Minecraft Mob Hunt...

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Lis 2020.
Minecraft Mob Hunt...
Can we hunt down some of Minecraft's most random mobs? Or will we die trying...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15/1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. We have to trap as many different mobs as we can. We get 5 points each time we trap a new mob and 1 point for a mob we have already trapped. We have 1 hour and whoever has the most points at the end wins!
If this video gets 500,000 likes we'll make this a series!
This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.


  • To much screaming

  • Wow dream is annoying. Cheats right off the bat

  • Looks like dream and george have E-FISH-IN CIEY Get it? No? *Ok ill stop talking*

  • Next time have the holes further apart and allow pvp Could be fun

  • Literally just minecraft Fish hunt

  • george if you take a ender peral and trow it down you will not die if you now a hiup in the sky please do it

  • Rules : No sabotage but u can steal 3minutes later Dream : U STOLE MINE, U STOLE MY PIGMAN THAT WAS MY PLAN Me : I wish I can tell Dream remember Rules

  • why trap them in my hole?

  • Their enthusiasm tho

  • Stop screaming into the mic

  • More like minecraft fish hunt

  • 4:05 when mom asks you to stop playing for 0.01 seconds to take out the garbage

  • Ai nat iu tiu win

  • Your mic ripped my ears off

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  • What if you gave each mob diminishing returns? So like, the first time you get it, it's worth 5 points, then 4 points the next time, then 3, 2, 1, and after that it's not worth anything? Because for some things, getting 5 of them is pretty difficult. It makes going after things like Endermen pretty much always worthwhile when you see one, but completely nerfs the Fish Strat.

  • I love you George

  • Not me just not sleeping and watching Georges videos all night- wrong bitch

  • Am I the only one who appreciated dreams joke? George: WAIT YOU BUILT A WALL! Dream: Im bUiLdINg a WaLl Both: 😆 Dream: and it’s gonna... and it’s gonna keep the creepers in Both 🤣😂🤣

  • disapointing of the sabotaging

  • What was the first bgm







  • U should of made a mods spawn at the top of your hole

  • should’ve made a chicken farm

  • This was the first video that introduced me to Dream and George, and can I say, they made a wonderful first impression on me.

  • Fishing simulator

  • The minecraft community has become toxic dream is essentially the Joseph Stalin of minecraft

  • gotta catch em' all

  • the second half of the video is just fish hunt

  • The sordid weasel strikingly contain because ronald paradoxically walk against a coordinated toenail. smart, tedious arithmetic

  • 11:28 how many points is a dream worth

  • Waaahhhhh gogy ded

  • Minecraft youtubers: according to youtube statistics...

  • do not fight

  • Dream: ok, no killing. You can steal a mob but don't kill it. Dream a bit later: *killing the zombie piglins tha George is trying to get in the hole* YOU TOOK MINE THAT'S SABOTAGE!!! Lmao

  • 0:03 collect as many Minecraft mobs as you can and tarp them in your hole hmm i don’t know man seems kinda gay to me

  • The damaged sink naively mix because sign covalently nest but a absurd vegetarian. parsimonious, industrious bakery

  • You should just build a farm of chickens above and breed them and than destroy the ground

  • 17:05

  • Chill on the ear rape

  • when he says get in the hole it reminds me of pewds get in the boat

  • getting a silk touch pick and a spawner would be difficult but a good strategy,,,,

  • Idk if this counts as “sabotage,” but I for sure would’ve placed obsidian over the other persons hole using the bucket method.

  • dream doing a trump impression- ahshhjdjdjdjdjn

  • George: *gets diff types of tropical fish* hole: *gives George only 1 bunch of five and gives 1 for all of the other fish* me: THAT SHOULD COUNT R U KIDDING?!

  • The amount of screams George makes in this single video can power Monster inc for a whole decade

  • I think the scoring should be tweaked a bit. The first point for each mob should be like 10, then each time you get that mob again it goes down, so 9 for the second catch, then 8 etc. Even going so far as to end up rewarding 0 points after you get so many, or maybe going into the decimals after 1 but never hitting 0. Because it really just turned into "who can bucket up the most fish" game mode. That way it would have given them much more incentive to get a bigger variety of mobs, but still having some value of getting multiples of the same thing.

  • Alt Title, George and dream scream and argue about getting things in their holes for 24 minutes strait

  • I don't call killing mobs cheating, I call it defense.

  • Georgenotfound :Today we're doing mob hunt! Dream :"Builds nether portal" No were speedruning the game!

  • LOUd

  • The best thing for me at least, when whatching you guys play, is seeing how happy you all are. Keep that up, the gang is awesome!

  • if they ever do a second one of these, Dream is just gonna build a mobfarm above his hole

  • i'm gonna change my speaker after this, and WARNING FOR you that wear headset when watching this vidio

  • Why are they not putting trapdoors over the whole?

  • Dream:NO SABOTAGE also dream:sabotages a million times , am I the only one that is mad at dream at this vid

  • Why didn’t he just make a mob farm?

  • Every mob they kill should cost them a point. That way they can only steal.

  • I wish they’d tried making leashes

  • dream is a thief

  • Hey George I was thinking why you both skin like Steve and Herobrine in Minecraft

  • Fcking dream

  • I hate dream

  • I hate dream

  • I hate dreammmmmmmm

  • Screaming: always funny

  • Horse+saddle

  • Dream

  • if I was playing this I would put trap doors around the bedrock so mobs would walk in to the hole

  • The scream tho. Very noisy

  • this is a good game idea but you should have it that instead of the 2nd onwards being worth 1 point just have it be worth 1 point less each time so the 2nd is 4, 3rd is 3, 4th is 2, and 5th is 1 and anything after the 5th would be 0 so that it doesn't just end up being who got more iron wins using fish, also give everyone weakness and resistance V so you can't kill the mobs and you can't die so you have to actually use strategy also have it that you holes are farther apart or have a barrier wall in between so it is harder to steal mobs

  • I think a better variation of this would have been a mob version of the Block Shuffle. That would make it harder to sabotage each other or stack points with fish.

  • Fish in a bucket is the name of the title lol

  • Throwback to Achievement Hunter's "No Petting Zoo" minecraft let's play #41 back in 2013


  • Hello George just want you to know your an amazing person and I love your vids ✨😁

  • It's just dream breaking the rules and being a general ahole for 20 minutes

  • Damn low-key thought he was 10 head at the end too bad it didn't count Sadge

  • Dream is just to good


  • This would've been better with 4 people and they all are 1k blocks away from each other, the only thing they can see is the points going up. Maybe make it so they all start in the middle and they have to find their own boxes

  • George is so feminine bruh

  • why not just breed the animals

  • “Get in the hole” That what she said

  • Idk why, but George siphoning the pigmen was hilarious.

  • Dreams cheating

  • Just 0:56 look how dream teleported.

  • Best earrape (maybe content)

  • Okay. Good video but you fuckin´ need to scream?!

  • george is over here tryna get creative mobs and dream's like: *_fish_*

  • quick question, could they have used trap doors to make the mobs walk off easier like they do in mob farms?

  • When dream said that you can’t sabotage after the first time you sabotaged him, even though he sabotaged you so many times before, that made me mad. I also got mad when he cheated and covered you’re hole. He does anything to win.

  • you should have tossed out all your stuff, followed dream into the nether, broken his portal and jumped into lava leaving him stranded there... xD

  • 99% of this video: YEEEEEEEEEES or NOOOOOOO

  • You can take a loss well