.

  • R.I.P ears and headphones

  • Dream with storgest p*nis

  • WoW Your Mine Craft King


  • This seed in 1.16.2 Is literally Pogged it has op things in the cave system and desert temple lol!

  • Lmao george was the happiest at the end

  • awesome

  • 9:34 was the time I laughed my ass off

  • That's so awsome

  • Bottttttttttttttttttttt

  • am i the only one who can craft bows on my first try??

  • Wow lucky you have looting III

  • 14:33

  • 0/10 you didn't use your normal speedrunning music Edit: Always watch the entire video

  • Me, tryna speedrun MC: Finds village, gets bread, finds lava, has bucket Dream: flys by with elytra

  • Do you screen record or do you put the camera in a specific spot so the lightings just perfect

  • when he beat it and they yelled i had my earbuds at full volume.

  • Dont let dream forget this He said in the everytime George takes damage he gets shocked video that for 10 mill views he would do face cam now he's at 21 mil

  • Sapnap: NaMe YoUr SwOrD ##### :Dream *names it #####* me: but i thought you were family friendly

    • *NOTE* This is a joke

  • You're a god

  • CONGRATS!!!!!!

  • A giant cactus what dose that relate to?

  • o nome que ele colocou na espada kkkkk

  • A Brasilian streamer finished in 20:32

  • Dream taking 9 minute to get to nether Me taking 9 days to even find iron and only two

  • Who watches this video and says man I wish I was as good as dream

  • You say line

  • i was baited on the version 1.15, i thought it is time of speedrun xD

  • Man I get the most doo doo nether spawns :/

  • I was wearing headphones (fr) and the ear rape was painful

  • Has the elder dragon ever killed u

  • Dream in 22 minutes:beats minecraft. Me in 22 minutes:still finds village

  • the ending woke up my dad

  • Just be careful not to speedrun people's lives.

  • nice spidrun

  • I watched dani’s speedrun and he got 16 minutes

  • God speed

  • noob dream

  • Dream beats ender dragon in 22 minutes me after 22 minutes I finally got iron 😀

  • Yeah boi

  • Dream i beat the ender dragon

  • When Microsoft gives you a free 30 minute trial...

  • Did you know speed runners or technically wasting their time and saving their time

  • dream have you seen danny

  • DREAM IS COOL AT B***!!!!!!!

  • What he does not talk?

  • se volete iscrivetevi al mio canale youtube

  • Me: why is it so quiet..??? My mind: 'cause SapNap isn't here screaming "HOW, HOW" everytime Dream kills him

  • "aND i bEcamE AA pRinceSS oVer nIgHT"

  • this is literally so cute george and sapnap are so supportive

  • gg

  • it takes like 22 lifetimes for me to beat the game. I need like creative mode to beat the ender dragon

  • george’s excitement the whole time is too cute

  • *Dream beating Minecraft in 22mins* Me 22 minutes in the game vibing to the music still not getting a single wood.

  • 3:38 that scared the LIFE outta me,

  • Dreams music be like:bruh eeeee do da dee yu

  • Nether bloks

  • How did you get so many blocks

  • How did you get an iron anvil

  • And a looting bug that’s kind of sus

  • the ending where they were screaming was definitely the best part :)

  • i see a cross

  • Dream I have dream skin im a huge fan of you

  • Damn dream Minecraft God me:0-0

  • Damn this green guy is sweaty.....

  • dream beating minecraft in 22 minutes * me beating minecraft in under 1 minute using only creative mode

  • My ears at the end were blown up😂😂

  • T H E P E N I S L O O T I N G I I I S W O R D

  • U bed boi

  • повезло повезло)

  • 4:04 herobrine....?

  • When Minecraft has a 30min free trial

  • I am watching this during class and now my ears are bleeding after 22:00

  • Hi

  • Spreen atu pta casa pa

  • I have watched this speed run so many times it is just so epic or a George was say “ quite epic indeed” :D

  • George didn't leave :)

  • Mom.Honey were leaving in 10seconds Me.Ok let me just watch dream real quick

  • Hacking you don't get super good enchanted books and diamonds out of temples and he is moving way to fast for bunny hopping and losing no energy you ever bunny hop and it takes all your STAMINA SO LIKE I SAID HACKSSSS

  • oH wOW ThAt wAS iNSaNe

  • Dream completing the game in 22 min Me = Me still killing mob with stone sowrd

  • dream: camon camon camon get down get down! dragon: No i know if i will get down you will kill me!

  • Ey make speedrun in 1.0

  • What a seed?

  • I love your channel! You top