Minecraft Death Swap...

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Vel 2020.
Minecraft Death Swap... My friend and I switch locations every 5 minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win?
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This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
100,000 likes and we'll do this again!


  • FYI, this isn't traditional death swap. This one is more about trapping and trickery than just switching places. No random timer :)

    • Hi

    • do again pls this was so intense and fun.

    • The last trap was the best 😂

    • js FYI mean for your information

    • You should have mined the obsidian and trap urself in a box then put lava on top of you

  • "georgeeee it's now the Time to Dieee" -Dream

  • I think dream is the main character and he just has plot armor

  • My es BR brasil muito bom os videos

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  • I luv ur vids dream

  • Should’ve just beat the game and run into the void

  • Poor George

  • That was the greatest “Call an ambulance, but not for me” moment

  • “I wasn’t underwater I was under water”

  • Wait a second you can see dreams Minecraft face at 19:00.......

  • Alternative title Dream betraing george

  • 23275th comment xd

  • I like how we can see how George reacts to the trap

  • Going to the nether and jumping in the lava lakes you should of done earlier

  • tra tutti i video del canale questo è il più bello

  • Why is the most feared Minecraft players are a piggy and a smiley face....I like it.

  • Dream: "Found an enchanted golden apple" "Plays Christmas song"

  • It's spoopy season guys, yaAay

  • You can maka an obsidian trap with lava or wather

  • 0:18 I literally thought he was holding bedrock :bruh:

  • Ok genius idea a cactus trap u place urself on a cactus with multiple layers of cacti around u and u will just take damage constantly trying to get out

  • You know what Dream could have done. He could have gone to nether too from that lava pool he found, and then tried to fall trap George . George would have died first because he couldn't mlg water.

  • 6:24 heros nevr die 👌

  • Who else thought dream should have made a nether portal and go over a pit of lava then when the timer hits 1 he jumps

  • Dream for videos are the ones I can never find in real life but my dreams but George videos are not found at all so sorry George u get noobed

  • lol

  • Dream survive of Void Dream: GEORGEEE George: •_•

  • Here's a fun death swap. First trap yourself in a iron golem For dream only!! Note: find a village first :)

  • It should be switch inventory’s and death swap at the same time.

  • He sound like mumbo jumbo

  • dream is like a cat in minecraft, he always has like 9 lives

  • Dream's ,,Yeees" is perfect

  • George:has to find grass block Dream:has to find my dad

  • This deathswap is like: George: You are dead Dream, like literally Dream: Well, we will find out George: HoW Youu ArE Not DeAd dReam

  • Dream is the type of guy to say he has a crush on someone to your face, then when u ask who he says I’m not telling you.

  • Dream literally did the biggest uno reverse card in the universe

  • Your friend is in gamemode 1

  • next trap build a 5x5x5 hole in the ground and fill everything with trapdoor and then build a BIG tower and at 1 second you jump so he cant mlg with water

  • Oh George had the idea

  • You should have thought of going to the nether and jump in lava or a high place since water can’t even spawn there

  • 6:14 when that music started playing, that gave me chills😱

  • This should be a movie like ya know the movie hunger games and jumanji well this could be a movie just like that a movie about a game

  • Deam,,, 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💕😍

  • george: ultimate lava trap dream: *"So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum."*

  • this was such a good video

  • Btw make pressure plates or slabs when he falls so he can’t use the water bucket

  • Person: how smart are you? Dream: yes

  • Hi DreamNotFound

  • Damn all but like 2 of these traps were dog shit

  • It would be so cool if one of them made the other jump off a high cliff and landed on a sponge (if u are small brain here’s an explanation: usually they would expect teleport mid fall so they would carry water, so if u fell onto a sponge u cannot place water)

  • I love your videos

  • I love it when he say "George" so deviously 😁

  • Dream just pulled the uno reverse card out.

  • How did you find a jungle there so rare

  • Whose watching this for the second time?

  • Why is he called dream he should be me IQ

  • Come here George come here

  • Ok

  • Would there be any way to download a pack or something on ps4 to get death swap?

  • trap idea: like 2 seconds before the swap one of them hits an iron golhom so right when they switch the other person just gets yeeted into the air and attacked

  • three water buckets in the village chest

  • I like the music

  • 0:54 3 water buckets then 0:56 george said what ? and dream 0:58 said thats helpfull

  • Dream what if the countdown started....like 30 Seconds ago and he would've those effects Edit: IDK if those effects would be on George too

  • Dream please let me join you’re SMP my gamer tag is JoGallifrey.

  • and the thing is, if george looted the desert temple first, he probably would've found an enchant apple too..

  • Yoy can tell that George is full blown in love with dream.

  • Pls subscribe my channel powerful pawn

  • I would of built a little pool put glass on top of it a built up so they would think it was just water and couldn't see the glass tell it was too late

  • 14:25 pls just get away!!! pls die :D

  • Dreeeeaaaammmmm

  • 16:05 As we can see 2 skeletons are fighting over to kill dream

  • 9:16 was my idea

  • I love how if someone got to the end and kill the end dragon that would of been funny

  • 14:14you are smart man, you remembered that you cannot "activate" the shield while you are above the water. you are awesome.

  • The two stages of these videos:- 1. NO ..., NO!! NOO!!!!! 2.OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! 3.YESSS!!!!!YESSSS!!!!

  • intense bro, my heart gave about 1000 stops.

  • George Is trolled on his own trap

  • They should have done this:- Locking them self in a tiny obsidian room with water

  • The most intense uno reverse card in history.

  • How did he get so many pillagers to spawn

  • Idea you could try for this: get in a house and say you weren’t ready, but sand trap the door.

  • George got roasted. Is it a good pun? No? :

  • Put lava around the dirt tower and go to the maximum height :)

  • dreem is the beast youtuber i know and my brthor likes you his chanll is speshil task

  • Death swap 4?

  • This is a comment I saw in another dream vid and I’d like to put it here, all credit goes to the original creator: Dream: I don’t always die, but when I do, *I don’t*

  • Man that seed must have been a great place to speedrun for 1.15

  • If you do a 3rd one you should make a fall trap into a pit/hole and make the bottom a furnace or crafting table they can’t mlg because they can’t crouch

  • Dream being s2pid where am I The nether you s2pid OMG where am I don't you know what a pillager outpost is

  • Hi dream

  • Dream and George so obviously planted those water buckets in that chest, I KNOW that’s not a natural spawn.

    • Listen, I just searched this up and it's very much possible for a water bucket to spawn in a fisherman village house, Dream and George did not spawn those buckets in

  • He really could've used that pearl...

  • chorch stop screm pls im not weri good speek inglis im from lithuania sorry dream im you biggg fan i love you

  • Dream should of built up in the nether and jumped because no water is in there

  • Great work keep it up

  • Hey dream just saying you have a ton of fan girls and somehow they are getting recommend to me so I’m going to stop watching for a bit to get them away

  • What would have been good if u built up beside soul sand in nether so he couldn't water or haybale

  • You hit 11 mil already