Minecraft Manhunt but WHATEVER YOU LOOK AT YOU GET

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Tra 2021.
today we play minecraft but whatever you look at you get
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


  • Hope you have had a good week Socks!

  • Thing is, Wisp didn’t do Manhunt on it, but was speed running

  • Who realized when he says if i look at laff enough i will get a 40 year old man and SOMETHING appears on the hotbar

  • 9:58 who else heard Homer Simpson?

  • I hope it will duplicate the item if it wasn't inside the shulker box...

  • Can you do one with Wolfster and laugh

  • Look at bedrock. Encase the gold in bedrock

  • My life is sad

  • Mctip: if you ever go to the nether always bring a water bucket and your probably wondering. BuT tHe WaTeR wIlL eVaPoRaTe. But here the twist Bring a could Ron as well cause you can put water in a couldron and it will not avaporate and it will put the fire on you out

  • 4:55 the new dream has been born

  • Idea: Minecraft Manhunt, but the speedrunner switches every 2 minutes

  • How come if you look at the grass block you don't get the grass block and you get dirt. Smoking as a teen can stop your lungs, keeping them little forever. Also 0:38 I like how he put the meme face in his inventory

  • Well I accidentally turned this to max volume so I may or may not be able to hear for a week

  • would you rather be a 40 year old or a 14 year old

  • From concreete powder You get concreete blocks So Gunpowder and blaze power make Gun block and blaze block

  • When tbh guess your birht year:HOW?!?

  • looks at meme gods medical degree. Minecraft (Error Code 69 Item Does Not Exist)

  • When you realize you can only get apples for oak trees 😶😶😶

  • I laffed so hard that I pooped 7:07

  • Birch trees don't drop apples

  • Birch trees don't drop apples

  • what if you staerdat the gold block and place it down and mine it will it give you that win


  • laff age reveal?????????????????

  • [wow]

  • If I Look At Tb Long Enough I Will Get A Twerking Crab

  • destroy laff loafs

  • You and wisp are my favourite youtubers

  • Laff u need shulkers

  • Dude you just edited the character from the datapack creator's thumbnail from his to yours.

  • Wisp did that before u

  • I also saw Wisp doing this video

  • 6:24 socksfor1 once said: 'Water bucking the ground'

  • I looked at your prof I still don't have socks

  • We didnt you Multiply the Gold block Place the golden blocks Mine the blocks you just placed Win

  • Me getting bedrock ._.

  • Minecraft manhunt but with the space mod (the one where you can craft rockets and equipments. The gold blocks are on random planets.)

  • My birthday is in 2017 !

  • 3:15 flex tape

  • The outro song should be something like “ socksfor1 is a space man, memegod has a medical degree, nadwe is a 14 year old, laffengas has laff loafs all day”

    • @Peazy 2 it’s not it’s only “ socksfor1 is a space man”” that’s it

    • It is

  • tbh rude i born in 2012

  • i love socks

  • I look at grass block I Get it Me:Bro its dirt

  • Socksfor1

  • Socks fortnite the space man oh... he travels in a space ship

  • 5:00 Socksfor1 used boat It's very effective Fall damage has fainted

  • At 3:47 did anyone see the friend request he got in lower right

  • Birch trees don't drop apples only oak trees.

  • 1000000iq plays

  • Socks! If you look a Pewdiepies sub account do you get it?

  • he copied dream

  • Do it but you can craft creative

  • What if you looked at a TBH and __Laff__ could you get them?

  • TNT

  • 9:!4 soo anyone noticed the shipwreck

  • I saw the same strategy that used of laff and tbh

  • How can I play with this!?!?!

  • Dude birch trees dont drop apples

  • 3:43 the bottom right corner is cool

  • i see socks that you are very happy making fun of Laff have a good week! @Socksfor2 (fun fact:actually i comment in almost every socks vid)

  • That thumbnail just explained the title

  • does this mean you can get bedrock ???

  • Tbh is shaking his bacon

  • He screams crazy

  • Apples only come from oaks btw

  • TapL did it first

  • Look at the sum

  • U can get air

  • Let me just say, i watched the end with inverted colours and it looked ghostly.

  • Sox do a survival let's play and download the astorcrsft mod and you can go to SPSCE

  • Petition to make socks complete the game and not doing manhunts always

  • Who like laff loaf ?

  • Maybe i have the worst or best luck in the world i can find 5 emerald naturaly but i cant find diamonds my luck man

  • HIU

  • 9:49 u see that like yellow wood socks made u can make a camp fire with that and that can cook 4 things on that camp fire

  • if you use shucker box you would get the stuff in it

  • It would only work with an shulker since you can carry it contents.

  • I WAS BORN IN 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sup gamers

  • 3:43 supersaingod10000 has added you to their *Friends List*

  • but.... where is blaza ? :c

  • I watch wisp!!!!

  • I'm born in 2012

  • Birch trees dose not drop apples

  • Did you know that apples don't drop from birch trees and laff was joking 😉 Keep up the vids

  • did anyone else see the meme in his hotbar at 0:39?

  • MORE!

  • Give wisp credits

  • 0:36 you got you

  • Um excuse me but why did I get the notification for this video THREE DAYS LATER!?!?!?!?!?

  • I was born in 2012

  • socks can you do man hunt but where ever you look tnt spawns

  • Beesfor1

  • 3:53 Sigh... it’s Nadwe’s fake fact all over again..

  • Socks play the new tabs update

  • I born in 2012


  • socks: if I look at laff enough I will get a 4-year old man

  • defeat the ender dragon

  • Tb the horse -laff 2021