Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Lip 2020.
Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15. This world record is for versions 1.9+, with a random seed without glitches. This was crazy.
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I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of headaches when trying to beat this record. I almost stopped trying multiple times, but I had my friends to encourage me to keep going. Was an amazing moment that they got to be there for me.
MAJOR props to realbenex for his amazing time. I saw it midway through attempting this record, and almost gave up because it was such a great run.

Previous WR was 22:18 by realbenex @Benex
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.15.2
Seed: -8838743941849800027
Difficulty: Normal


  • This was on 1.15, but it’s the same category as 1.14. Played on 1.15 because I wasn’t doing villager trading and I prefer the new sprint settings. The category is 1.9+.

    • @Awesomeness 11 Brain warning*

    • seed?

    • Hello idollllllllllllllllllllll

    • Soooo epic congrats you sooooo deserve it I love your channel you playing your the best Minecraft player😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊🥳🤩

    • Me : locate Diamond on 6 minutes Dreams : Diamond sword on 5 minutes ( Eric 2010 Minecraft are mundo Channel on HRwiki )

  • Timer : 22: 06.9 me : noice

  • The one thing I realized in this video; Dream likes spinning.

  • Wow

  • *minecraft speedruneer vs 0 hunters*

  • I made it 0.25× speed to check the time and it says 22.05.0

  • How many world records are you going to have

  • 1.6 though...

  • Dream noob pro night

  • In twenty two minutes i only not reach a blaze powder hahahaha lol

  • 13:18 easter egg

    • wdym

  • Every manhunt and Speed Run vids:Dream screams YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME: IT HURTS MY EARS! LOL IM NOT JUDGING DREAM. I WAS JUST JOKING LOL

  • *Imagine being a god and creating a green character for fun and to mess around and that green character suddenly goes to 3 dimensions while running and defeating a powerful dragon with beds.*

  • Pause on 9:21 🎶Oo bay bay🎶 🎶I rlly *oink groan* rlly love you😍🎶

  • Is this how dream got popular

  • Nice

  • Ken haki at 4:20

  • My record is 2 weeks

    • Mi récord is 2 hours xdd

  • Finally found god of Minecraft Dream is best player in Minecraft killed Ender Dragon without Armor

  • Epic

  • Dream: Gets Diamong for like 2 mins Me: Gets Diamond for 1 week

  • woah you are 1m iq player

  • 14:12 props to the skeleton doing 360 shot on dream

  • Props to the skeleton doing 360 shot on dream

  • 2:30 me watching that be like😫😫😨😱🥴

  • he as killing iron golem in 360

  • Dream sus

  • That's so fast

  • 21:55:1

  • "Never judge a cave by its entrance" ~dream

  • Ok so I’m a bit new to Minecraft on HRwiki and I thought it was crazy that dream did his speed run in an hour and 15 minutes until I realized that was just the version of the game

  • Me see dream blow up a iron with a tnt Me wanted to try and blow my self...

  • i saw he has rtx 2080 super and intel i9 9900k i dont know he like overclocking

  • Please watch Agika he do the speedrun and finishing only 3 minutes but Agika is indonesian player so he is world record speedrun not you

    • @Grievous i know dream isn’t top 3 anymore lol

    • @trashy umbrella lmao no he isnt.

    • @CarrotString yes that is true. but dream isnt even top 3 anymore.

    • @trashy umbrella how am i stan? lmao

    • @CarrotString stan

  • Dream = The armorless knight

  • And thus a shitty meme was born

  • Hey shitas u want to see me speedruning?

  • I play online with my friend. Still not find a Village in a week.

  • i managed to beat it in 21mins 36secs

  • Holy sheet of paper i take like 30 minutes on just getting a iron pix

  • omg the laughing in the end🥺🥺

  • OMG

  • One thing I learned from this video: Milk is good

  • Like this Game

  • Horse horse 🐎 hills

  • 13:07

  • Why does he use the bed at the end

  • y the dislikes?

    • Not everyone likes dream’s content

    • Because not everyone likes dream or his content

  • love you dream big fan

  • This is the most real thing i've seen

  • I love how he still has time to name his sword lol

  • This is incredible the game that I have been playing for like 8 years and I have just witnessed it getting its ass whooped by a speed runner

  • dream should do a face reveal at20 mill

  • money can you give us please we have no money can you give us please we have no money

  • 22:19 RIP Headphone users.

  • Wat

  • I should be working, but I'm watching this instead. I'll rather get fired than miss a new upload.

  • How to became a speed runner:learn how to beat Ender dragon

  • This is when you're minecraft trial world is about to expire

  • Me in 20minute:still chopping my first tree

  • what he named his sword was truly magical

  • The super cactus ia super rate omg

  • But how good is he 👑

  • Minecraft speedrunner vs 0 hunters

  • Quote it: Never judge a cave by its entrance.

  • Me thinking he is going to do the speedrun in 1.15 min 🤡

  • 3:38 rip headphones users

  • 22:20 👁👄👁 (press it I dare you for 10 bucks) no need to thank me satan enjoy these fellow peoples ears 😂

  • 19:15 im scared

  • every other speedrunner:*being serious while speedrunning* Dream:*casually talking with George while speedrunning*

  • 0:08 hmm

  • ur trash

  • Me: thinks the 1.15 is what time he beat the game and sees him still punching wood =.= BOI

  • That was impressive, even if he wouldn't get it I'd still have massive respect for it. Might be cause I enjoyed the commentary.

  • Most speed runners: wouldn’t bother even picking up the enchanted book. Dream: takes book, uses it, and names it pp

  • Well the speedrun started on the center, why aren't the stans calling that out? Oh, because it's Dream. (Reference to the NiceTwice controversy)

  • Who else saw the name of his sword?

  • Me: trying to be extra quiet to avoid my parents hearing me The Dream Team: 22:09

  • dream im happy for you i wish i could play minecraft but i cant but your so good at the game


  • 14:16 am I the only one who realised that the skeleton actually did two 360s and shot dream's shield?!? EDIT: I realised after 16:11 that all of the skeltons are doing 360s...

  • Of course, this was before the End update.

  • That skin I so cool

  • The only thing I can speedrun is wash the dishes before my mom gets to the kitchen

  • What about 1.16 my friend got 15:37 minutes on 1.16

  • At the minut 8:27 and 14:33 there was a cruce


  • Did u name ur sword......

  • who is this seed dream?

  • why mojang make new versions?: to dream finish mine more fast *literally*

  • Bad speedrun

  • Local news: Happy Green man runs into village, steals beds and run away.

  • I’m too focused on the name of his sword

  • Your now the best you tuber name is speedruner no.1 I liked you now and subscribed your now the best gamer

  • Notes on hot to speed run: -temple- needs golden apple, iron, and looting 3 book or enchanted item of some sort. - destroy dead bushes in desert to get easy sticks Find village, destroy beds, hit iron golem, tower up 3 blocks, and get 5 iron hopefully, get wheat with hoe and have food Needs lava pool right next to village, try to get flint by destroying gravel. Nether- hopefully spawn in fortress, destroy floor of spanwers for spawn rate to go up for blazes. After nether kill endermen and find stronghold. Than use the 13 beds you have to kill ender dragon

  • wow trump really had to ruin this video with his advertisement

  • why do i feel like the music in dreams videos should be in 'the last of us' (the game)

  • Hi


  • I like when your friends say oh dreammmmm