minecraft manhunt but damage gives a OP POTION EFFECT

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Tra 2021.
minecraft manhunt but when I take damage it gives the hunters a bad potion effect
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  • sup gamers

  • How is this even fair?

  • That’s what he said about his

  • that is not fair you beat them every time (almost) and now you have an advantage

  • 0:35 when the dad says I'm gonna go get the milk

  • This is what Dream should do with out the Potion effects

  • Subnautica manhunt

  • LMAO Tbh: I'M FLYING! I'M JESUS! Blaza: Why is Tb Jesus?

  • yo gameplay suck


  • I’m Jesus! 4:10

  • Y is tb Jesus? -blaza 2021

  • One question how do you make 3 golden blocks around the map that your compass points to can you make a tutorial for it?


  • With that's 1.17 I'm in 1.17 too 😊

  • 2:16

  • Blaza was gonna say pickaxe

  • Minecraft, but Socks always have the Uno card.

  • Tbh: everytime he takes damage i *DIE* 3:38

  • Hiiii

  • Do this but whenever anyone gets hurt they do the effects

  • How about a Manhunt like this but its switch the rarity like bad potion then good potion bad good bad good like that

  • God dang it

  • 9:43 SIVERFIS A A A

  • hahahahwhwuwhahwwuuwwhwhahha

  • Legend says muffin is still in the air with the clouds😂❤

  • you need to balance this it too op

  • I wish

  • “It might not be very long butit’s very affective” Blaze: that’s what I say about my-

  • wait it says when he takes damage it gives a op potion effect but he said it gives a horrible potion effect

  • make longer videos

  • Blaza is normally so innocent but then he started swearing😭

  • Blaza SWORE!! Explain!!

  • It hurt my insides when he mined the gold block with a stone pickaxe

  • There 10 banana’s on the left side of a river and 9 appels on the richt side Whatsappje nog right A:the 10 banana’s cuz There on the left side

  • What did one astronaut say to the other ? A:do you need Some space There?

  • Hairless man Manless hair

  • Nah

  • You should do this again but put the seed in a desert

  • 2:31 wtf was that voice XD

  • Legend has it that muffin is still in the sjy

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • .


  • 7:05 is a tree joke 🤣 and is funny

  • i know what blaza said

  • Socks: Acting casual Muffin: I am now one with the clouds

  • Alternate title: socks bullies his friends by bullying himself via extreme pain while muffin watches from the sky


  • Alternate title: Socks torturing his friends for 10 minutes straight

  • O U R damage

  • I love how everyone has their own nicely drawn character thing and muffin has a muffin that was drawn by a five year old 😂

  • Muffin juice is the space man now get off the thrown socks

  • Lol muffin for one

  • To win the manhunt you need something to oneshot them

  • What was the diamond armour really

  • 2:20 that's what I say about my 8IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID

  • What did sushi a say to sushi b ? Wasabi = whats up b

  • That's what i say of my _____

  • Blaza:Thats what i say about my... ...(my guess)enemy!!

  • kinda clickbait :/ i still love it though Lmao

  • Meanwhile: Muffin Is Still In SPace

  • Save muffin pls

  • Why did you cut out what blaza was going to say.

  • The Thing They Can Do If They Use Brain "The Bucket Of Milk"

  • "hey tbh wanna see something cool" *FALL DAMAGE*

  • What about muffin

  • "It's not long but it's effective" "That's what I say about my-" This is going to be my death some day. I couldn't stop laughing. Probably watched the whole vid while laughing and thinking about it.

  • Can you give me the link to that mod

  • U can TP muffin to u

  • 2:20 what was blaza taking about

  • Supreme commander gang here

  • More sock smp pls...

  • My 1 braincell can’t comprehend what just happened 4:02

  • IM JESUS -TbhHonest2021

  • 2:18 who else knew what he was gonna say?

  • 4:30-4:32 The Monke Version of Blaza

  • I wonder why they think about milk 🥛 cuz milk can stop all the potions effect

  • I cant stop laughing🤣🤣🤣

  • I like when tbh laugh ah ah ah instead of haha


  • God off

  • What did the astronaut say to the other astronaut : is that a muffin????

  • This video demonstrates the thorns effect if it was a part of your body and it was on a whole lot of steroids

  • Yoooooo that’s a noice hair cut keep the good content up

  • I like how he has FLEX TAPE I’m the background

  • 4:59

  • So why did you name it gives a op potion effect if its bad effect

  • Does Anyone Know What LMAO stands for. (Wrong answers only.)

  • Alternate title muffin challenge

  • if you keep spamming 0 on the right it kinda sounds like something

  • You should do a vid on minecraft manhunt but when you take damage you can’t heal

  • Tbhhonest: "im Frozen, i died and came back to life. Im flying. Im Jesus?!". That was the funniest thing i've ever heard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Legend is that muffin juice still roams those same skies

  • You should do a manhunt where you all share a inventory

  • 4:06 TBH: 📈📈📈📈📈📈 I DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE I DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE! IM FLYING! IM JESUS! Blaza being old: wait why is tb jesus

  • Oh my god blaza said god damn tb lol that's funny

  • what did sockfor1 said to the golden block? it's mine

  • that bad

  • thats not op?